How to Be A Happy Fat Girl – Mary Lambert

Image source: Instagram/@marylambertsing

If you have ever listened to Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’s “Same Love,” then you have heard the voice of the incredibly talented Mary Lambert. But, Lambert did not just provide vocals for the chorus of the song—she helped to write it. And this is just one of Lambert’s many accomplishments that give her something to truly be happy and proud of these days. She is truly an inspiring woman, one that plus size women should proudly admire for everything she has been able to do. Read more

How to Be A Happy Fat Girl – Jes Baker

GabiFresh is not the only woman that J.C. Penney’s features in their new #HereIAm campaign. In fact, the company’s campaign is full of beautiful, amazing plus size women who want you to know how great fat girls really are. So, what is another name in the campaign you should know? Jes Baker.

jes baker - happy fat girl
Image: Instagram/themilitantbaker

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Dear Strangers, Please Just Stop Your Shallow Body Shaming

It seems that even though there is a growing acceptance of plus size women, there are still plenty of people that body shame them. But, it is not just the fact that it is happening that is the problem; it is the fact that it is coming from complete strangers that just makes it even worse. Just a few days ago, a Texas women found herself in this very situation, and shared her experience on her Facebook page.

stop fat shaming
Image source:  Facebook/Brynne Huffman

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How to Be A Happy Fat Girl – GabiFresh

happy fat girl
Image source: Instagram @gabifresh

In recent months, plus size women have been asking to be heard by retailers and society alike, and retail giant J.C. Penney’s has heard them. The company has recently released an ad campaign that promotes body positivity and features a number of plus size women who are well known in the fashion industry and social media. One notable figure is the popular fashion blogger GabiFresh whose beauty, strength, and confidence make her an amazing role model for fat girls everywhere. Read more

The Fashion Industry Owes Us A Reason

Last month, we talked about the way retailers tend to ignore plus size women even though plus size fashion has become a $20.4 billion market. But, it seems as if retailers have not really heard this fact. Earlier this week, H&M has come under fire for questionable sizing in their clothing.

curvy dating-body positive

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5 Stupid Plus Size Dating Quora Questions

Everyone struggles when it comes to anything in the realm of dating and relationships. But nobody’s struggles can match those of plus size women, who already have to deal with a lot of negativity regarding their bodies and how they may dress. Added to that the worries of plus size dating and finding the perfect partner can seem like an impossible task. It does not help that sites like Yahoo! Answers and Quora are full of people asking stupid, fat shaming questions that can hurt plus size women and make them question their worth.

curvy dating-relationship
Image by Andry Richardson from Pixabay

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Dear Social Media Giants, Stop Fat Shaming Plus Size Women

Just a few weeks ago, Facebook came under fire for wrongfully removing an image of plus size model Tess Holliday after deeming it a violation to their “health and fitness policy.” While they apologized for the incident, it seems that they did not really learn their lesson. Now, Facebook-owned social media app Instagram is being accused of fat shaming after they removed an image of three plus size women who all posed in a bikini without any cause to.

plus size women in bikini
image source: @curvesbecomeher

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Facebook’s “Health and Fitness” Policy Says This Body Is “Undesirable”

Facebook is a media giant these days and is known to sometimes make some controversial decisions regarding ads and images people try to post. They have done this to women who have pictures of themselves breastfeeding their babies, giving birth, and whatever else they may deem “unflattering.” One would think, after the backlash they have faced over the numerous images they have wrongly removed from their website, they would change their views. But, apparently that is not the case, as now they are in trouble for fat shaming plus size women everywhere. tess

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