Facebook’s “Health and Fitness” Policy Says This Body Is “Undesirable”

Facebook is a media giant these days and is known to sometimes make some controversial decisions regarding ads and images people try to post. They have done this to women who have pictures of themselves breastfeeding their babies, giving birth, and whatever else they may deem “unflattering.” One would think, after the backlash they have faced over the numerous images they have wrongly removed from their website, they would change their views. But, apparently that is not the case, as now they are in trouble for fat shaming plus size women everywhere. tess Read more

Dear Retailers, Time to Stop Ignoring Plus Size Women

Of the 25 main retailers, 21 of them offer options for plus size women on their online store. Department stores such as JC Penney’s, Kohl’s, and Macy’s offer a large number of plus size clothing options. Nordstrom, however, does not offer half as many options. While the number of options shrinks dramatically when it comes to physical storefronts, there are still some options. This is as opposed to retailers like Nike, who only have 5 online options for plus size women and Under Armour who have nothing at all.
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Fat Shaming Ruined Big Girl’s Beautiful Memories

For many junior and senior high schoolers, prom is the most highly anticipated event, besides graduation itself. It is something like a right of passage for students as they finish their high school journey. Girls spend months preparing for what is supposed to be one of the greatest nights of their high school career.

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There Is Nothing Plus Size Women Cannot Do

When you think about ballet dancers, you usually think about tall, stick-thin women twirling and twisting en pointe. It is time to change that idea though, because you do not have to be skinny to dance ballet. All you need is the right amount of passion and determination. Two things which 30-year-old Frostine Shake has a lot of.plus size ballet dancer Frostine Shake Read more

5 Tips to Help Big Women Feel More Beautiful

There comes a time when every woman seems to struggle with feeling beautiful. But, this can be an especially tough problem for curvy women. Regular day-to-day life can get a woman feeling down, which is never alright. So, here are 5 tips to help plus size women feel more beautiful!

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3 Best Plus Size Dating Blogs You Should Follow

Ladies, when it comes to blogs about dating and relationships, you usually want to find one that fits a specific set of criteria. How else are you supposed to be able to find relatable stories that remind you that you are not alone? This is a major problem when it comes to fat girl dating. To help the situation, here are three of the best plus size dating blogs that you should check out!plus size dating blogger Read more

Bearded Men & Curvy Women Equal a Match Made in Heaven

Not too long ago, we mentioned a survey about what kind of guy bigger girls have the most chemistry with. The findings? According to the survey, curvy women have more chemistry with bearded men than most. When asked, 77 percent of the WooPlus community agreed that there was an added level of chemistry between bearded men and bigger women. If those numbers are not enough to sway you, how about these famous celeb ladies who are happily with men who sport beards.

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5 Reasons to Date a Chubby Guy

When it comes to dating, everyone has a preference. But it is possible for those preferences to change over time. Or for you to decide you want to break away from your normal type of guy. Something to consider if you have not already? Plus size man dating. There are so many reasons you should seriously you should date a chubby guy; here are the top five.

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Shock: A Girl Was Fat Shamed While Waiting to Try on A Bikini

Imagine going to the store to try on a bikini and getting told by a fellow shopper that you should not be wearing a bikini due to your size. This is what Jessica Portelli was met with earlier in the month, when she was at Matalan’s Brighton, England location. Portelli did not allow this woman’s words stop her, however, as she went to the dressing room, and soon back out in the bikini to confront the rude woman who fat shamed her. She told the woman that “Girls like you shouldn’t tell girls like me what we can’t do” before returning to her dressing room to snap a quick picture.Jessica Portelli fat shaming response Read more