WooPlus™, the Dating App for Curvy People, Reaching 5 Million Members, Adds the German Language to Continue Strong Growth Trajectory

WooPlus™, the dating app for curvy people, announces that it is now available in the German Language, to help more curvy German enjoy dating and find love.


Since its launch, WooPlus has grown to 5 million members globally and is experiencing remarkable growth around the world. It is seeing an especially huge organic rise from recently by more than 110% MoM, has become one of the fastest-growing dating apps in Deutschland.


“Dear WooPlus Team, I am a German woman and I love the idea to create a place where people like me can meet people that like big women. You have a lot of users, but I wish you would also have other languages available. That would make it easier for a lot of people. Thank you!” – Denise


“We heard Denise’s voice and we know many like her struggled – 71% of our users reported having been body-shamed on ‘regular’ dating apps,” said Neil Raman, founder and CEO of WooPlus. “It is just natural for us to take this step, expanding our language offering to provide a more curated platform where curvy German feel free and confident to continue fostering lively connections, enjoy dating and find the love they deserve.”


WooPlus has long been at the forefront of dating inclusive change. It is the first body positive dating app to offer the German language. And it is proud to make the experience of dating in the app for German even better.


The exciting WooPlus key features are now all available in the German language:


– “For You” recommendation, where users can show their personalities more vividly with a new profile layout. Not being judged by one cover image


– See who’s “Into You” to build real connections more easily. And “Say Hi” to someone you like to start chatting right away


– “Moments”, a virtual community-like section, where users can view posts from others worldwide showing out confidently. Embrace as their unfiltered selves and enjoy dating. Aiming to help the community strengthen relationships during this time of crisis


WooPlus with the German language is now available at Google Play and Apple App Store. Among big players in the German market such as LOVOO and Tinder, it offers a unique experience. With enhanced localization, it is easier for curvy German to feel beautiful and appreciated, to focus on building connections.


With its already established robust user base in the English-speaking countries, WooPlus aims to be the leading app of its kind and is believed to have great potential in broader markets with strong momentum.



WooPlus, founded in 2015, is the dating app for curvy people to enjoy dating and find love. Beyond that, also an inclusive lifestyle choice for curvy people to feel attractive, confident and loved for who they are. Today with over 5,000,000 members globally, WooPlus is available on both the App Store and Google Play, find us on website or Instagram.

Media contact: press@wooplus.com
For high-resolution WooPlus screenshots and logo, please download here.

Online Dating as a Curvy Girl: The Things That No One Tells You

With the presence of proper online dating sites, people find their soul mates every day online. You’ll find sites for executives, LGBTQ, and other fantastic platforms. However, plus size dating is something people don’t give so much attention to.

As a curvy girl, you deserve to have fun, get an adorable partner, and be loved truly.

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Love in the Age of Lockdown: The Coronavirus Pandemic Changed the Dating Game for Good


Six in 10 Americans believe the COVID-19 pandemic has permanently changed the dating game, according to new research.

The survey of 2,000 Americans revealed 63% believe dating will be forever altered as a result of the pandemic. And 31% believe virtual dates are here to stay.

Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of WooPlus, a dating app for curvy people. The survey found quarantine did have some benefits for relationships. 57% believe the pandemic made it easier to reach the comfort zone with a partner.


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Body Positive as a New Philosophy: Realities, Dating, Love

A survey finds 80% of Americans not happy about their appearance, thanks to the virtual imaging trend on social media. While most people find it difficult to move forward from the dating sites considering their insecurities. WooPlus encourages audiences to make their mind-set body positive.

Stereotypes and prejudices related to a person’s size and dating have held hands together forever. Every society has established norms for the perfect couple.

Even though it does not directly describe physical appearances, statements indicating the desired physique get thrown your way from time to time. For example, words like “tall, dark, and handsome,” “beautiful bikini body,” “beautiful abs,” zero fat,” “long legs,” etc. are considered compliments.

Sadly, they all portray a typical image, an idea far from being body positive. Instagram influencers and celebrities add up to the complexities with a physique deemed desirable in the dictionaries, making dating difficult for real people.

Wait! What does Body Positive Mean?

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WooPlus Love | “Just Married!” – Samantha & Daniel

curvy plus size wedding

Samantha & Daniel met on WooPlus in March of 2017, and just got married on September 10th!

Thank you for having a space for plus size people to meet.

We wouldn’t be together if it wasn’t for you.

– Samantha


THANK YOU for letting WooPlus be part of your love journey!


Curvy Girls Take Charge: A Guide for You to Take the First Step

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WooPlus Love | “I can’t imagine my life without him” – Victoria & Nick

wooplus love story

Victoria & Nick met on WooPlus in October 2017!
Nick messaged me first. He was actually the first one to message me on the app.
So what stood out about the site was, of course, that it was for plus-size folks.
In all honesty, I wasn’t using WooPlus for more than a week because once we started talking I knew I didn’t want to start anything with someone else.
Our future plans include traveling, eventually getting a bigger house, always having a dog around and one day retiring in Morro Bay.
I can’t imagine my life without him (who would do the dishes?). He accepts my hangry crankiness, appreciates my humor, and supports my ventures. 


THANK YOU for letting WooPlus be part of your love journey!