Dani Mathers’ Fat Shaming Did Us a Favor

The sad truth is that fat shaming can be found everywhere—on the TV, the radio, in person and, worst of all in many ways, social media. It is not just that it is present everywhere, though. When done on social media, cruel comments can go viral quickly and can effectively destroy a person’s reputation and earn them a lot of negative publicity. Something that Playboy model Dani Mathers recently learned, and a lesson she certainly will not soon forget.

Delicate Flower / Image: facebook

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#HereIAm: A Message About Body Confidence

#HereIAm; three simple words that hold a powerful message of body confidence and self-love. It is also the name of a new campaign started by retail giant JCPenney’s to promote their partnership with up-and-coming fashion designer Ashley Nell Tipton, whose exclusive plus size clothing line is set to launch in many of the JCPenney stores this coming fall. In the video promoting the campaign Tipton is joined by 4 other incredible plus size women: Jes Baker, Mary Lambert, Gabi Fresh, and Valerie Sagun. While the video is simple, the message is incredibly empowering: they will not hide just because someone does not like their body and they certainly will not let anyone stop them from living the lives they want to live. Instead, they will proudly tell the world #HereIAm.

Image source: mic.com

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Jennifer Aniston is Done With Body Shaming

Ordinary people are not the only ones that have to deal with body shaming; sadly, celebrities also fall victim to criticisms about their body. With them, however, it is far more public—news articles and social media make such cruel comments impossible to avoid or ignore. The latest celebrity to face public scrutiny and body shaming is Jennifer Aniston, who is tired of what she and other woman have to deal with.

curvy dating-self love
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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New Study Shows British Women Prefer Plus Size Men to Be Their Sexual Partners

What’s the latest in the love life of most British women? Listen to this closely because here it is: “A shocking 38% of British women (eighteen years of age and over) say that they prefer overweight or plus size men as ideal pictures of their sexual partners.” Yes. You heard that absolutely right. This is way bigger than the 21% population of those ladies that said that they would still prefer men with muscly or athletic figures. But before you give your judgement on this revelation, you better read the rest of this post. Read more

New York Comic Con: Valiant Comic’s Only Plus-Size Female Superhero, Faith

plus size hero-faith comic
‘Faith’Valiant Entertainment Inc.

Valiant Comic’s Superhero, Faith, has broken a number of barriers in her life, and is urging her fans to do the same. She is a special person, someone with whom millions of women can readily connect. That’s because she is a plus size comic superhero, and this makes her more real, despite her psionic powers. After the resurrection of the Valiant Comic series, they have revived Faith, albeit giving her a huge boost in confidence. Yes, she is getting her own comic miniseries now, and Jody Houser has been brought in to pen her story. This development immediately brought limelight on Houser at the recent New York Comic Con, where she found herself answering endless questions from the plus size comic superhero’s fans. Read more

Plus-size Halloween Costume Shopping Ideas for Curvy Girls

plus size halloween-pumkin
Photo by Julia Raasch on Unsplash

Finding the best Halloween costume is stressful especially for us plus size women. Obviously, the options are limited, but if you have idea about plus-size Halloween costume shopping then it would be easier for you. In spite of the fact that it’s difficult to find plus-size clothes, but if you will shop around you’ll surely find the one that will fit to your size. Here are some ideas that can make your shopping experience smoother: Read more

Does Meghan Trainor Really Have the Need to Hate The Word “Plus-Size”?

According to news articles and interviews with this famous pop singer (specifically from Elle Magazine), Meghan Trainor stated that the term “plus-size” must be gone. She literally hates the word as Meghan looks up to international celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Gigi Hadid, and Beyonce who obviously have smoking hot bodies. She also avoids reading comments on social media sites because most of the topics are not inspiring especially when she reads “fat whale” on Twitter or even in Facebook. Read more

Vin Diesel Shut Down Body-Shaming via ‘Six-Pack’ Pic

The Last Witch Hunter is Vin Diesel’s upcoming supernatural action film directed by Breck Eisner. He stars as an immortal witch hunter who needs to stop a plague from ravaging New York City. While promoting the upcoming film, which to be released on October 23, 2015, Diesel says he got many question regarding his shirtless pictures on the balcony. After being caught in a not-so-flattering moment and has been called out for his “dad bod’, he shut down body-shamers with an epic message, and a totally hot photo. Read more

Journey Continues for ‘Fat Guy Across America’

Fat Guy Across America
Image Source: screenshot via INSIDER

If you are actively checking your social media accounts, you probably heard or read about a post sharing the journey of this large-sized guy named Eric Hites. This 40-year old Indiana man has embarked on the exciting biking journey, traveling from coast to coast to prove his unconditional love for his estranged wife, and dedicated to win his spouse back. Read more