2019 Cute & Cheap Plus Size Dresses for Women Date Night Outfits

Got a date, dear curvy girl? Also, a butterfly in your stomach figuring what plus size dress to wear for this special night?

Thinking of some sexy dress that would fit your shape perfectly, hugging the part where you might fault a bit, but flaunt the curves you are proud to show off …

Yes, we’ve got you covered, and totally affordable (All less than $50)!


Check out these trendy plus size dresses for your date night! They are absolutely going to shine on you, make you THE most stunning girl of the night. You will feel confident and comfortable to wear it, to charm your date, who is definitely going to be swooned by you completely.

No matter you are going to have just a casual cup of coffee, watch a hit movie together in an old-fashioned theatre, have a bowling fun, or enjoy one exquisite dinner at a fancy restaurant, you will definitely find the one plus size dress suits your date night outfit need.

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What is the Big Guys Fashion That Can Help Them Become More Confident?

Stylish clothes can be difficult to find for big guys. So many companies design their clothes specifically for smaller guys and their larger sizes aren’t always that flattering. So what exactly is it that big guys can do to get some super stylish clothing and the perfect look? Well, here are a few of the key points to look out for big guys fashion.


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Say No to “Hide Your Big Belly” – Plus Size Fashion Tips

The start of summer is now only weeks away and this one is looking to be a scorcher. This means more dresses and bikinis which, for some women, is not a problem. Yet, for plus size women, there seems to be an unwritten rule about hiding your body. Which makes plus size fashion a little limiting at times, especially during the summer. But what would happen if plus size women not only challenge the rule but change it too? Read more

5 Best Plus Size Male Fashion Bloggers You Should Follow

Just because you are plus size, it does not mean that you have no place in the field of fashion. You still have! You just need to find something or someone that will help you and inspire you to stand out. You might be hearing or reading from the ads number of male fashion bloggers who are making big name in the social media despite their plus size.
Whom you should rely on? Who are the male bloggers that you should entrust your everyday fashion and which bloggers you should follow on social media? Below is the list of the top 5 plus size male fashion bloggers that will surely help you out! Read more

5 Best Plus-size Fashion Bloggers You Should Follow

Fashion has nothing to do with the SIZE. With the popularity of numerous plus-size models,  plus-size fashion is no longer a myth, it’s a reality, and even a trend. In this article we are going to focus on some of the best plus-size fashion bloggers who contribute to break the rules of plus-size clothing and make fashion available for all shapes and sizes. Read more

Plus-size Halloween Costume Shopping Ideas for Curvy Girls

Plus-size Halloween CostumeFinding the best Halloween costume is stressful especially for us plus size women. Obviously, the options are limited, but if you have idea about plus-size Halloween costume shopping then it would be easier for you. In spite of the fact that it’s difficult to find plus-size clothes, but if you will shop around you’ll surely find the one that will fit to your size. Here are some ideas that can make your shopping experience smoother: Read more

The Curve Fashion Festival is Now an Anticipated Event

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Who says sexy, skinny girls and boys can only walk back and forth on the catwalk? The Curve Fashion Festival is the festival that showcases the sexiness of women no matter what their size is. It allows even the most heavy weight woman to walk with finesse and confidence at the catwalk. These women will be wearing plus sizes dresses to make them realize that they also have the right to be beautiful in their own way. Read more