Danielle Brooks Wants to See More Plus-Size Women

When Netflix first premiered their hit show Orange is the New Black in 2013, the world went crazy, in large part due to the character casting. Not only does the show feature a number of characters of color, but the characters also represent an array of sexual preferences and gender identities. But, the boundary-breaking does not end on screen for most of these actresses—recently Danielle Brooks, who plays Taystee, has been deemed the “Voice of Curves”, thanks to her empowering words and pictures.

Screen Shot 2016-10-10 at 1.47.28 PM

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Fashion Week Just Got More Body Positive and Diverse

This year, it seems like body shaming is something that cannot be escaped; it has come from every source imaginable, even presidential debates. At the same time, however, the fashion industry has been taking steps to combat all of this negativity by creating countless body positive campaigns. From JCPenney’s #HereIAm to Lane Bryant’s empowering campaigns, brands are slowly trying to change the way they look at women’s’ bodies. Even Fashion Week has seen a change this year, with a number of brands introducing a more diverse line-up of women.


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Donald Trump Fat Shaming

Donald Trump is a divisive character. There are loads of people who love him and what he says, but there are just as many who hate him and disagree completely with his beliefs and policies. But, there’s one thing in particular that most of his opponents dislike, and that is his tendency to make fun of people, in particular fat shaming.


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The Photo Series for Body Positivity: the All Woman Project

This year has led to a massive growth in the body positivity movement. Every week, there seems to be new additions to the movement, encouraging people to stop the cycle of body shaming. The most recent campaign is called the All Woman Project, which was created by British model Charli Howard and body positive model and blogger Clémentine Desseaux who were tired of the laack of diversity in models featured in advertisements, magazines, and fashion shows.


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The Body Positivity Movements: Mermaid Thighs & #ThighsForJeaux

This year, the unfortunate trend of body shaming seems to have taken over the Internet. Innocent women are constantly being targeted just because they do not fit the impossible standards society has set. But, now women across the world are striking back with some new body positivity trends appearing all the time. Most recently, these have included mermaid thighs and #ThighsForJeaux.


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One Woman is Challenging South Korea’s Beauty Standard

While many countries seem to have fairly strict beauty standards, there may be none as strict as South Korea. If you are not rail-thin you are seen as fat, even if you are just a few pounds heavier. But, Vivan Geeyang Kim, a South Korean plus-size model is looking to challenge the beauty standard and show her country—and everyone—that every size is beautiful.

Vivian Geeyang Kim

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Stop Body Shaming Yourself

We constantly talk about how bad it is to fat or body shame people; how much it hurts the people who it is targeted at, how it can make body love feel impossible. But while we often point out the strangers who do fat shaming, we fail to recognize the other parties that can do it too: ourselves. Whether you want to believe it or not, it is true. We can body shame ourselves just as easily as a stranger can—and it is a trend that needs to end.


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You Deserve to Be Loved

With wedding season well under way, a lot of women are on the hunt for their perfect dress. But, they tend to struggle with body love and acceptance when it comes to finding that dress. For them, they have to lose weight for their wedding to be perfect, to by happy. This is something that British plus-size style blogger and columnist Callie Thorpe wants to change.


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