The Body Positivity Movements: Mermaid Thighs & #ThighsForJeaux

This year, the unfortunate trend of body shaming seems to have taken over the Internet. Innocent women are constantly being targeted just because they do not fit the impossible standards society has set. But, now women across the world are striking back with some new body positivity trends appearing all the time. Most recently, these have included mermaid thighs and #ThighsForJeaux.


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One Woman is Challenging South Korea’s Beauty Standard

While many countries seem to have fairly strict beauty standards, there may be none as strict as South Korea. If you are not rail-thin you are seen as fat, even if you are just a few pounds heavier. But, Vivan Geeyang Kim, a South Korean plus-size model is looking to challenge the beauty standard and show her country—and everyone—that every size is beautiful.

Vivian Geeyang Kim

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Stop Body Shaming Yourself

We constantly talk about how bad it is to fat or body shame people; how much it hurts the people who it is targeted at, how it can make body love feel impossible. But while we often point out the strangers who do fat shaming, we fail to recognize the other parties that can do it too: ourselves. Whether you want to believe it or not, it is true. We can body shame ourselves just as easily as a stranger can—and it is a trend that needs to end.


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You Deserve to Be Loved

With wedding season well under way, a lot of women are on the hunt for their perfect dress. But, they tend to struggle with body love and acceptance when it comes to finding that dress. For them, they have to lose weight for their wedding to be perfect, to by happy. This is something that British plus-size style blogger and columnist Callie Thorpe wants to change.


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Dear Gyms, the Fat Shaming Needs to End Now

Fat shaming has always been a major problem. From individuals to major social media companies, fat shaming comes from all sides. Gyms are no different; some have wrongly turned it into an advertising tactic in hopes of getting more customers through their doors.

gold's gym fat shaming

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H&M’s New Ad Campaign is Not as Body Positive As You Think

You may have seen the new Fall 2016 H&M ad campaign featuring Ashley Graham that was released earlier this month. At first glance, the campaign looks great; with a plus size model as the face of it, but everything is not quite what it seems. While the store will offer plus size options in their new line, they will only be available online; so plus size women will be unable to have the same in-store experience as other women.

H&M Ashley Graham

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Voice of Adele Inspires WooPlus To Add Voice Message

San Francisco – August 10, 2016 – WooPlus, the leader in plus-sized dating,  hailed as Tinder for curve lovers, has announced that it now offers voice messaging service. With the new voice messaging feature, the app now lets users experience a whole new dimension of potential partners. Read more

#SexyForAll: Dear Society, We Do Not Need Anyone’s Permission to Be Sexy

In May 2016, plus-size model Tess Holliday’s bikini photo was removed by Facebook MISTAKENLY. In June 2016, plus-size blogger Aarti Olivia’s bikini photo was removed by Instagram – also owned by Facebook – ACCIDENTLY. In August 2016, plus-size lingerie brand Curvy Kate’s body-positive ad was removed by Facebook again with exactly the same excuse. Although Facebook did send its “apologies” to us each time, to be honest,as a community, we can no longer accept them as if nothing happened. That is why we has joined forces with others plus-size group, Big Girl Swag on Point and BBW Suicide Girls to create the #SexyForAll Movement, with the aim of sending a message to the whole society that WE DO NOT NEED ANYONE’S PERMISSION TO BE SEXY.

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Ashley Graham is Over Body Shaming

Ashley Graham is no stranger to fat shaming. When she became the first plus-size model to be featured in the swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated, there was a lot of backlash. Even now, months later, Graham is constantly facing body shaming. But, it is not just fat shaming anymore.


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