H&M’s New Ad Campaign is Not as Body Positive As You Think

You may have seen the new Fall 2016 H&M ad campaign featuring Ashley Graham that was released earlier this month. At first glance, the campaign looks great; with a plus size model as the face of it, but everything is not quite what it seems. While the store will offer plus size options in their new line, they will only be available online; so plus size women will be unable to have the same in-store experience as other women.

H&M Ashley Graham

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#SexyForAll: Dear Society, We Do Not Need Anyone’s Permission to Be Sexy

In May 2016, plus-size model Tess Holliday’s bikini photo was removed by Facebook MISTAKENLY. In June 2016, plus-size blogger Aarti Olivia’s bikini photo was removed by Instagram – also owned by Facebook – ACCIDENTLY. In August 2016, plus-size lingerie brand Curvy Kate’s body-positive ad was removed by Facebook again with exactly the same excuse. Although Facebook did send its “apologies” to us each time, to be honest,as a community, we can no longer accept them as if nothing happened. That is why we has joined forces with others plus-size group, Big Girl Swag on Point and BBW Suicide Girls to create the #SexyForAll Movement, with the aim of sending a message to the whole society that WE DO NOT NEED ANYONE’S PERMISSION TO BE SEXY.

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Embrace Your Body

Body acceptance is something that everyone struggles with at some point in their life. For a long time, this problem was mostly ignored. But now, Taryn Brumfitt is looking to change that. Brumfitt has founded the Body Image Movement, which revolves around encouraging people to love their body at every stage in life.


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Hey Society, #WeWearWhatWeWant

JCPenney’s #HereIAm campaign is already working to send the message that body confidence is important, and that no women should be told they have to hide their body under unflattering clothes. Now, plus size blogger and model Simone Mariposa is adding her own thoughts on the matter and promoting a new campaign to help encourage plus size women everywhere to not hide their bodies.


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Dani Mathers’ Fat Shaming Did Us a Favor

The sad truth is that fat shaming can be found everywhere—on the TV, the radio, in person and, worst of all in many ways, social media. It is not just that it is present everywhere, though. When done on social media, cruel comments can go viral quickly and can effectively destroy a person’s reputation and earn them a lot of negative publicity. Something that Playboy model Dani Mathers recently learned, and a lesson she certainly will not soon forget.

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#HereIAm: A Message About Body Confidence

#HereIAm; three simple words that hold a powerful message of body confidence and self-love. It is also the name of a new campaign started by retail giant JCPenney’s to promote their partnership with up-and-coming fashion designer Ashley Nell Tipton, whose exclusive plus size clothing line is set to launch in many of the JCPenney stores this coming fall. In the video promoting the campaign Tipton is joined by 4 other incredible plus size women: Jes Baker, Mary Lambert, Gabi Fresh, and Valerie Sagun. While the video is simple, the message is incredibly empowering: they will not hide just because someone does not like their body and they certainly will not let anyone stop them from living the lives they want to live. Instead, they will proudly tell the world #HereIAm.


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Jennifer Aniston is Done With Body Shaming

Ordinary people are not the only ones that have to deal with body shaming; sadly, celebrities also fall victim to criticisms about their body. With them, however, it is far more public—news articles and social media make such cruel comments impossible to avoid or ignore. The latest celebrity to face public scrutiny and body shaming is Jennifer Aniston, who is tired of what she and other woman have to deal with.


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