WooPlus & Love Productions X BBC

🙋🏼‍♂️Shout out to dear WooPlus male Brits! 

🇬🇧Award-winning TV production company Love Production is looking forward to talking with you on the phone about your personal weight journey.

🤗There is no obligation to take part on stage, though there will be the opportunity.

🎙Let your voice be heard in this brand-new primetime series on BBC, which is not asking people to lose weight, rather just gather together under one roof and talk about your own experiences.❤️

👇Check the contact details if you are interested.


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Dear WooPlus members,

In order to provide you with a more stable and better service, we will be experiencing servers upgrading for about 1 hour at

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All the services are unable to be accessed during that time, but you don’t need to take any action.

The App will work fine after servers are upgraded.🤗🤗

Thanks for your understanding!

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We are working around the clock to make the app available on App Store again for you ASAP.

It’s almost there … with just a little tweaking work! 🤗🤗🤗

For users who previously had WooPlus app on your iPhone but deleted it or changed phones, you can easily restore the app in a few simple steps.


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WooPlus App in App Store (iOS) is temporarily not available due to Apple’s issue during reviewing and processing upon our app’s design.

We will resume the download as soon as possible, while it may take up to 2-3 weeks.

WooPlus App on Google Play (Android) is unaffected.

Please be advised and appreciate your kind understanding. :)

Bearded Men & Curvy Women Equal a Match Made in Heaven

Not too long ago, we mentioned a survey about what kind of guy bigger girls have the most chemistry with. The findings? According to the survey, curvy women have more chemistry with bearded men than most. When asked, 77 percent of the WooPlus community agreed that there was an added level of chemistry between bearded men and bigger women. If those numbers are not enough to sway you, how about these famous celeb ladies who are happily with men who sport beards.

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Plus Size Dating App, WooPlus, on the Press

There are countless dating apps in existence today but, unfortunately, not all of them provide a safe experience for all types of users. But, now there is a new dating app hoping to change this: WooPlus which is geared towards plus size dating.WooPlus-Brand-image5 Read more

Term BBW (Big Beautiful Women) Is Not Dirty

I still remembered the reply that I got from an attractive plus-sized lady when I was  inviting her to give some feedback on plus-size dating app, WooPlus. “The phrase BBW irritates me.” That was her original words. To be honest, I was completely lost with this reply, wondering BBW is a word to express our admiration for big beautiful women, isn’t it? Why would she feel irritated with a compliment? Did I miss something? Then, I googled with the term “BBW”. Ok, now I knew why this lady would feel irritated with the phrase BBW. A term coined by “a fashion and lifestyle magazine for ‘plus-size’ women” is now “frequently used in the context of fat fetishism, even a porn category.” I do not know how this change has taken place and I have no interest to know it either. The only thing that I care about is that we may lose a word to express our sincere & pure appreciation for plus-size beauties. Read more

New York Comic Con: Valiant Comic’s Only Plus-Size Female Superhero, Faith

Plus-Size Female Superhero FaithValiant Comic’s Superhero, Faith, has broken a number of barriers in her life, and is urging her fans to do the same. She is a special person, someone with whom millions of women can readily connect. That’s because she is a plus size comic superhero, and this makes her more real, despite her psionic powers. After the resurrection of the Valiant Comic series, they have revived Faith, albeit giving her a huge boost in confidence. Yes, she is getting her own comic miniseries now, and Jody Houser has been brought in to pen her story. This development immediately brought limelight on Houser at the recent New York Comic Con, where she found herself answering endless questions from the plus size comic superhero’s fans. Read more