How to Look Upon Kirsty Gallacher Looking for Love on Dating app Bumble

Kirsty Gallacher is making headlines, and the trending topic is Kirsty Gallacher dating. Who could it be? No one knows who could be hitting the jackpot this time, but there are leads to this question. The Scottish TV presenter was seen romping with Jack Whitehall publicly at a party.

However, there’s another equation that imposes a severe headache. In one way, the comedian could be the man basing on the fact that they were publicly seen together, crunching and munching each other. So, is it Jack or someone else? However, there’s are twists and turns in establishing the validity of this as this postulation surrounding Jack Whitehall can be skirmished by a Bumble profile “belonging” Kirsty Gallacher. The worst thing about this is that the account is verified, and it displays photos of her. Not one, or two. They’re SIX in total, and each of them has a different background.

Verified Bumble Account and Absolute Denial

The verified Bumble account could solicit support and rally behind allegations about Kirsty Gallacher dating. Even though she’s denying signing up with Bumble, there’s a verified account bearing the 42-year-old’s pictures, and a blue tick right next to her name, and these are potential factors anchoring the authenticity of Bumble account purported to be Kirty’s. She’s yet to come out and publicly talk about the whole affair. So far, there’s no documentation of her talking about the affair. The least she could deny the authenticity of the account purported to be hers.

There are six distinct pictures of the Sky Sports’ presenter in different places. This comes a year after the dating app company affirmed that it was able to nub fake accounts and prevent their creation. Bumble added that they employed facial recognition technology for verification purposes, a phenomenon that saw new members verify their through clear selfie shots.

There are different pictures from different scenes in her profile that could be evidence of Kirsty Gallacher dating. The photos appear to lovely shots of her, and her body language tells she’s in pursuit of something golden. 

However, it has not been established whether she filled the forms of the bio-section in the dating application and this is yet another issue to get through. 

Photos in Profile

In one occasion, the TV icon is seen having a good time at a racing event. It’s this photo that’s coming first in “her” Bumble profile. She was putting on a jovial smile and wore a large, and dark hat.

Kristy Gallacher dating - black hat

In another picture,  she appeared in a furry hood. However, one can’t tell where was because the camera only covered a part of the hood. Not unless one can be keen enough, noticing the leafy background won’t be that easy. So, she could have been out in the woods having a fun moment, or maybe taking a walk.

Kirsty Gallacher dating- furry hat

Another photo shows her sitting in a park. She was wearing a pink dress and dark sunglasses that covered a better part of her eye regions, and on another event, the TV host posted pictures while having dinner.

Kirsty Gallacher dating- pink dress

As The Sun is waiting for Bumble’s comment about Kirsty’s case, her agents have already denied that the profile in question does not belong to the mother of two. This further complicates the validity of Kirsty Gallacher dating.

Story with Jack

The validity of her account based on the fact that she, alongside her agents, is denying the existence of that account is the epicenter of the controversy behind Kirsty Gallacher dating. This comes months after The Sun’s Bizzare article that spilled beans about her affair with Jack. In the column, rumors have it that the 29-year-old comedian had a fantastic fling with Kirsty Gallacher. 

The affair between the duo was quite open as they entered a room after having a steamy clinch right in the eyes of their fellow celebrities. Jack, later on, told his two best friends, Jamie Redknapp and Freddie Flintoff, of his grooving with the Gallacher. After all, it wasn’t a surprise because the duo has been friends for several years, and on that day, their evening kicked off at a showbiz entertainment.

Once again, The Sun revealed the unfolding events, especially the chemistry between the TV host and the comedian brewed all night long, and they seemed no resistance towards one another for a better part of the moments shared together.

Upon arriving at the party, the couple was ramping up things in full vision of the attendees of the party. They neither had chills nor feared anyone. They publicly kissed, and intimately touched each other before considering privacy in an unknown location. Everybody present could tell what was going on as the events unfolded, and there was no denying it.

It was a short night party. However, the presence of the couple made it lit and elegant. You can talk about the short-lived romance that they enjoyed together. One can argue it out that it could be as a result of a new-found love because the TV host has been a lone-ranger after parting ways with her husband way back in 2014.


The physical engagement with the comedian could be substantial evidence of Kirsty Gallacher dating. However, the controversy surrounding her Bumble profile will never cease until the company responds to the questions at her doorstep. But still, even if they issue a statement, its validity and authenticity will always be in question because the mother of two boys won’t declare her relationship status, or state of affairs willingly to the public.

On the other hand, we can’t utterly trust and see what we see online. It could be a fake account, but considering the stringent and rigorous procedures put in place by Bumble, impersonating someone and getting that account isn’t a mammoth task.

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