Plus-size Clothing Lane Bryant Was Accused of Fat-shaming By Its Own Customers

Plus-sized clothing retailer Lane Bryant did a #asklanebryant Twitter chat during the Victoria Secret Fashion Show, aiming to “protest” current beauty standards and promote body positivity. But it seems that this Twitter chat did not go well as expected and the hashtag #AskLaneBryant was flooded with tough questions from Twitter users in no time. In the end, it becomes a chat where plus-size clothing company Lane Bryant was accused of fat shaming by its own angry customers. And among these angry customers, we can also find some plus-size fashion blogger stars, like Loey Lane.

Lane Bryant 1 Lane Bryant 2 Lane Bryant 3 Lane Bryant 4

Some media reports say that this Twitter chat hosted by plus-size clothing Lane Bryant is a total failure. As for this, we have some disagreement. At least, this Twitter chat offers a chance and platform for bigger ladies to express their feelings about current plus-size clothing industry. At least, from this Twitter chat, plus-size women succeed in letting the whole world hear their voices and see their needs for comfortable clothing. This is a good thing.

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