Seasonal Dating Disorder “exploiting” plus-size women- WooPlus survey reveals bitter truth

WooPlus survey has revealed how the trend of Seasonal Dating Disorder is materializing plus-size women and leaving them with broken hearts and shattered dreams.

Top plus-size dating app WooPlus has recently raised serious concerns about the new trend of Seasonal Dating Disorder (SDD) and its devastating effects on plus-size women.

Seasonal Dating Disorder refers to the practice of starting a new romantic relationship in autumn & winter, only to terminate it in spring or summer. According to psychologists and sociologists, SDD bears an age-old connection with the human body and hormone system. Cold temperature triggers the rise of melatonin hormone in the brain. Elevated melatonin creates a sluggish feel and people prefer to snuggle at home only, wrapped in the warmth of a lover. But, as spring sets in and the chill starts to fade, these same people don’t think twice to dump their lovers for a breezy singlehood.

WooPlus has recently experienced a dramatic 30% raise in the subscriptions of male members with the onset of November this year. It inspired the leading plus-size dating site to conduct a survey of its users. The research revealed that female users tend to have more admirers in the cold season compared to other seasons of the year. WooPlus claims that the rise in number of male members and more “Likes” on female members’ profiles especially in the winter- are directly related to Seasonal Dating Disorder trends.

As per the survey, big plump women are able to satiate the cuddling needs that men become so crazy for in the cold season. Big women have the inborn ability to spread warmth and men yearn for their cozy comfortable presence around them as the temperature takes a dip.

“SDD trends are continuously exploiting plus-size women. We have seen the devastating effects of this insensible trend on our female members and that’s a shame”, stated Michelle Li, the co-founder of WooPlus.

Ashly is one such WooPlus member who has been the victim of SDD. She was approached by an apparently loving man and everything seemed to be very mushy-mushy between them initially. But as summer approached, his love dried up and the man who once seemed to be smitten by Ashly, left her and moved forward.

To be fair that’s happened quite a lot, as soon as the winter is over they show true face and believe me nothing is more frustrating than the feeling of getting ripped off,” Ashly attested.

Brianna, another WooPlus member who was surveyed, had a similar frustrating experience as Ashly.

“I saw it as men coming to their senses in the fall winter and spring, but losing their minds in the summer”, noted Brianna.

“What happens with chubby women is that men often fail to understand their true inner beauty. Men fail to fathom that there is more to these big beautiful women than their mere size. As a result, plus-size women don’t receive much attention as we see with slim and trim women. Now, when stung by SDD kick, men start to approach them in winter, they mistake such propositions as true love. These innocent loving women think their partner will care for them just as they did but unfortunately they end up being the victims of SDD rush.”

However, Li assures about the high-tech initiatives taken by WooPlus to reduce the SDD victimization of their plus-size female members.

“We have deployed AI technology & big data to add an extra layer of safety against SDD so that our female members can meet their true loving partners through our app.”