How to Look Upon Kirsty Gallacher Looking for Love on Dating app Bumble

Kirsty Gallacher is making headlines, and the trending topic is Kirsty Gallacher dating. Who could it be? No one knows who could be hitting the jackpot this time, but there are leads to this question. The Scottish TV presenter was seen romping with Jack Whitehall publicly at a party.

However, there’s another equation that imposes a severe headache. In one way, the comedian could be the man basing on the fact that they were publicly seen together, crunching and munching each other. So, is it Jack or someone else? However, there’s are twists and turns in establishing the validity of this as this postulation surrounding Jack Whitehall can be skirmished by a Bumble profile “belonging” Kirsty Gallacher. The worst thing about this is that the account is verified, and it displays photos of her. Not one, or two. They’re SIX in total, and each of them has a different background.

Verified Bumble Account and Absolute Denial

The verified Bumble account could solicit support and rally behind allegations about Kirsty Gallacher dating. Even though she’s denying signing up with Bumble, there’s a verified account bearing the 42-year-old’s pictures, and a blue tick right next to her name, and these are potential factors anchoring the authenticity of Bumble account purported to be Kirty’s. She’s yet to come out and publicly talk about the whole affair. So far, there’s no documentation of her talking about the affair. The least she could deny the authenticity of the account purported to be hers.

There are six distinct pictures of the Sky Sports’ presenter in different places. This comes a year after the dating app company affirmed that it was able to nub fake accounts and prevent their creation. Bumble added that they employed facial recognition technology for verification purposes, a phenomenon that saw new members verify their through clear selfie shots.

There are different pictures from different scenes in her profile that could be evidence of Kirsty Gallacher dating. The photos appear to lovely shots of her, and her body language tells she’s in pursuit of something golden. 

However, it has not been established whether she filled the forms of the bio-section in the dating application and this is yet another issue to get through. 

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