What’s Your Reaction to Amy Schumer’s Campaign Against the “Plus Size” Label?

On April 5, 2016, Amy Schumer took to social media to tell Glamour Magazine that she did not appreciate being include in a list of inspiring plus size women because she does not fit the “plus size” standard. For her, according to a post she made on Instagram, what bothered her the most about her inclusion on the list is the fact that it would make young girls question their own size. The incident has caused her to begin a campaign against the plus size label, insisting that people do not like being classified as plus size. When Schumer posted to Twitter asking about the public’s thoughts on the term, it was met with mixed views.Amy Schumer Read more

We Really Got Sick of These Stupid Fat Shaming Ads

The main goal of an advertiser is to make ads that sell and bring business to the companies that they work for. There are a number of tactics that they have turned to over the years and while some grow and chance, others do not. A prime example of this can be seen in the numerous fat shaming ads in billboards, magazines, and other types of media. Read more

Big Beautiful Women, Plus Size Celebrity Rebel Wilson’s Love Life

Australian comedian and actress Rebel Wilson first made international headlines as the hilarious Brynn in the 2011 romantic comedy Bridesmaids. She again made headlines the following year when she starred in the musical comedy Pitch Perfect as Fat Amy. From there, she has continued to find major movie roles, some of them Pitch Perfect sequels, and shows no signs of slowing down as she becomes one of the major plus size celebrities of today’s day. With a crazy schedule like the one she has, it is no doubt that dating is a challenge- not that she has let it stop her from trying.rebel-wilson-ex-boyfriend-mickey Read more

Dating Frustrations As A Big Beautiful Woman

While dating comes with struggles for everyone, when you are a Big Beautiful Woman, dating has a completely different set of struggles and frustrations that one must overcome. The only people who can recognize these problems are other women who are in the plus size dating scene. Here are some of the common ways plus size women struggle when it comes to the dating scene- but do bot let them make you think it is impossible.BBW dating frustrations Read more

Big Beautiful Women, Plus Size Celebrities’ Love Stories: Gabourey Sidibe

Gabourey Sidibe first made headlines in 2009, when she starred in the movie Precious. But, that was just the beginning of her rise to fame. Since then, she has starred in two different seasons of the popular FX series, American Horror Story. And now, she has claimed a role in the main cast of Fox’s hit show Empire, where she plays Becky Williams. But, when not acting and fending off haters, Sidibe is also scanning the dating scene.

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Do Hot Girls Like to Date Plus Size Men?

Women are no longer looking for a guy that is athletic to date or satisfy their sexual needs. Instead, many women are showing a much larger interest in chubby guy dating. It is certainly not hard to believe; there are a ton of benefits to dating big guy. There is even a survey to back it up.

hot women like fat guy

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The Truth About Dating as a Plus Size Woman

Being plus size – or having more to love, as I like to phrase it – isn’t an easy task. Trying to fit into a cookie cutter ideal of what a girl or teen should be is exhausting, trivial, and unnecessary. Cutting work out plans from magazines, or putting self-shaming quotes on the bathroom mirror are probably some of the tactics we used growing up to cope with our experiences. But now, we are women. We are powerful in the workspace, as well as in the arms of a caring man. Below are some truths about dating as a plus sized woman, things I applied to my outlook. All you need is effort and a new perspective, and these truths will come to light for you.

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