Who Is Next Fat-shaming Victim

You wake up,  have your breakfast, go to work and back to your house. It is just another normal day until you read today’s top news. Oh gosh, you have gone viral on Internet, but under the news category of “funny” and with hundreds of awful fat-shaming comments left behind. It is just a bad dream? No, this is what actually happened to Paul Moore and Hale Goetz. Read more

5 Best Plus Size Male Fashion Bloggers You Should Follow

Just because you are plus size, it does not mean that you have no place in the field of fashion. You still have! You just need to find something or someone that will help you and inspire you to stand out. You might be hearing or reading from the ads number of male fashion bloggers who are making big name in the social media despite their plus size.
Whom you should rely on? Who are the male bloggers that you should entrust your everyday fashion and which bloggers you should follow on social media? Below is the list of the top 5 plus size male fashion bloggers that will surely help you out! Read more

Story Continues After Stanta Got Kicked in Coach’s Christmas Ad #GiveCoachOrElse

givecoachorelseSanta got kicked in Coach’s latest 60-second Christmas ad! And what horrible most is the reason why Santa got attacked – a “naughty” woman punched Santa Claus just for a Coach bag as Christmas gift. Instantly, this video became a buzz on social media, especially after pop singer Ariana Grande tweeted this video with comment “hahahahah @coach this is amazing”. But different from Ariana, many people were quite disappointed with this commercial video. Read more

Responses to Study “Plus Size Models in Advertising Promoting Obesity”

Recently, a new study from Simon Fraser University’s Beedie School of Business offers a buzz topic for social media users. “The increasing use of plus-sized models in advertising campaigns may be contributing to growing rates of obesity.” this study suggests. Then instantly, this research has been reported by quite a few main medias. Ok, let’s look at what are the responses from common people for this “interesting” study. Read more

“You Look Great” Is Our Response to Fat-shaming

you look great 1 If you add the word “fat shaming” to your google alert, you will find that there will surely be several fat-shaming news EVERYDAY. We can not make all fat haters shut up. Actually, we do not need to do that either. What we need to do is just living better and happier. In this blog, we will share some examples on how these big girls responded to those “boring” fat shamers with intelligence and politeness. Hope it can give some lights and encouragement to those big girls who are struggling with protecting themselves from this fat-shaming world. Read more

What Are the Best Big Beautiful Women Dating APPs?

BBW dating appsTechnology has changed people life. The internet world has shifted from PC side to mobile. Are you still trying to find love with a mouse? If yes, then you may need to make some changes because it is a finger-touching world. Here we just introduce you some plus-size dating apps, using which you can easily find, meet & date the big & beautiful friends.

Read more

5 Best Plus-size Fashion Bloggers You Should Follow

Fashion has nothing to do with the SIZE. With the popularity of numerous plus-size models,  plus-size fashion is no longer a myth, it’s a reality, and even a trend. In this article we are going to focus on some of the best plus-size fashion bloggers who contribute to break the rules of plus-size clothing and make fashion available for all shapes and sizes. Read more

We May Be “Fat”, But We Are Not Lazy

Someone claims that people are fat, because they are lazy,unmotivated and having unhealthy lifestyle. Is that really the case? Of course NO. We are even more active than people with straight sizes. Yes, we may be fat, but we are not lazy. Here are a few plus-size women who could proudly say that “Yes, we are fat but we are not lazy”: Read more