Term BBW (Big Beautiful Women) Is Not Dirty

I still remembered the reply that I got from an attractive plus-sized lady when I was  inviting her to give some feedback on plus-size dating app, WooPlus. “The phrase BBW irritates me.” That was her original words. To be honest, I was completely lost with this reply, wondering BBW is a word to express our admiration for big beautiful women, isn’t it? Why would she feel irritated with a compliment? Did I miss something? Then, I googled with the term “BBW”. Ok, now I knew why this lady would feel irritated with the phrase BBW. A term coined by “a fashion and lifestyle magazine for ‘plus-size’ women” is now “frequently used in the context of fat fetishism, even a porn category.” I do not know how this change has taken place and I have no interest to know it either. The only thing that I care about is that we may lose a word to express our sincere & pure appreciation for plus-size beauties.

curvy dating-plus size woman
Image by Rene Pister from Pixabay

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WooPlus the Plus-size Online Dating App Offers Verification to Help Ashley Winner of Season 14 of Project Runway Shut Down Online Plus-Size Attacks

Ashley Nell Tipton
Image Source: girltalkhq.com / Ashley Nell Tipton

When Ashley Nell Tipton was announced as the winner of Project Runway Season 14, we were genuinely happy for her since it was the first time ever a plus size collection won on Project Runway. Ashley utilizes her expertise to help plus-size stylish clothing be included in the mainstream. By doing this it advances plus-size fashion and the plus-size community as a whole. Unfortunately Read more

Stone-Cold Fox Tess Holliday Stresses Her Opinion on “Plus-size” Label Again

Tess Holliday
Image Source: Facebook / Tess Holliday

Are you ashamed and afraid to face the crowd because you belong to the so-called plus-size people? Well, there is nothing to worry about becoming a plus-size model as what Tess Holiday stresses.  You need not be afraid or ashamed with such kind of physique. Tess Holiday is one of the highly renowned plus size models that sign a major and widely known modeling contract that expresses her confidence to belong to those plus sized women. Read more

From “Only” to “Hotline Bling”, Hope Drake’s Music Can Promote Body Positivity

Ever wondered why women run after the famous Canadian rapper, Drake? Well, it is not just his rugged looks and laid back attitude but it is his songs that are an epitome of emotions that speaks to each individual. Each track that comes out is so sonically gripping that you find yourself reliving the moment and realizing what your worth is. Drake Graham keeps a momentum in each of his song to bring out one’s true self, so that people don’t hide behind covers in embarrassment of what they look like. Drake has always been an admirer of big beautiful women, also known to be abbreviated as BBW. He makes every thick and curvy woman out there feel accepted. Drake shows his intention of spreading a body positivity image that motivates the BBW out there who feel unattractive due the set standards of society. Read more

“You Are Fat”, Look at Fitness Instructors’ Response to Body Shaming Mail

Isn’t it embarrassing when everyone notices your not-so-great figure from time to time? Admit it or not, you always have such feeling when someone is bullying you because of your curve-less body figure. If you are one of those fat people all over the world, you surely have an experience to be bullied by people in your place and especially in social media which would more shaming on your part as a person. Well, you are not alone when such thing happened to you like this person who have been bullied because of her physical looks and worst, the people who have been bullied are fitness instructors already. Read more

New Study Shows British Women Prefer Plus Size Men to Be Their Sexual Partners

What’s the latest in the love life of most British women? Listen to this closely because here it is: “A shocking 38% of British women (eighteen years of age and over) say that they prefer overweight or plus size men as ideal pictures of their sexual partners.” Yes. You heard that absolutely right. This is way bigger than the 21% population of those ladies that said that they would still prefer men with muscly or athletic figures. But before you give your judgement on this revelation, you better read the rest of this post. Read more

Tips to Date Plus-Size Women

Are you into BBW(Big Beautiful Women) dating? If you prefer big, beautiful women, be warned! Dating them can be a hard feat because you might end up competing with a bunch of other men. Dating plus-sized women has been a trend recently, with more and more men finding voluptuous the new sexy. With this, to increase the likelihood that you will be able to date plus-size women, keep on reading and learn from the tips that will be mentioned below.

curvy dating-curvy women
Photo by Drop the Label Movement on Unsplash

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The Daily Mail Writer Claims Fat People Should Be Charged More to Fly

Today, the number of obese or fat people is increasing in any part of the world. This is the reason why there are some issues that arise about charging those plus-sized people more when travelling especially on a plane. This might sound rude to overweight people but this is what the Daily Mail writer expressed who had worse experience flying along with plus-sized people.

plus size people airplane
Photo by Gus Ruballo on Unsplash

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Big Girl Adele Releases another Hit Song Called “Hello”

Image Source: “Hello” Video of Adele

With her unique charm, big girl Adele is once again dominating the billboard by releasing her new music video “Hello”. The plus-sized singer Adele continues to soar even higher despite some ridiculous fat-shamers who are still attacking the popular singer. However, more and more fans are defending her and are in fact slamming those non-sense fat-shaming behaviors against Adele. Read more