How to Build a Body Positive Image

Ashley Graham is one of the hottest topics these days. This body activist is one of the three SI Swimsuit cover models and is inspired to turn her ultimate goal into reality- to promote the idea of self-acceptance as well as female empowerment with one of a kind Barbie created in her likeness. On Monday, the doll was present to Ashley Graham right at the Glamour’s Women of the Year summit happened in Los Angeles.


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Big Guys Fashion

Stylish clothes can be difficult to find for big guys. So many companies design their clothes specifically for smaller guys and their larger sizes aren’t always that flattering. So what exactly is it that big guys can do to get some super stylish clothing and the perfect look for any occasion? Well, here are a few of the key points to look out for when buying your clothes!


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How Essential Body Shaming Is?

Does your weight falls at the plus size classification? Well, it’s a blessing that some people are already accepting such situation but still body shaming continuously exist. There are still a lot of people who continuously disguise some of their rude questions regarding their weight.


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Facebook’s “Mistakes” Need to End

Throughout this past year, there have been many Facebook’s “mistakes” when it comes to plus size women trying to share empowering messages on the social media site. Numerous posts were blocked or banned because their content was deemed “inappropriate” by the website. For at least a little while, it seemed as if the problem had ended. That is, until plus size model and body positive advocate Melinda Parrish had her own message blocked for being “inappropriate.”


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Khloé Kardashian: Who Cares What Donald Trump Says?

By now, you have likely heard some of the Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s more unsavory comments. Since beginning his campaign, his cruel comments–both new and old–have continually been put under scrutiny. Besides disgusting behavior with beauty pageant contestants, Trump’s fat shaming comments on his reality show The Apprentice have also been called into question. Most recently, negative comments he made about Khloé Kardashian off-camera were brought up with the media, reigniting some of the debate surrounding both him and his show.


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