Online Dating 101: How To Keep The Fire Burning Despite The Distance

Dating these days seems to be an exclusively online affair. Online dating presents a unique set of opportunities and challenges.


One of the biggest challenges of online dating is how to keep the spark alive when you are not regularly meeting in person. You and your partner may be thousands of miles apart, making dating difficult considering the importance of physical intimacy. 


However, there are many things you can do if you are creative and committed enough to keep the fire alive, including: 


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Online Dating Communicate 


It may sound obvious since people spend a vast majority of their time on their devices, but couples are dating online that barely communicate. If you want to keep the flame of your passion alive, it is imperative that you talk to each other and share in as many ways as you can. 


Sending your curvy woman partner pictures and memes is not enough. It would be best if you actually took the time to make phone calls, text, or video chat as much as possible. 


Moreover, you should have long conversations about what you want from each other and what you expect from the relationship. You may assume that you are both at the same point in the relationship, but the reality could be much different. 


It takes opening up and a willingness to be vulnerable to form a deep connection with someone when curvy dating. Discuss everything you can, and you will find that you can have an honest and open relationship with someone even if you are apart. 


Embrace Online Dating Technology


If you are online plus size dating, you only have one piece of the puzzle as far as technology use is concerned. Technology has progressed so much further, and you should embrace technology if you want to maintain the fire in a relationship. 


With video chats, the ability to send pictures, and instant messaging, it has never been easier to stay connected to someone who is a long distance away from you. Therefore you should leverage technology to the full extent of your capabilities. 

Take every opportunity to communicate, even though it may include a single text. Share things online with your plus size partner that you both like, and you can even watch the same shows, among other things. 


You should particularly use technology to ensure that the spark in your sex life stays ignited. It may mean sending each other some naughty photos or getting toys that can connect to the internet. Whatever it is, embrace technology and use it to make your relationship stronger. 


Surprise Each Other


Most people love surprises, and they are an excellent way to show your partner that you are thinking about them, especially when they don’t expect it. Curvy dating has changed tremendously since the Covid pandemic, and you need to be creative and body positive to show affection when curvy dating online. 


Surprising your curvy partner does not mean booking a plane ticket and flying across the country to abruptly show up at their workplace while they are in a meeting. There are many ways to surprise your curvy woman, even when you are a continent apart. 


Send them an online ticket to a movie or concert they love. You can also make an orchid delivery and send them flowers to their home or office. Flowers and chocolate are often an outstanding idea for deliveries as they are easy to deliver and an outright gesture of romantic affection in curvy dating. 


Any gesture of affection will be appreciated, especially if it is a well thought one. Make it something unusual or that you know your partner’s needs based on your previous conversations, and you will cement a bond keeping the flame of your love alive even though you may be far from each other. 


Share Individual Curvy Dating Experiences


Relationships where couples spend too much time with each other often end up turning sour. Every couple needs some space if the relationship is to grow and become strong, which is a significant advantage of online curvy dating. 


Unless you spend every waking hour staring at your phone or computer screen, you should have some time to yourself. During that time, you will have your own experiences about which your plus size partner will know nothing. 


A significant element of a relationship involves letting someone know a side of you that no one else knows. To that end, you should share your individual experiences with your curvy partner and let them into a part of your life that only you know and experience. 


You can start by sharing positive experiences such as a promotion at work, buying a new car, making a new friend, or visiting a new city. You can also ask your plus size partner about what is new in their lives and be genuinely interested in the events of their life that they experience alone. 


If you can share profound and negative experiences, you can present your curvy dating partner with a chance to support you. They will show you if they care deeply for you and offer a caring ear or a solution to improve your life situation. 


Sharing your individual experiences in curvy dating will cement your bond when you otherwise cannot have the experiences together. It offers you a chance to be part of someone else’s life even when you cannot be physically present. 


Pursue Common Interests


If you are sharing individual experiences, it can be sharing a common interest that you both have. A significant part of curvy dating is sharing your interests with someone who has the same interests. 


Online curvy dating can be made substantially more enjoyable and easier if you pursue shared interests. Even though you may be living in different cities, if there is an opportunity to do something similar, you should do it. 


You will then have something interesting to chat about with your plus size partner when you do communicate. You can share your triumphs and challenges, which will make you share something deeper that will strengthen your bond. 


If you don’t have any common interests, you should find one. Pick something that you and your curvy partner have both wanted to try and do it. Voice call or start a video chat with your partner a week after doing the activity and compare notes. 


If you embrace technology, you can do the same activity together, at the same time, while in different countries using video streaming services and apps. It won’t be the same as having them next to you, but it will undoubtedly offer an opportunity for a connection where they would otherwise be none. 


Visit Each Other Often  


Online curvy dating is and should be a prequel to dating in real life. If you met physically but had to be apart for whatever reason, online plus size dating can help you keep the fire of your relationship burning. 


Therefore, whenever you have an opportunity to meet each other in person, you should do it. Meet as often as you can as it will remove the screen between you, and there is simply no substitute for meeting in real life. 


Whenever you meet your curvy partner, you should cherish every minute and take the opportunity to make the most of your time. Create incredible adventures for both of you to go on which will challenge you, excite you, and push you closer.


If you live in different places, you should take turns visiting each other. Every place is different. So seeing each other in turn will not only give you an opportunity to experience something different, but you can also do different things. Novelty is often the spark that ignites or reignites relationships. 


You never know what the future holds, so every minute with your curvy woman is precious. Make as much of the time as you can so you can have no regrets when they return. 


Address Your Feelings


Though online dating is the most common way to meet other people today and the best way to stay connected to a distant curvy partner, many dating app users still confess to feelings of loneliness and seclusion. Therefore, if you want to keep the flame alive while dating online, you should address whatever feelings you may have. 


Communicating your emotions and feelings to your partner is a great way to ensure that they know what you are going through and vice versa. Though you may be connected via technology, it is not the same as being physically present. 


As the saying goes, a problem shared is a problem halved. Sharing your emotional issues with your partner will go a long way in addressing your feelings and maintaining a healthy state of mind. 


If you cannot talk to your partner about your concerns and other issues with online curvy dating, you should speak to a mental health professional. Explain everything to them and have them help you resolve any underlying negative feelings you may have about online dating and the distance between you and your plus size partner. 


If such feelings are unresolved, they will fester and rise to the surface soon enough. The result will be that you will ruin your relationship, and you will extinguish the fire. 




The most crucial factor in keeping a relationship alive despite long distances is trust. Without it, the relationship will undoubtedly fail. 


Trust is essential in curvy dating, even if the person is only a mile away from you. However, trust becomes even more vital the farther apart you are from your partner. 


You should not call your curvy woman partner on the hour every hour to confirm their whereabouts. Even though you may have access to their GPS information, it is not healthy to constantly check their location or ensure they are where they say they are. 


There will be temptations, and long-distance relationships face tremendous challenges. It is natural to constantly wonder what your plus size partner is doing and with whom they are doing it.

Many will term it insecurity, but natural curiosity is unavoidable, especially with a long-distance partner. 


You can use technology to provide you with evidence that could make you more trusting. Others will go as far as hacking their partner to find out their endeavors. 


However, there is no substitute for trusting your partner. As long as you are in a relationship, you take the chance of heartbreak which increases with distance. 


You must take a leap of faith and tell yourself that all will be well despite the distance. Trusting your partner entirely is the only way to keep the flame of your love alive. 


Trust goes both ways, so if you are trusting someone, they are also trusting you. Not only will trusting your partner save you a lot of headaches, but it will also increase the chances of having a happy relationship. 




In conclusion, online curvy dating is a minefield, primarily if you use the internet to maintain a relationship. The challenges come from all sides and are seemingly insurmountable. However, if you can do what presents above, you should have an excellent chance of keeping the fire of your relationship alive. Remember, you have to trust each other as there is no relationship without trust. 


Online Dating as a Curvy Woman: What You Need to Know

After a year of isolation, online dating has become the new frontier for singles everywhere. Especially for plus size women, apps like WooPlus have been a game-changer for the BBW (big and beautiful women) community, allowing females of all ages to thrive in a whole new outlet of curvy dating.

Regardless of if you’re just starting out in the world of online dating, or are simply looking for some extra advice on how to spice up your profile and/or plus size dating skills, you’ve come to the right place.

Here is everything you need to know about curvy dating online:

Online curvy dating

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Curvy Dating 101: Setting Up Your Plus-Size Profile

No matter what size waist you are, first impressions mean everything when it comes to online dating. That’s why it’s critical when you set up your personal profile so that you can ensure you’re portraying yourself in a way that you want potential partners to see you.

Now, this can be rather tricky for all you curvy women out there, as body positivity and self-image aren’t two things that are natural. Use this opportunity to be your biggest cheerleader. Create an online presence that mimics who you are from the inside out. This will ensure you’re setting up a plus-size profile that enables you to create a good first impression.

Having self-confidence is much easier said than done, and even if you do have it, it’s not always enough to make an ideal first impression. Luckily, we’re here to guide you through it. To help you set up your plus-size profile and feel body-positive throughout the process, here are a few first-impression tips for curvy dating online:

Prep, Prime, & Let Your Skin Shine: 

A glamourous, well-captured profile picture is a must when creating your online dating persona. Skin conditions like acne—although common amongst many—can make it harder to make the first impression you’d ideally like to.

While photo-editing tools can be effective in glossing over blemishes or scars, they can affect your ability to appear authentic to other users. Rather than turning on the beauty filter, make an effort to target the concerns yourself by prepping your skin with a corrective product like an acne treatment cream and other suitable skincare items.

Follow up with a tinted moisturizer and concealer to further enhance your complexion and hide any blemishes or other impurities on your skin. Once you’re prepped and primed, get ready to let your skin shine in your curvy dating profile picture!

Express Personality Through Your Style:

While headshots are necessary when setting up, it’s also a good idea to upload a couple of full-body pictures of yourself to your plus-size profile.

Curvy dating is all about romanticizing BBW, and part of that means embracing your curves in all the shapes and sizes they come in. To do this, be sure to upload at least one recent full body photo of yourself. To compliment your curves, capture yourself in an outfit that’s both fitting for your body type and your personality.

This could be a pair of mom jeans and a cute blouse, a floral print, or even an a-line dress for plus-size women. Whatever the case may be, be sure to choose a style that allows you to showcase your curvy-girl confidence.

Show Off Those Pearly Whites:

If you have white, straight teeth, now is the time to show them off! Your smile is reportedly one of the first facial features people notice about someone upon meeting them for the first time.

As explained in an article by Arden Dental Care, “People having straight teeth are considered more fashionable, friendlier, trustworthy, happier, healthier, and have better confidence than people with crooked teeth.”

So, in spite of the fact that you might not be face-to-face with the potential curvy dating prospects at this time, you can still statistically make a better impression with online users by including pictures on your profile that display your pearly whites. Smile and the world will smile with you!

Upload Images & Information to Help Share Your Story:

Finally, tailor your online dating profile by adding images and relevant information that are special and personal to you.

One of the perks of online dating is that it gives you a chance to tell your story before beginning interacting. Use this to your advantage! Stand out from the rest of the curvy dating crowd by uploading images and sharing relevant information that’s unique to you and your story.

Uploading pictures or telling stories of activities you enjoy doing and/or friends or family you love will work to heighten your chances of making a long-lasting impression and improve your overall online curvy dating experience.

Above all, the most important rule when curvy dating and setting up your plus-size profile online, is to be transparent.

As long as you are portraying yourself in a way that is genuine to the person you are from the inside out, then that’s all that matters.

Feeling body-positive and curvy confidence starts with representing yourself for all that you are. Shine so bright that only people with the best intentions can seek you out.

Online curvy dating

Photo by Darina Belonogova from Pexels

Curvy Dating 101: Interacting Online as a Plus-Size Woman

After you’ve finished setting up your plus-size profile, you’re ready to start engaging with other online dating users. This can be intimidating and awkward, as the process of “getting to know” someone can be overwhelming over the Internet.

Nevertheless, it’s a significant step in curvy dating that cannot go unfinished. The more dialogue you have with others, the more likely you find the person you’re actually looking for.

No one wants to waste their time engaging with someone who isn’t suited for them. That’s why you’ll pay close attention to the types of people you’re interacting with and the different conversations you’re having.

To get the most out of any and all conversations you have while online dating, follow these tips:

Block Off Time to Respond:

Building a connection with someone doesn’t happen overnight. In most cases, it requires a lot of time, energy, and communication with the other person.

For this reason, we recommend blocking off time throughout the day to focus on answering your online dating inbox. Being selective in the people you get back to by blocking off time in your schedule serves the same purpose as blocking off time for a job interview.

Just like job interviews, curvy dating is an investment into your future, meaning it deserves your utmost attention. So make time for it! Even only for thirty minutes a day, be sure to respond back to any online prospect you are interested in. This will make building a connection with someone much more effortless and smooth.

Understand the Difference Between Admiration and Fetishization: 

Make no mistake, there is nothing wrong with having someone romanticize and compliment your body.

However, there is something wrong with a person who obsesses over your size, weight, and curvy woman figure. As a plus-size person entering the pool of curvy dating, it’s essential you understand the differences between admiration and fetishization. Pay attention to any warning signs of fetishes when interacting with potential prospects online.

If you meet someone who is constantly making remarks about your size and body weight, no matter encouraging you to gain weight or live an unhealthy lifestyle in any way. It may be in your best interest to remove yourself from the conversation.

Block Body Shamers:

Contrary to popular belief, being a hater is super fan behavior. There is no reason to react to anybody-shaming messages you receive from other online dating users.

As previously mentioned, curvy dating is all about romanticizing BBW. So, anyone who is trying to do the exact opposite, they do not deserve any sort of attention. Block or unmatch with anyone who has something negative to say about your beautiful plus-size body. It’s their loss, not yours, so do your best not to get hung up on any curvy girl comments.

With so many fish in the sea, you don’t need to waste time engaging with a small-minded minnow!

online curvy dating

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Curvy Dating 101: Avoiding the Fear of Rejection

You’ve probably let the fear of rejection hold you back from doing something or saying something you wanted to. It doesn’t matter what size you are, everyone goes through this at least once in their life.

From feeling insecure about the way you look to being unsure, the fear of rejection is a powerful. But don’t let it be an excuse in holding you back from the curvy dating process.

Plus-size or not, fear of rejection and being rejected is just part of life. When one door closes, another door opens, and this is particularly true in the online dating world. To avoid the fear of rejection from holding you back while curvy dating, consider practicing the following:

Shoot Your Shot:

You should never be afraid to slide into someone’s direct messages first when online dating. After all, that’s the whole point of this process, isn’t it? If you’ve matched with someone and want to get to know them, try to land an actual date with them!

The worst that can happen is they don’t respond or are not interested in you back. Curvy dating online means exposing yourself to a number of singles. So when one says no, you can quickly move on to the next without even giving it a second thought.

Try not to ponder the “what could be’s” and the “what ifs” and instead, put on your big girl pants and send that message to the cutie who’s caught your eye!

Multifaceted Communication:

The more you know someone, the more comfortable and secure you’ll feel about the relationship developing between you two.

Aside from the regular interactions you have via the online dating platform, it’s also good to have other communication outlets. Whether that means becoming friends via video virtual date, or meeting up in person, multifaceted communication is imperative.

Having these different networks allows you to form a bond with your curvy dating prospect quickly. And alleviate nerves and the fear of rejection.


Even you’re not a curvy woman, it’s crucial you are secure with your look before you start dating online.

Otherwise, feeling body-positive and good about who you are. The way you look will indirectly be in the hands of other people.

Curvy dating doesn’t mean letting plus-size women come together and seek validation or the approval of others. It means empowering the plus-size community to take back their right to find love the same way as anyone else. Continue to explore different acts of self-love throughout your curvy dating process.

Self-affirmations, exercise, journaling, and reading are some self-love activities that remind you of being whole with or without a romantic partner.

Curvy and Confident: Let’s Talk About Plus Size Sex!

Plus size sex does not have to be complicated. All you need to be is confident about your body, all while knowing some fantastic tips and positions. We’ve put together an incredible piece for you to get started the right way!

While most of the world talks about various free dating sites and the seductive techniques you can use to seduce your partner, we often forget that there are many different types of men and women. Therefore, we are sure that we know skinnier people, plumper, and curvier than others. In most cases, we do not see them being too vocal about plus size sex, who they want to have pleasure with, or how they can provide pleasure to a person because of their size and the surrounding stigma.

In fact, it is very offensive when people talk about how a plus size woman can have sex because it doesn’t matter much! There should be no one who is deprived of a good and satisfying sexual experience. If you are one of the many people who have been asked how sex and intimacy with curvy women are, it is time for you to man up and say that it is the most astounding sex you have ever experienced in your life.

In this article, we will be talking about sex tips and different sex positions for plus size. To start things, you should not think of curves as something you should be shy about. You must own up to yourself. Having sex with plus-size women will offer you a wide range of possibilities that men will love. You should not be afraid to give your all just because of your insecurities.

Plus size sex

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Here’s How Plus Size Singles Can Have a Positive (and Hot) Girl Summer With WooPlus

“Hot girl summer” was coined back in 2019 based on the song by Megan Thee Stallion. And it quickly turned into a phrase of empowerment for numerous women throughout the warmer months. Now a worldwide phenomenon, the concept of having a hot girl summer is truly in the eye of the beholder. For some a season of confidence, and for others a focus on personal freedom.

As a plus size queen, having a hot girl summer might come easily to you, but how does staying body positive translate into dating? No matter how confident you are in yourself, there are plenty of moments where the dating process can have an impact on your overall self-esteem and body positivity.

WooPlus is here to let you have both a body positive and hot girl summer experience, especially if you’re vaccinated and ready to mingle!

plus size singles-at pool party
Photo by AllGo – An App For Plus Size People

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Best Picks For Free Plus Size Dating Apps / BBW Dating Apps (2021)

It is time for BBW Singles to Mingle through these Big Beautiful Women (BBW) dating apps.

Hey there, plus size singles and BBW Singles! We hope the pandemic is treating you right. We really hope you and your loved ones are safe and doing great. So, what is going on at your end? A more apt question we must ask is how your dating life is treating you.

We know the pandemic is keeping us all apart. We cannot easily meet or interact with someone. There is fear all around, and most importantly, we have to be responsible. We will get through this.

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Body Positive as a New Philosophy: Realities, Dating, Love

A survey finds 80% of Americans not happy about their appearance, thanks to the virtual imaging trend on social media. While most people find it difficult to move forward from the dating sites considering their insecurities. WooPlus encourages audiences to make their mind-set body positive.

Stereotypes and prejudices related to a person’s size and dating have held hands together forever. Every society has established norms for the perfect couple.

Even though it does not directly describe physical appearances, statements indicating the desired physique get thrown your way from time to time. For example, words like “tall, dark, and handsome,” “beautiful bikini body,” “beautiful abs,” zero fat,” “long legs,” etc. are considered compliments.

Sadly, they all portray a typical image, an idea far from being body positive. Instagram influencers and celebrities add up to the complexities with a physique deemed desirable in the dictionaries, making dating difficult for real people.

Wait! What does Body Positive Mean?

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How to Choose the Best Pictures for Your Dating Profile When You are Plus-Size

Choosing the best pictures of you for your online dating profile can be a challenge for anyone. When you are plus-size, this task can seem even more difficult.

You may worry about what people will think of you and your appearance. And this can make the process of deciding how to display yourself online one of uncertainty and self-doubt.

If you are struggling to decide which pictures to use for your online dating profile, here are some handy tips!

Dating is not about making everybody like you. It is about finding the right person who does.

The key to a healthy and enjoyable relationship is to find someone who likes you for who you are, rather than what you may be pretending to be.

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Online Dating as a Curvy Girl: The Things That No One Tells You

With the presence of proper online dating sites, people find their soul mates every day online. You’ll find sites for executives, LGBTQ, and other fantastic platforms. However, plus size dating is something people don’t give so much attention to.

As a curvy girl, you deserve to have fun, get an adorable partner, and be loved truly.

There are many plus size dating apps where you can get your desire. But just before you join the pool, learn our tips for plus size online dating.

plus size dating-couple
Photo by AllGo – An App For Plus Size People on Unsplash

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