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    12 Plus-size Swimming Suits Help You Have a Beach Body to Spend This Excited Summer

    by Ellie

    Summer is here, and it’s high time to forget about the official dressing and warm up for swimming suits and sandals. You definitely know that this is the season to make a kill at the pool by putting on a sexy and hot swimsuit. This summer, the swimsuit is a notch higher courtesy of the new plus-size swimming suits that will come your way.

    What to consider when buying plus-size swimming suits

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    Selecting plus-size swimming suits that will turn heads is no child’s play because you have to play your cards well. You don’t want to pick one or a set of plus-size swimming suits that will put your looks out of place. As such you must make your selection bearing the structure and positioning of your butt, waist, and hip. For instance, if you’re large waist, it will be appropriate if you go for an apple-shaped swimsuit. Likewise, a Spare Tire swimsuit will serve you better if you’re a large low-waist plus size woman. When it comes to large busts and arms, inverted triangular-shaped swimsuits are ideal. On the other hand, if you’re large a high-hipped woman, spoon-shaped items won’t disappoint. Conversely, large and low-hipped women require pear-shaped plus-size swimming suits. It’s wise to select what serves you right.
    This summer is a blessing because all these plus-size swimming suits are available in plenty and of different sizes and colors. This cuts across all the plus size ladies. As such, you have no reason to worry because this summer you’ll have all you need to turn heads.
    The last factor to come into play in this part is your body structure. It will command whether you need a one-piece swimming suit or a bikini. If not well-taken care of, you’ll end up with plus-size swimming suits that will get your summer drowning.

    Our top picks

    Retro Bandeau One-Piece Swimsuits

    You need a swimsuit that will perturb heads and make your appearance go viral at the pool. It’s at this point that this piece of plus-size swimming suits come into play. The Retro Bandeau will display your curves and make the world feel it. It comes in a variety of sizes of up to 7XL. As soon as you have it one, you’ll realize that the sun will reflect on none but you!

    Neon Moon

    The Neon Moon plus-size swimming suits are usually common during the summer. Therefore, you can give it a try because it will make you look exceptionally hot. With the firm grip of your breasts and waist, you’ll have all the confidence in your glorious outlook. You’ll only realize it’s marvelous work by the number of heads your turn and the envy of your curves. The Neon swimsuits also present a variety of items for you to select. You can grab a one-piece swimsuit or an underwire bikini.

    Sexy and Chic

    At times, especially on a hot afternoon, the best you can do to yourself is to get a swimsuit that gives you the sexiest look. Such swimsuits elucidate your curves to the public outrightly. At the same time, they must guarantee you comfort and confidence. Under such circumstances, this version of plus-size swimming suits will be of justice to you. Furthermore, it doesn’t limit you to the black and white-striped pieces. The mesh, cutouts, and lace are also in store for you with extra cleavage provision.

    The Chromat Collection of Swimsuits

    When it comes to swimsuits, the “one-size-fits-all theory” doesn’t count. This phenomenon triggered chromate to customize plus-size swimming suits that comfortably accommodates all plus size women. The aftermath of this is a series of plus-size swimming suits for the different sizes of waists, hips, busts, and breasts. In addition to this, they guarantee comfort and a hot outlook.
    The collection entails a variety of colors as well as one piece swimsuits and well as bikinis. Consider the two versions below;

    Charmat Swimsuit Size 2X + 3XL

    This series of plus-size swimming suits is a customization meant for women whose busts and waist measuring 49 and 41 inches respectively. The hip measurements shouldn’t be anything far from 55 inches. It’s preferably ideal for those who prefer bikinis at the expense of one-piece swimsuits.

    Chromat Swimsuit Size XL

    XL is a one-piece swimsuit by Chromat that fits busts and waits to measure 38 and 32 inches respectively. Typically, such individuals should have waists measuring 44 inches. With it, all your curves are taken care of. You don’t have to worry!

    The High Neck One-Piece Swimsuit

    By all standards, this piece is exceptionally amazing as it takes care of them, “Fear of Missing out.” Therefore, these plus-size swimming suits are ideal among women with self-esteem issues. Dressing on this piece of the swimsuit will provide comfort as well as confidence. Never forget its hot look!

    Cherry Flower Tankini Top

    You probably want rock a colorful swimsuit this summer? This modernized version of the Retro design is the most preferable. With the lovely peekaboo found underneath the Tankini top, it stands out among all plus-size swimming suits. If you like a style, this is one that you can’t miss to purchase!

    Caged Bikini

    Rocking all the time is the number one priority for all plus size women. However, not all plus-size swimming suits will achieve this. However, the caged bikini isn’t a disappointment in this part. It will firmly hold your breasts and waist. As a result, the world will be able to see your curves all the time.

    The Snow Leopard Lattice High Waist Bikini

    It’s summer and your swimsuit shouldn’t be dull. Therefore, you need plus-size swimming suits that blow minds. This piece is a perfect description of what you need. The leopard spots are a thriller and the lattice effect will move you to a new level of excitement and content. You don’t want to miss it this summer!

    The Bali Underwire Skirtkini

    When you’ve had enough of the bikinis, it’s time to try a new thing and that thing must be unique. In this part, the Bali underwire skirtini is a perfect choice. It provides comforts around its lower tips so that you can swim freely. The unique design of these plus-size swimming suits provides the room that comfortably holds your breasts and a tightening provision at the lower tip.

    Pineapple Print Fluence Bikini Top

    Of the amazing plus-size swimming suits, the pineapple print is one of a kind. It’s exceptionally pretty, and this is an attribute of the fluency ruffles found at the terminal of the bikini top. In addition to this, the brightly colored pineapple prints give extra vibes of the summertime. It’s what you need for a power summer!

    Snake Print One-piece Swimsuit

    Its color and design speak for it. The swimsuit is absolutely comfortable and assures safety by firmly gripping your abdomen. It’s a product of modern design, and this gives it a sleek outlook. You have to stand out from the rest by grabbing a piece of this.


    Safety, style, and comfort are the priorities during the summer season. However, it’s no offense treating yourself with plus-size swimming suits makes you the epicenter of attention. As such, you have to integrate these by selecting a swimsuit that will assure and guarantee you the comfort, safety at the pool as well as the sexy look. You’ll love it hot, and this is why you need a hot swimsuit.
    Take your time and get one that’s hot!

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