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    What Size of a Woman Does a Man Prefer

    by Ellie

    In the vast realm of beauty, there has been constant curiosity and discussion about the size of a woman a man prefers. It draws a lot of attention. However, it’s a hard question because men’s preferences vary. Some prefer one body type and size while other men prefer another body size.

    Although individual preferences vary greatly, societal trends can illuminate this fascinating aspect of human attraction. This article will delve into men’s preferences for women’s body size. Before we start, you should note that attraction is complex and multifaceted, and focusing solely on body size can be misleading.

    Part 1. How to recognize your body size (type)?

    women body size

    Women come in many different body sizes, each with unique physical characteristics. Here are some common female body sizes (types) and main characteristics:

    • Hourglass: A well-defined waist, with the bust and hips being approximately the same width.
    • Pear-shaped: Hips wider than the bust, a more bottom-heavy appearance.
    • Apple-shaped: An apple-shaped body features a broader bust and midsection compared to the hips.
    • Rectangle or Straight: Similar widths of bust, waist, and hips. A more rectangular silhouette.
    • Inverted Triangle: Broader shoulders and bust, with the hips being narrower.
    • Oval or Round: A rounder midsection with a less-defined waist.
    • Athletic or Banana: A straighter silhouette with minimal curves.
    • Plus Size: A larger body size, beyond traditional beauty standards.

    You can determine your body type based on the above characteristics. Or you can learn how to measure your body size by following this article:

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    Part 2. What size of a woman does a man prefer?

    As we mentioned above, this question is difficult to answer and men have different preferences. Besides, men’s preferences for women change over time. Media, fashion, and what society considers can strongly affect how people think someone beautiful should look.

    1. Men’s preferences for women change over time

    Different cultures have favored varying body sizes or types. For instance, in some historical periods, curvier figures were celebrated. People may associate certain body features with health, fertility, or societal status. While in other cultures, slimmer or more athletic bodies were considered ideal.

    2. Media, fashion, and society have a strong effect on women’s body size preferences

    TV, movies, and advertising usually show what people think is beautiful in a particular culture. The pictures and stories they share make some body types seem better. People often feel like they have to look a certain way because of what society thinks is beautiful. This feeling can be stronger in places where only one type of body is seen as really good.

    3. People say all body sizes are good

    Nowadays, people believe that all kinds of body sizes and types are good. They’re trying to make everyone feel like they can be beautiful. Some brands and media are starting to show more kinds of beauty. This means people can see more types of bodies and know that it’s okay to be different.

    4. What size of a woman does a man prefer as of now?

    According to some survey data and the popularity of many plus-size dating apps like WooPlus, it can be seen that there are slightly more men who prefer curvy women or plus-size women. Plus-sized women have many advantages and unique beauty, which are particularly attractive to many men.

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    Part 3. How to meet plus-size women if you prefer them

    If you have a preference for plus-size women or curvy women, where can you meet them? No worries, you can use the following tips below.

    1. Attend plus-size people events or meetups

    To meet a plus-size woman, it’s a good idea to join a plus-size meetup, where you can know many people with plus-size bodies. Keep in mind that when you’re meeting curvy women, showing respect and understanding is very important.

    2. Join fitness and wellness classes

    Lots of BBWs pay close attention to their body shape and health. That’s why they often join fitness and wellness classes. If you join these classes too, you might get a chance to meet curvy women there.

    Discover various dating apps created specifically for BBW (big beautiful woman) singles or those who appreciate curvy individuals, like WooPlus, an extremely popular app designed exclusively for plus-sized people. Whether you identify as a BBW or admire BBWs, WooPlus provides a platform to connect with your ideal match.

    plus size dating app wooplus

    Final thoughts

    As you can see, figuring out what size of a woman men prefer is complicated and depends on personal opinions. Though some data show that there are slightly more men who prefer curvy women or plus-size women, as we think about what makes people attractive, let’s appreciate that all body sizes are beautiful. Everyone is different, confidence is one of the most important factors of attractiveness, no matter what society thinks. Let’s accept everyone’s uniqueness, and always remember that real beauty has nothing to do with size.