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    WooPlus vs BBWCupid: Which is Better for BBW

    by Ellie

    In today’s world of social media and online connections, finding the right partner who appreciates your body type can be tough, especially for plus-size individuals. That’s where platforms like WooPlus and BBWCupid come in. They cater specifically to Big Beautiful Women (BBW) and those who admire them. In this article, we’ll compare WooPlus and BBWCupid, looking at what each offers to help you decide which one suits you best.


    WooPlus and BBWCupid are both dating apps designed for the plus-size community. Therefore, their core features revolve around matching you with suitable individuals for chatting and dating. You can set various filtering criteria to search for people who match your preferences. However, they also have many differences in functionality. Next, let’s take a detailed look at them.

    Feature comparison of WooPlus and BBWCupid:

    Like other users’ profile
    Send/receive messages
    search for people who match your preferences
    Send/receive virtual gifts
    Edit profile information
    Getting matches
    Local dating
    Know if your message was read
    See who likes you
    Send voice messages
    Report scammers or fake profiles
    Moments to share your lifex
    Profile must with a clear facex
    Boost your profile to attract more likesx
    Daily picks for youx
    See online usersx
    VIP profile highlightingx
    Instantly translate messagesx


    WooPlus is now available for both iOS users and Android users, you can download the app from the App Store or Google Play; while BBWCupid only supports Android devices. However, you can sign up and use BBWCupid on its web app.

    wooplus in the app store

    Sign up and join both services are completely free. And free users can only access basic features. You can choose to subscribe to WooPlus or BBWCupid to unlock all features. That’s what we will talk about in the next part.


    Currently, BBWCupid offers three paid membership plans: Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. The costs vary depending on the subscription duration. On the other hand, WooPlus has a simpler subscription plan, offering monthly, quarterly, and annual membership subscriptions. See the table below:

    PlansWooPlus MembershipBBWCupid GoldBBWCupid PlatinumBBWCupid Diamond

    You can clearly see from the table that although BBWCupid offers three levels of membership, their membership prices are much higher than WooPlus. Additionally, the free version of the BBWCupid app contains advertisements, which is detrimental to the experience of free users.


    As of 2024, WooPlus boasts over 10 million users globally, with the vast majority being BBW individuals or those who admire plus-size individuals. Approximately 50% of these users are from the United States, with women constituting 40% of the user base. Within WooPlus, you can find suitable matches from around the world. Additionally, WooPlus maintains strict user verification processes, requiring genuine photos showing the full face. Dedicated personnel are available 24/7 to review user profiles, aiming to minimize scammers and fake accounts.

    BBWCupid, on the other hand, has fewer users compared to WooPlus. According to third-party website statistics, BBWCupid has between 100,000 to 200,000 users in the United States. However, BBWCupid’s profile verification process is not as stringent, with some users not even having profile pictures. This may be challenging for a dating app. Nonetheless, BBWCupid offers the advantage of displaying users’ online status, making it more convenient to initiate conversations.


    The WooPlus app primarily uses orange and pink as its main color scheme, evoking a romantic and cozy atmosphere that aligns well with dating apps. It boasts a user-friendly interface with a clean and easy-to-navigate design. Additionally, it features an AI dating assistant to help with chatting, scheduling dates, and reminders, enhancing the overall experience. Of course, there are areas for improvement, such as the overly simplistic design of features like “moments.”

    wooplus app design

    While BBWCupid adopts a predominantly blue color scheme with a more retro interface design. Its functionality is well-designed, making it easy for even new users to quickly grasp how to navigate and utilize its features. Overall, it offers a great user experience, although it could benefit from aligning more with the aesthetic preferences of younger users.

    bbwcupid app design


    The basic functionalities are quite similar between the two. WooPlus emphasizes authenticity and fostering meaningful relationships. Many users have found their true love on WooPlus, and you can see their love stories in the Love Story section of the WooPlus website.

    In addition to the basic features and experience, WooPlus has community discussions, with a “Weekly Talk” section for users to engage in relevant discussions. They also select some lucky users to be featured, providing them with more exposure and opportunities. Furthermore, WooPlus often hosts beauty contests where winners can receive cash rewards or even media coverage.

    wooplus miss curvy valentine pageant

    BBWCupid’s web app features video livestreaming, allowing many users to showcase their beauty and charm. This greatly enhances the user experience.


    WooPlus now has over 29,000 reviews on the App Store, with an overall rating of 4.4. On the Google Play Store, it has nearly 62,000 reviews, with an overall rating of 4.5. These are excellent figures.

    wooplus rating 4.5

    Here are some good reviews from real users:

    wooplus good review
    wooplus review on the google play store

    In comparison, BBWCupid, which is only available on Google Play, has over 5,600 reviews and also boasts a rating of 4.4.

    bbwcupid rating 4.4

    Final Words

    WooPlus and BBWCupid are both excellent dating apps tailored for the plus-size community and those who admire them. They each have their unique features. Based on the comparison above, you can choose the app you prefer. Or you can learn other dating app options for BBW from our reviews. However, remember that different body types have their own beauty, and confidence is the most beautiful attribute.