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    How to Make A Girl Laugh

    by Ellie

    Most girls like someone who can make them laugh and happy. After all, who wouldn’t want to be happy every day? Especially when a girl is in a bad mood, such as after failing an exam or having a tough day at work, making her laugh can really earn you extra points. So, if you want to win over the girl you like, you need to learn how to make her happy. And then she’ll naturally start to fall for you. However, the question is that many boys know this but they don’t know how actually to do it. So, in this article, we’ll teach you some great ways to make girls laugh.

    How to Make A Girl Laugh Over Text?

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    1. Use funny rizz lines

    Learn some funny rizz lines in advance and use them in your text conversations. These lines are usually short and humorous, capable of quickly eliciting laughter. Of course, you need to make sure these rizz lines are appropriate for your relationship and the conversation context. Here are some examples of funny examples:

    • I know three people who like you. Who are they? Me, me, and me.
    • Your name is so simple, yet it always fills my heart completely.
    • After saying goodnight, you’re sleeping, and I’m thinking of you.
    • Do you know we have a mutual friend who brought us together? Who? Cupid.

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    2. Personalize your jokes tailored to her interests

    If you have already got some funny jokes and learned her interests or hobbies, you can incorporate these elements into your jokes to make them more personalized. For example, if she likes cats, you could say:

    • Why was the cat sitting on the computer? He wanted to keep an eye on the mouse.

    Moreover, you may think about her sense of humor and personality. Does she appreciate witty remarks, puns, or silly jokes? Adjust your approach based on what she finds amusing.

    3. Learn to laugh at yourself

    You can share embarrassing childhood stories with her. Open up about funny or embarrassing moments from your childhood. These genuine stories often bring a smile and laughter to her, as they show a playful and relatable side of you. For example:

    • When I was a kid, I once tried to impress my friends by riding my bike with no hands. Ended up in a bush and got stuck there for over 10 minutes!

    Besides, if you can’t think of embarrassing childhood stories or recent funny incidents, you can also send her some goofy selfies or use entertaining GIFs with funny captions. This visual humor can be very effective in making her laugh.

    4. Funny ways to say goodnight

    When your conversation is coming to an end and it’s time to sleep, you can say goodnight in a fun way. This will make your goodnight unique and leave her with a smile as she drifts off to sleep. Here are some fun goodnight examples:

    • My upper eyelids fall in love with my lower eyelids. Good night for them and you!
    • I’m going to sleep. Close the moon for me. Good night!
    • The moon is closed tonight, so it’s up to me to say good night.
    • There is not enough time, so I must steal some from my dream. Good night!
    • I hope you have a sweet dream. I mean dream of me.

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    How to Make A Girl Laugh in Real Life?

    trying to hug a girl

    1. Combine words with actions

    Sometimes, simple words alone might not be enough to make a girl laugh. In real life, you can use a combination of words and actions to achieve this. Here’s an example of a simple, prop-free method that anyone can learn to make a girl happy:

    You: Do you believe that with this magical hand of mine, I can create an entire world?

    Her: No, do you think you’re David Copperfield or something?

    You: Then promise me, don’t move, or it will affect my performance.

    Her: Okay.

    You: (Then you look at your hand, pretending to focus on it while walking around her in a circle. And say: ) Now, I’m going to embrace my world. (Then try to hug her).

    2. Give sincere compliments

    A well-timed, sincere compliment can make a girl very happy. For example, when a girl buys a new outfit and asks you how it looks. At this moment, you can praise her from various angles, such as the style of the clothes, the color combination, and how well it matches her personality. Compliment her thoughtfully and precisely. If you do it right, not only will she be very happy, but she’ll also feel that you truly understand her.

    3. Take her out for a good meal or drink

    Most girls like to taste good meals or drinks. When she feels down, you can suggest going out to eat at her favorite restaurant or having a fun drink together, which can light her up. Good food and a relaxed setting can naturally lead to laughter and enjoyable conversations. Here is an example you can follow:

    • “How about we go try that new dessert place this evening? I heard they have a chocolate cake that’s to die for!”

    Final Words

    Making a girl laugh can be as simple as telling jokes and rizz pick up lines. However, if you rely on jokes every day, she might think you’re boring. So, try to use a variety of methods to keep her entertained. Additionally, it’s essential to find her sense of humor to maximize the chances of making her laugh and happy.