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    8 Steps in Launching Your Plus-Size Modeling Career (2023)

    by Harold

    Plus-size modeling basically consists of models who are larger than your average fashion model.

    And let me tell you, they look fabulous!

    Content Highlights:

    1. What is Plus-size Modeling?
    2. Rise of Plus-size Industry
    3. Requirements for Becoming a Plus-size Model
    4. The 8 Ways of Launching the Career
    5. Who are the 3 Leading Figures in the Industry?
    6. The 5 Traps that Need to be Aware of

    What is Plus-size Modeling?

    Plus-size models are typically women who wear a size 12 or larger, but honestly, who cares about the numbers? The important thing is that they showcase clothing designed specifically for larger bodies, and they do it with confidence and style.

    You can be a plus-size model just like the black girl.
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    But listen up, my friends, because there’s a big misconception out there that all plus-size models are overweight or unhealthy. That’s just not true! Many of these models lead active and healthy lifestyles, they just happen to have a different body type than your typical runway model.

    Plus-size modeling has become increasingly popular over the years, with agencies dedicated specifically to representing plus-size models. These models are rocking it in print and digital campaigns, as well as on the runway. So there you have it, folks! Plus-size modeling is all about embracing different body types and promoting body positivity. Let’s give it up for all those curvy and confident models out there!

    The Rise of the Plus-size Modeling Industry

    Have you noticed a change in the fashion world lately? That’s right, the plus-size modeling industry is on the rise! We’re talking about models with curves in all the right places, strutting their stuff on the runway and gracing the pages of magazines. It’s about time, don’t you think?

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    We’ve had enough of the stick-thin models who make us feel like we need to go on a juice cleanse just to fit in a pair of skinny jeans. Plus-size modeling is all about promoting body positivity and embracing different body types. And let’s be real, who doesn’t love a little extra junk in the trunk? So, let’s give it up for all those plus-size models out there breaking barriers and rocking the runway. You go, girls (and guys)!

    The General Requirements for Plus-size Modeling

    So, you wanna be a plus-size model, huh? Well, it’s not just about eating a whole pizza and rocking a muffin top. Sorry, to burst your bubble, but there are some specific requirements you need to meet if you wanna make it in the industry. First things first, you gotta be confident, like Beyonce-level confidence. You gotta love yourself and your curves, and not be afraid to show them off. Plus-size modeling isn’t about hiding your body or being ashamed of it, it’s about embracing your unique shape and slaying it on the runway. Next up, you gotta have the right measurements. That’s right, there are actual standards for plus-size modeling.

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    Typically, you need to be between sizes 12 and 22, with a waist measurement of 32-44 inches and a bust measurement of 38-54 inches. But don’t worry too much about the numbers, as long as you’re healthy and confident, you can rock the runway no matter what size you are. And of course, you gotta have a killer personality. You need to be able to work well with others, take direction, and have a positive attitude. Plus-size modeling is all about empowerment and celebrating diversity, so if you have a great personality and a can-do attitude, you’ll fit right in. So there you have it, the general requirements for plus-size modeling. Keep working on your confidence, measurements, and personality, and who knows, you could be the next plus-size superstar!

    8 Ways of Launching a Plus-size Modeling Career

    Plus-size modeling has become a booming industry, and if you’ve got what it takes, there are many ways to break into the industry. Here are eight ways to become a successful plus-size model.

    1. Self-discipline

    Discipline is crucial in the modeling industry, especially when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Plus-size models must be mindful of their diet and exercise routine to keep their bodies in shape. It takes self-discipline to resist temptations and stay committed to a healthy lifestyle.

    2. Get Signed by a Modeling Agency

    Getting signed by a modeling agency is the best way to start your plus-size modeling career. You can search for modeling agencies that specifically work with plus-size models. Make sure to do your research and only work with reputable agencies.

    Get signed by agency is a shortcut to plus size modeling
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    3. Build a Strong Portfolio in the Modeling Industry

    Getting signed by a modeling agency is a crucial step in becoming a plus-size model. It’s essential to do your research and find reputable agencies that specialize in plus-size modeling. You can submit your portfolio online or attend open casting calls to get noticed by top agencies.

    4. Attend casting calls and auditions

    Building a strong portfolio is essential in the modeling industry. You can collaborate with photographers, makeup artists, and other industry professionals to create a diverse portfolio that showcases your talent and versatility.

    5. Network with industry professionals

    Networking with industry professionals is important, and the modeling industry is no exception. Attend events, meet new people, and make connections. You never know who you might meet that could open doors for your career.

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    #The Inspiring Plus-size Models

    Becoming a plus-size model can be a thorny journey, but there are many inspiring stories out there of people who have made their dreams come true.

    Ashley Graham, a plus-size model, has overcome obstacles in the industry and gained success through determination and self-love. Despite being told that she was “too big” for the industry, she persisted and found a modeling agency that supported her. Her career took off when she appeared in Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue, and she became a leading figure in the body positivity movement. Graham has used her platform to advocate for inclusivity and diversity in the fashion industry and to empower women of all sizes to love their bodies.

     Ashley Graham attends "The Fashion Awards" in London on Dec. 5, 2022.
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    Next, we have Precious Lee, a trailblazing plus-size model who has been working in the fashion industry for over a decade and has made history as the first Black plus-size model to appear in Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue. She’s also been featured in campaigns for major brands like Versace and Savage X Fenty. Lee’s success is a testament to the fact that diversity in the fashion industry is not just important, but necessary.

    Model Precious Lee Is Finally Having Her Moment | Vogue
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    When she started out, Hunter McGrady was often told that she was too big to model, but she refused to listen to the naysayers. She persisted in pursuing her dreams and landed a spot in Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue, which was a major milestone for a plus-size model. Since then, she has worked with major brands and designers, including Christian Siriano and Lane Bryant, and continues to be a strong advocate for body positivity and inclusivity in the fashion world.

    Hunter McGrady Photos in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2022 - Swimsuit |  SI.com
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    6. Utilize social media

    Social media is a powerful tool for any model, especially for plus-size models. Use social media to showcase your personality, share your portfolio, and connect with fans and industry professionals.

    7. Embrace your unique qualities

    As a plus-size model, your unique qualities are what make you stand out. Embrace your curves, your height, your hair, and anything else that makes you unique. This is what sets you apart from other models.

    Portrait of a plus-size model with Curly Hair Stock Photo
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    8. Keep learning and growing

    The modeling industry is constantly changing, so it’s important to keep learning and growing as a model. Take classes, work with different photographers, and stay up-to-date on industry trends. This will help you stay competitive and successful in the plus-size modeling industry.

    5 Traps That Are Worth Your Alert

    If you are considering becoming a plus-size model, it is important to understand that the journey to success is not always smooth sailing. While it can be an exciting and rewarding career path, there are also potential pitfalls to be aware of. These traps can trip up even the most well-intentioned models and make it harder to achieve your goals. In this case, we will be discussing the top five traps that you should be aware of when pursuing a career in plus-size modeling. By being aware of these traps and taking steps to avoid them, you can better position yourself for success and achieve your dreams.

    T1. Lack of Professional Guides

    Becoming a plus-size model may seem easy, but it’s not. Without professional guides, you may find yourself going in circles, unsure of what to do next. That’s why it’s essential to have mentors who can help you navigate the modeling industry. Look for agents, coaches, or experienced models who can provide valuable insights and guidance on how to succeed in the business.

    T2. Falling into Scams

    Scammers are everywhere, and they target aspiring models who are eager to make it big. They may promise you fame, fortune, and a promising career, but in reality, they’re only after your money. Be wary of people who ask for payment upfront or who promise you instant success. Research and verify the legitimacy of any agency or opportunity before committing.

    plus-size model who got cheated and despair
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    T3. Neglect Mental Health

    Modeling can be stressful and demanding, and it’s essential to take care of your mental health. The pressure to maintain a certain weight or look can take a toll on your self-esteem and confidence. It’s crucial to prioritize self-care and surround yourself with a supportive network of friends and family who can help you maintain a healthy balance between work and life.

    T4. Over-comparison with the Others

    It’s natural to compare yourself to other models, but too much comparison can be detrimental to your mental health and career. Every model has their unique qualities and strengths, and it’s essential to embrace your own. Focus on your strengths, and don’t let the success of others discourage you. Instead, let it motivate you to work harder and improve your skills.

    T5. Fail to Prioritize Education

    Education should never take a back seat in pursuit of a modeling career. It’s essential to have a solid educational foundation to fall back on in case things don’t work out. Modeling can be unpredictable, and having a degree or trade certification can open up other doors for you. Plus, education can help you develop skills and knowledge that can benefit your modeling careers, such as marketing, finance, or social media management.

    Every plus-size model need to be educated.
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    Are plus size models in demand?

    Plus size over 50 models 45/50 is also highly in demand for brands that serve older age groups. If you are a full-figured model of this demographic, do some research into some brands that advertise to a more mature audience with large-size models and target them directly for your modeling services.

    How much do plus-size models get paid?

    According to Comparably, plus-size models in the United States According to Comparably, plus-size models in the US can earn anywhere from $10,060 to $181,237 a year, with the average salary being around $35,429. Of course, if you’re based in bigger cities like New York, Los Angeles, or Miami, you might be able to earn even more.

    How do plus size models have a flat belly

    There are a couple of theories as to why a woman might be deemed “too overweight” for the modeling industry, even if she appears healthy to the public. One is that the industry has harsher standards when it comes to body size. The other theory is that the woman might have an hourglass figure, which can be seen as too curvy for some fashion brands.