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    What Are Curvy Body Types? Ultimate Guide In 2024

    by Ellie

    Curvy bodies have gained popularity in recent years. It is a body type that is characterized by well-defined curves, especially around the hips, thighs, and buttocks.

    However, many people often confuse curvy body types with overweight individuals. In this article, we will explore all things of curvy bodies.

    Highlights in this article:

    Part 1. Basics of Curvy Body

    Basic knowledge of Curvy Bodies
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    1. What does curvy bodies mean?

    Curvy bodies refer to a body type with pronounced curves, typically around the hips, waist, and bust.

    It is a body shape that is often associated with femininity, attractiveness, and sensuality.

    A curvy body is often viewed positively and is considered attractive in many cultures.

    It also has become more popular in the media and fashion industries, with many celebrities embracing their curvy shapes.

    curvy body means
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    2. Curvy is different from……

    1) What’s the Difference Between Fat and Curvy?

    People equal Curvy to Fat, so is there any difference between them?

    difference between fat and curvy
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    Curvy: having well-defined curves, a higher waist-to-hip ratio

    Fat: having a higher body mass index (BMI) and tend to have excess body fat distributed all over their body.

    2) What’s the Difference Between Thick and Curvy?

    difference between thick and curvy
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    Thick: having a higher muscle mass and thicker bones.

    3) What’s the Difference Between Full-figured and Curvy?

    You may have heard the curvy body types being referred to as ‘full-figured body types’, but in fact, they’re not quite the same. There are some key differences that you should be aware of:

    difference between full-figured and curvy
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    Curvy body types: The curvy body types focus more on how fat is distributed in the body. As such, you’ll have those more well-defined breasts and hips.

    Full-figured body types: This is very similar to curvy body types, except that a full-figured woman has a more rounded frame with a full bust and wide hips.

    The difference isn’t very large, but you’ll see there is a difference between the two. You’ll want to keep that in mind when looking to define your shape.

    curvy body types
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    While there is still a focus on skinnier women in the media, you’ll see more women with curvier body types making their way onto your screens. As such, there’s more awareness that women have different body types, and that leads to more options.

    Part 2. What Are Curvy Body Types?

    Curvy bodies come in different shapes and sizes, and there is no specific way to measure them. However, we can roughly divide curvy bodies into several types based on shape and body fat.

    Do You Have Curvy Bodies?

    curvy bodies are common
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    When looking to determine exactly what your body type is, you may worry if you fit into the curvy girl category. There is even now a prevailing idea that every woman should try and fit into a smaller size. The fact is though, everyone’s body is different. Some people will be skinnier overall, but many others aren’t. As such, we should celebrate every body type rather than aiming for just one.

    So, you see, being a curvy woman is no one-size-fits-all mentality. As you have seen by the body types listed, there are many different types of curvy bodies.

    Part 3. Curvy Body Types

    1. Five Curvy Woman Body Types

    Know more about yourself, and love more to yourself. Let’s dive in!

    1). “Strawberry-Shaped” Type

    strawberry body shape
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    Measure tips:

    • Broad shoulders
    • Bigger chest than hips and waist
    • A full and prominent bust
    • Narrow hips
    • Slender legs

    Strawberry-shaped curvy girls tend to have more fat in the upper body, especially around the chest and shoulders.

    Style tips: Strawberry-shaped women can go for a whole range of items. Wrap dresses always look amazing on women with this body type, and bodycon dresses and tanks are other options you can find right now. If you want to dress down, skinny jeans and a fitted top will complement your shape perfectly.

    2). “Spoon-Shaped” Type

    curvy body type spoon shaped
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    Measure tips:

    • A small waist
    • A full bust
    • Wide hips
    • Generous thighs

    This curvy body type is defined by a slimmer waist compared to the hips and chest. As such, you can compare it to the number 8. To be a spoon body type, your waist measurement needs to be at least 5 inches smaller than your bust and hip measurements.

    As you have a more prominent bust and hips, you’ll want to show them off with the right clothes. There are lots of different types of clothing that you can use to do this. For example, lots of fitted clothes will look good on this curvy body type. Try fitted pants with an off-the-shoulder top, or fitted pencil dresses.

    Style tips: For a more casual look, you can try flared jeans with a button-up shirt for a more retro feel. As for skirts and dresses, A-line skirts and dresses will always suit you, as well as wrap dresses.

    3). “Pear-Shaped” Type

    curvy body type pear shaped
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    Measure tips:

    • Narrow shoulders
    • A small bust
    • Wide hips
    • Thick thighs

    As a subcategory of curvy body types, this curvy body type is quite similar to the spoon body type. The main difference is that your hips will be fuller than your bust and waist. With your measurements, the hip measurement will be greater than the bust and waist measurements, and the latter two should be nearly equal.

    This is the body shape you’re probably most familiar with, as it can be the trickiest to dress. When picking out a dress, for example, they can fit badly and drown out the shape. However, there’s no need to worry, as there are plenty of ways you can style this curvy body type.

    For example, a good high/low dress or flared midi dress will make the most of your shape without trying to hide it. A front slit shirt or dress will also show off your curves well. There’s even more choice too, as maxi gowns also do a lot for pear-shaped figures.

    Style tips: For a more casual look, a long top with skinny jeans will look really good on you. A long cardigan on top will complete the look.

    4). Curvy “Hourglass-Shaped” Type

    curvy  hourglass-shaped type
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    Measure Tips:

    • A small waist
    • A full bust
    • Hips are proportionate to the waist

    If your body fits the curvy hourglass type, then your body measurements will be quite similar to the spoon body type. In that type, the hip measurements are going to be the most pronounced, but with the curvy hourglass type, you’ll see the hips and bust measurements are going to be almost equal. The waist measurement should be at least 5 inches smaller than both of these.

    A curvy hourglass body will look great in empire waist dresses, as well as high/low dresses. If you want more choices in dresses, fitted and wrap dresses will look great too. Jumpsuits are another great option as they work well with this body type.

    Style Tips: As for casual looks, straight-cut jeans with a tee or top will look great. You can also go for high/low tops and skinny jeans.

    5). “Mango-Shaped” Type

    mango shaped type
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    Measure Tips:

    • A round midsection
    • A larger waistline than other parts

    Finally, there’s the mango body type. If you look at a mango, you’ll see that it creates a V shape at the bottom. The same is true of this curvy body type. If you fit this type, your hips and thighs will come together to form a curved V shape too, and they are the most prominent parts of your body.

    For this body type, flared skirts and dresses, in light materials such as chiffon, will look amazing on you. A-line midi skirts and shift dresses also work really well.

    Style Tips: If you want pants, fitted tops and palazzos will look great on you. You can also go for harem cargo and mid-length tops if that’s more your style.

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    2. Five Curvy Man Body Types

    curvy man body types
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    1). Curvy Inverted Triangle

    curvy inverted triangle
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    Measure Tips:

    • Broad shoulders
    • Narrower waist
    • Wide hips

    Men with this body type may have a muscular upper body and thinner legs.

    Style Tips: Wear clothing that adds volume to the lower half of the body, such as pleated trousers, cargo pants, or tapered jeans. Avoid horizontal stripes or patterns on the upper body as they will emphasize the width.

    2). Curvy Pear

     curvy pear
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    Measure Tips:

    • Wider hips and thighs
    • Narrower upper body

    Men with this body type tend to carry weight in their lower body.

    Style Tips: Adding volume to the upper body. Wearing jackets, structured blazers, or patterned shirts. Avoiding skinny jeans or tapered pants that will emphasize the width of the lower body.

    3). FBC (Fat By Circumstance )

    fat by circumstance
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    Measure Tips:

    • Chubby shape
    • Excess weight around the midsection
    • High concentration of body fat

    This term describes men who have become curvy due to external circumstances such as a sedentary lifestyle, poor diet, or health conditions. This body type can vary widely in terms of where fat is stored in the body.

    Style Tips: Choosing clothing that flatters the shape and disguises any areas of self-consciousness. Opt for dark-colored clothing that fits well and avoid wearing clothes that are too tight or too loose.

    4). Curvy Triangle

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    Measure Tips:

    • Larger lower body
    • Narrower upper body, similar to the female pear shape. Men with this body type may have wider hips and thighs and a smaller chest and shoulders. Round belly
    • Wide upper body

    Style Tips: Balancing out the proportions by adding volume to the upper body. Wearing jackets, structured blazers, or patterned shirts. Avoiding skinny jeans or tapered pants that will emphasize the width of the lower body.

    5). Curvy Oval

    curvy  oval
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    Measure Tips:

    • Large, round belly
    • Larger waist
    • Narrower shoulders and hips.

    This body type is also sometimes referred to as an “apple” shape.

    Style Tips: Creating a vertical line can be achieved by wearing clothing with a V-neck or a button-down shirt with a vertical stripe. Avoiding horizontal stripes or patterns as they will emphasize the width. Dark-colored clothing that fits well is also a good choice.

    Part 4. How to Measure Your Curvy Body?

    curvy body types
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    If you’re trying to nail down your body type, you’ll want to know if you have a curvy body shape.

    How do you know if you have a curvy body shape? And how do you know if you have a full-figured body type? Or what if you have a skinny curvy body type?

    Here are some steps to measure curvy bodies:

    1. Take your measurements: Measure the circumference of your bust, waist, and hips. For accuracy, take measurements while standing up straight, wearing minimal clothing, and measuring 3~5 times.
    2. Calculate your waist-to-hip ratio: Divide your waist measurement by your hip measurement to determine your waist-to-hip ratio. The formula is Waist-to-hip ratio = Waist circumference ÷ Hip circumference. (For example, if your waist circumference is 30 inches and your hip circumference is 40 inches, your waist-to-hip ratio would be: 30 ÷ 40 = 0.75)
    3. Know your body shape: Based on your measurements and waist-to-hip ratio, you can determine your body shape.

    Here is a reference, so you can roughly know your body type:

    • Strawberry shape: For women, less than 0.8; for men, less than 1.0.
    • Spoon shape: For women, greater than 0.8; for men, greater than 1.0.
    • Pear shape: For women, greater than 0.8; for men, greater than 1.0.
    • Hourglass shape: For women, 0.7 or less; for men, less than 1.0.
    • Mango shape: For women, less than 0.8; for men, less than 1.0.

    1. What Are Considered Curvy Body Type Measurements?

    There’s no one set of measurements that make you curvy, but they are a good baseline.

    Typically, your measurements are going to be larger than those of a skinny person, and they’re going to have a wider ratio between them.

    For example, take someone with measurements of 42-38-46.

    curvy body type measurement
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    They’ll fall into the curvy body shape as the chest is over 34, which is typically considered skinny. The hip is over 36 too, which is considered to be the largest hip size possible in the ‘skinny’ range.

    Knowing the measurements will help a lot with getting the right clothes to complement your shape, so write them down so that you can refer to them when you need them.

    2. What Looks Good on a Curvy Body?

    If you have a curvy body, you will then wanna know what would look good on you. It seems that fashion is only for skinnier bodies, curvy bodies always endure body shaming caused by “size 0”.

    Less curvy fashion brands, less curvy magazines, less curvy icons

    So you may find it difficult when you are “plus-sized” and wanna be stylish. What exactly you wear will depend on your exact body shape, as we’ll get into below.

    3. Is It OK to Have Curvy Bodies?

    People often ask if it’s okay to have a curvy body type. The answer is a resounding YES! Actually, there are many benefits to having a curvy body.

    1). Good For Health:

    good for health
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    • Curvy bodies have a lower risk of heart disease and diabetes than those with a more apple-shaped body type.
    • A higher hip-to-waist ratio has a lower risk of chronic diseases, such as breast cancer, stroke, and dementia.
    • Curvy bodies can also be better at storing and mobilizing fat, which is important for overall health.

    2). Aesthetic Benefits:

    aesthetic benefits of curvy body
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    • Curvy bodies are attractive and desirable.
    • A curvy body shape can enhance women’s feminine features and give them a more defined waistline.
    • Wearing clothing that shows your curves can help boost your confidence.

    Part 5. Reasons Why People Love Curves

    love curvy women
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    1. Curves are sexy.

    Curvy shapes are sexy because they changed traditional ideas about beauty, showing lots of different and unique things. The appeal of these curves means moving away from the usual rules and liking the natural lines in people’s bodies.

    2. Curvy people are confident.

    Curvy people usually feel sure of themselves, not just about how they look. It comes from understanding themselves, saying “no” to what others expect, and truly accepting their bodies, making them feel positive about who they are.

    3. Curvy bodies are soft and comfortable to hug.

    Soft and comfortable are not just about how they feel physically, it’s also about the emotions and experiences of hugging someone with this kind of body. This feeling brings warmth, safety, and a close connection.

    4. Being curvy is good for health and vitality.

    A fuller body might be beneficial to your health and energy, but it’s not true that only one body shape is healthy. Different body types, including curves, can mean a good, lively way of living that cares about all parts of being healthy, not just how you look.

    Massive people around the world like curvy bodies, showing a big change in what’s seen as beautiful. This way of thinking celebrates beauty in all kinds of bodies and sizes and shows how everyone has their own special idea of what’s attractive.

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    Part 6. How to Stay Positive with a Curvy Body

    stay positive
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    1. Overcoming Body Shaming

    Body shaming is a prevalent issue that affects people of all body types, especially curvy people.

    But we should always remember that the body is ours, and we have the right to feel confident and beautiful in it.

    The best and easiest way to overcome body shaming is to surround yourself with positive influences and block out any negativity. Social media can be a powerful tool to find a community of people who embrace their curves and inspire others to do the same.

    2. Embracing Your Body

    Embracing your curvy body is about accepting and loving yourself, just the way you are.

    Your body is unique, and there is no one else like you. So take time to do things that make you happy, whether it’s indulging in a skincare day or diving into a book.

    3. Inspiring Others

    By embracing your curvy body, you can inspire others to do the same.

    Everyone has power, so of course you can be a positive influencer and show others that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

    Sharing your story, being open and honest about your journey to self-acceptance, and every warm behavior will help to change the world.

    Final Thoughts

    free of body shaming
    Photo Source: Google

    “You’re too fat.”

    “You need to lose weight, or …”

    “You’re not pretty enough, but if …”

    “You’re not healthy, so you should …”

    Unfortunately, body shaming is still an issue in our society. Enduring so many mental tortures, what we can change directly is to make ourselves strong.

    Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. To love our body and to accept ourselves for only who we are!


    1. Could Curvy Women Wear Bikinis?

    Curvy women can definitely wear bikinis and be confident and beautiful.

    There are plenty of bikinis that are designed to flatter and accentuate curves, and there is no reason why curvy women should feel limited in their swimwear choices.

    Don’t let anyone else’s opinions or expectations hold you back from wearing what you love and show your beautiful curvy body.

    curvy girl wears bikini
    Photo Source: Instagram @dianasirokai

    You can also read and get inspiration from the BBW bikini models!

    2. Which Curvy Body Type is The Most Attractive?

    The old saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    So the answer is there is no answer.

    There’s a skinny curvy body type, but then there’s the fuller version of that. But then again, all body types are beautiful.

    Whatever your body type, you’re going to be highly attractive to someone. The key is to find someone who realizes just how beautiful you are.

    3. Is There Any Curvy Body Shape Model?

    Yes, curvy models are more popular in the fashion industry.

    In recent years, there has been a growing movement towards greater inclusivity and diversity in fashion, with more and more designers and brands featuring models with a variety of body types.

    Some popular curvy models like Ashley Graham, Tara Lynn, Candice Huffine, Iskra Lawrence, and many others. These models have helped to shift the conversation around beauty and body standards, and have inspired many women to feel more confident and comfortable in their own skin, regardless of their body type.

    curvy model Ashley Graham
    Photo Source: Instagram @ashleygraham

    You can find more BBW model introductions and Curvy male models on our blog.

    4. Are There Any Celebrities With Curvy Body Types?

    Yes, there are many curvy celebrities.

    Kim Kardashian is one of the most popular curvy women. TBH, Kim and her family have very much brought curvy bodies back into the limelight, after decades of thin bodies being held up as the ideal.

    kim kardashian
    Photo Source: Hulu

    Beyonce is also a curvy celebrity. She’s well known for flaunting those curves on stage, wearing outfits that show off her thighs and her body overall.

    Photo Source: Instagram @Beyonce

    There are so many curvy celebrities from all walks of life, and their talents have encouraged lots of curvy girls.

    5. Where Can I Find Women With Curvy Body Types?

    If you’re reading this and you’re finding curvy women, where could you meet curvy people?

    The dating app for curvy is your best choice, and WooPlus is a good try.

    Meeting all types of BBW in WooPlus Dating
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    As a leading plus-size dating app, WooPlus is always on curvy people’s side, so it’s the best place for matching your perfect BBW.