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    WooPlus Love Story Tiffany & Job: Their Adventure Begins!

    by Ellie

    Tiffany and Job are a soon-to-be happily married couple who found each other on WooPlus and here is their love story:

    Our Story – The Beginning

    His online dating profile said he was “not OK if his partner didn’t like Ndole”.

    She read his bio and thought that Ndole might be a creepy fetish. So she did what any self-respecting Jamaican would do: she Googled the word.

    He didn’t want to date anyone who lived further than 30 minutes outside of his New England town. To get to her he’d have to drive 2 hours and 15 minutes…but there was something about her. He clicked the ‘like’ button.

    tiffany and job

    Google said that Ndole was only a harmless, Cameroonian dish made out of stewed peanuts, bitter spinach leaves, and a choice of meat or fish, so she ‘liked’ his profile too.

    They began ‘talking’ through the site. He gave her his number, but like a proper Jamaican woman, she did not call. But after communicating with “hi’s, hello’s, and how was your day’s” for two weeks, she got bored.

    “Enough,” she said. “Here’s my number; call me”.

    Within minutes, he Facetimed her.
    He thought she seemed familiar, and she thought his vibe was too. He was so relaxed that he let her watch him cook dinner – and as he ate.

    On one of their first dates, he cooked Ndole, and she loved it!

    The Proposal – Rough Start, Perfect Ending

    One summer day in 2021, a drive that was suppose to have taken Job and his friends 2 hours and 15 minutes took over three hours! One of his friends made a wrong turn. However, they were committed to making the trip to attend a birthday cake cutting for Tiffany’s mother. Tiffany irritatedly waited for Job’s arrival as her sisters reasoned with her. Meanwhile, Job was profusely sweating in the car even with the air conditioner on!

    tiffany and job wedding

    Near the end of their time together, he knelt before her in a dashing dashiki and asked her to be his forever someone.