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    Swipe Fat x WooPlus Episode: The Plus-Size Love Stories

    by Ellie

    The New York Times once said online dating apps can cause fruitless searching and burnout, but the love stories on dating apps haven’t really been paid attention to enough. Swipe Fat podcast invited two couples Sasha x Mike and Kelsey x Ben who have successfully found their love on WooPlus to talk about their dating experiences.

    In the episode THE ONE ABOUT FINDING LOVE ON WOOPLUS, the love stories of these two couples are both wonderful in their own ways.

    Sasha x Mike

    On their first date, they talked straight for 4 hours in the restaurant without eating any food, and went to the beach Long Island killer was around at 3. am (Thankfully Mike is NOT a serial killer! LOL)

    They had their first kiss under the shooting stars, and Mike proposed at the same beach where their relationship started after 2 years and a half dating. “This is where our relationship starts, and I want this to be where I want our rest of life to start,” Mike said.

    “Sometimes, we look at each other and think, this is from an App, called WooPlus.”

    Kelsey x Ben

    Nicci and Alex, the hosts of Swipe Fat are involved in Kelsey meeting her long-distance partner Ben on WooPlus in the first place.

    Ben regularly goes camping in a park that is close to Kelsey. One time, he accidentally found Kelsey’s profile when he was in that park and got strongly attracted to her, but couldn’t match with her since Kelsey deleted WooPlus app at that time. From that time, every time Ben went camping in that park, he opened WooPlus to search for Kelsey’s profile, and that lasted for a full year.

    Kelsey is a devoted listener of the Swipe Fat Podcast. In one episode, the hosts Nicci and Alex mentioned they wanted to upgrade to premium on WooPlus to see what would happen, Kelsey followed them to do the same, and that’s how she met Ben, FINALLY!

    Ben has a preference for dating plus-size women, and WooPlus is catered to this. And besides, it had the specific woman he wanted to see. Although Kelsey thinks WooPlus has something that needs to work on, like recommending long-distance profiles and lack of users, maybe it’s because of that, she and Ben got the chance to meet each other.

    Kelsey’s conclusion:

    On Tinder: Too many matches, and no one really connected.

    On WooPlus: BIG FISH in a little pond!

    Things That They Both Feel About WooPlus

    WooPlus makes Sasha and Mike feel safe and comfortable, Sasha thinks WooPlus is a dating app she didn’t strongly feel being fetishized and harassed like Tinder and other mainstream dating apps. It’s like a safe zone for plus-size girls like her.

    Kelsey said: when I’m outside of WooPlus, the fact of me being fat always interjects my mind, when I’m rejected, I always blame it on my size. But on WooPlus, the fact that I’m plus-size can be removed and I don’t need to think about it, and I know I’m truly attractive to men on this app.

    New Feature For Users’ Experience

    Kelsey complained that some men would harass her and talk about her specific body parts, Nicci mentioned WooPlus added a new feature that once users report someone, one of WooPlus staff will deal with the reports shortly and send users updates.

    First kiss under the shooting stars like in romantic movies? A guy searched for you on a dating app for a full year? This is ROMANCE! Join WooPlus right now for your love!

    Here’s the link to this episode: https://open.spotify.com/episode/31kghF3aduWLQBhpBntSSy?si=Q0U3tkx0Rxys5KvWsTlrHg

    ABOUT Swipe Fat Podcast

    Dating is hard, dating when you’re fat is even harder. In this weekly podcast, Alex Stewart and Nicci Nunez will take you through the chronicles of dating as a plus-sized woman.


    ABOUT WooPlus

    WooPlus, founded in 2015, is a dating app for curvy people to enjoy dating and be free of body shaming. Beyond that, also an inclusive lifestyle choice for them to feel attractive, confident, and loved for who they are. Today, with over 7,000,000 members globally, it is available on both the App Store and Google Play, featured on Forbes, People, BBC, and more.