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    Ten Body Positive Highlights of 2018

    by Ellie

    As the curtain draws gradually to signify the end of 2018, there are a number of body positive highlights of the year that worth mentioning. The trend shows that plus-size singles and celebrities are now handling issues of body shaming with growing confidence.

    We at WooPlus believe that body positivity will continue to be in focus even in 2019. In this post, we will share with you ten body positive highlights of 2018. So brace yourself and be ready to boost your self-confidence as we unveil our top 10 picks of body positive highlights of 2018:


    Serena Williams has encountered several body shaming experiences in her career, and she has always come out positive about it in every instance. Sometimes in the year, when interviewed about her post-baby body by Byrdie, her response was epic. She said, “I was playing in Wimbledon, and I totally have a stomach. You know? It’s no secret. It is what it is. And I’m proud of my tummy. It pokes out a lot more than it used to, but I’m still coming back from having a baby. I just feel like this whole story about having a baby and then coming back two days after and looking better than before is not teaching the right way the natural way or the believable way. Like maybe that happened to one person, but let me tell you, that didn’t happen to me.”

    2. RIHANNA

    Rihanna, at her Savage x Fenty lingerie show, aims to broaden the fashion community.
    Credit: Nina Westervelt for The New York Times

    In 2018, through her Fenty Beauty line, Rihanna continued to encourage fellow women to embrace their own bodies by introducing an inclusive lingerie line, Savage x Fenty, with sizes ranging from XS to 3XL and cup sizes 32A to 40DDD. At the Savage x Fenty show during the New York Fashion Week, she featured models that exhibit all the different sizes her line offers. In fact, the feature includes two pregnant models.


    Chrissy Teigen, after the birth of her second child, Miles, was bold enough to reveal the changes in her post-pregnancy body. During her vacation, she shared a video on an Instagram story with the caption, “Mom bod alert!” This was followed by a tweet saying, “Instagram is crazy. I think it awesome that people have killer bodies and are proud to show them off (I really do!!), but I know how hard it can be to forget what (for lack of a better word) regular bodies look like when everyone looks bonkers amazing. Also, I don’t really call this ‘body confidence’ because I’m not quite there yet. I’m still super insecure. I’m just happy that I can make anyone else out there feel better about themselves!”



    In 2018, audacious influencer Chrisy Chris, with the world’s leading dating app for curvy people – WooPlus hosted the inaugural Curvy Campcation, to celebrate body positivity with every race, body type, and size, and underscore the burgeoning body positive movement.

    The new-born Curvy Campcation this fall empowered women and men in a most relaxing way to embrace themselves and shed some diverse lights in the dating arena.


    When fans were speculating over a possible pregnancy following a new picture of Reinhart circulating online, she responded by saying: “It’s unfortunate that one unflattering photo of my stomach circulating the internet causes hundreds of people to think that I’m pregnant. Nope. Not pregnant. This is just my body. And sometimes I’m bloated. Sometimes an unflattering photo is taken of me. Sometimes I go through periods of time where I gain weight. My body is something that I will NEVER apologize for. My body will constantly go through change. And so will yours. And that’s fine. So let’s not put so much time and effort into caring about a stranger’s figure. Bye.”


    Jameela Jamil
    Credit: Sarah Brown for Arcadia

    When Jamil agreed to appear in the October issue of Arcadia magazine, she ensured the editors not to get rid of her stretch marks with Photoshop. Jamil wrote, “Embrace thine stretch marks. They are nothing to be ashamed of or cover up or edit out. #saynotoairbrushing.”


    Jude Valentin, a YouTuber, launched a campaign tagged #MeToo of Fat Positivity as a protest against a New Netflix Trailer that seems to encourage bully against plus size singles.


    When the actress and author Busy Philips posted a workout picture online to promote a charity for children in need, what she got in response from an Instagram user was a body shaming comment: “Ughhhh, you’re [sic] rolls are showing.” Philipps clapped back with an epic grammar lesson and a word about body positivity. “I feel like a man of your age should know the difference between YOUR and YOU’RE,” she replied. “YOUR is POSSESSIVE, as in, ‘YOUR rolls are showing.’ (Get it? The rolls BELONG to me.) YOU’RE is an abbreviation for YOU ARE, as in, YOU’RE CLEARLY AN A–HOLE BODYSHAMING LOSER.”

    9. New York Fashion Week 2018

    Image Credit: magazineantidote.com

    This year, at the New York Fashion Week, a variety of body types were represented to promote body positivity.

    10. #TeeUpChange

    In 2018, the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) and retailer Dia & Co collaborated to promote a plus-size T-shirt campaign tagged “#TeeUpChange” with the intention to fund all size-inclusive fashion education programs.

    Best Body Positive

    In this year, we have witnessed a paradigm shift in body positivity. It is no longer shameful for plus size singles to express themselves. It’s gone beyond just accepting who you are, but striving to be the best you could be.

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