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    3 Best Plus Size Dating Blogs You Should Follow

    by Becky

    Ladies, when it comes to blogs about dating and relationships, you usually want to find one that fits a specific set of criteria. How else are you supposed to be able to find relatable stories that remind you that you are not alone? This is a major problem when it comes to fat girl dating. To help the situation, here are three of the best plus size dating blogs that you should check out!

    plus size dating blogger

    image source: bigcurvylove.com and plussizeprincess.com1. Plus Size Princess

    This blog is run by a woman named CeCe, who is currently living in New York City. Her blog, Plus Size Princess, features topics ranging from health and fitness to plus size dating. So, there is no shortage of interesting topics to read! So whether you are looking for different ways to wear denim, what to do in San Diego, or dating advice, there is something for you. Added to that is a clean and easy-to-navigate website design, making it easy to go from topic-to-topic without getting lost.

    If you pay attention, you will also find chances to enter contests hosted by CeCe; just a couple of weeks ago she made a post about winning a trip to New York for #thecurvycon, how cool is that?

    2. Big Curvy Love – 50 Fat Dates

    While the title of this blog may focus on fat girl dating, it features all sorts of topics, not just dating. This blog is run by Kelly Glover, an Australian living in sunny California. Her posts are not only relatable, but they have humor to them as well. In her “50 Fat Dates” series, she declares her intent to have 50 different dates between one Valentine’s Day to the next. She outlines how she plans to make it happen, and posts about the dates afterward. Currently, she is up to date #16!

    All the content is easily navigated and read with no problems. She even has a podcast where she interviews plus size women from all walks of life- CeCe was even featured in an episode!

    3. Confessions of a Fat Girl Dating a Skinny Guy

    The title is quite a mouthful, and it focuses solely on the subject in the title. The navigation for this Tumblr blog is not necessarily the best, as there is no list of searchable subjects or tags to help guide you. Luckily, however, you can turn to the archive and find all the posts ever made. However, it seems that there have been no updates to the blog since September 2015, so it is not currently being updated.

    Check out these blogs and see what you think. Of these three, Plus size Princess features the most regular updates, for people who love seeing new content day-to-day. Is there any fat girl dating blogs that you like to follow? Tell us about them, and what makes them so great! You can never have too many blog recommendations, after all.

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