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    5 Reasons to Date a Chubby Guy

    by Becky

    When it comes to dating, everyone has a preference. But it is possible for those preferences to change over time. Or for you to decide you want to break away from your normal type of guy. Something to consider if you have not already? Plus size man dating. There are so many reasons you should seriously you should date a chubby guy; here are the top five.

    chubby guy dating

    1. Being Big Does Not Mean Lazy

    Just because a guy may have some extra weight on him, it does not automatically mean he is lazy or depressed. In fact, he might not even be big by choice. It is important to remember that men, like women, can struggle with health conditions that affect their weight. So that could be a very likely reason as to why they are bigger.

    2. They Can Understand Your Weight Struggles

    As a woman, maintaining a desired weight can be extremely difficult. Some men will automatically criticize you for not being able to stay perfectly thin. But, if you date a chubby guy, he is far more likely to be understanding about your struggle. Not only are they more understanding, but when it comes to plus size man dating, they will love you regardless. Which, at the end of the day, is what every woman is really wishing for.

    3. You Get the Ultimate Cuddle Partner

    Plus size man dating comes with the added benefit of a far superior cuddle partner. That is right; when you two are laying in bed, there are no hard, uncomfortable abs. Just soft and warm body of your big guy. Which makes for prime nighttime and weekend cuddling during a Netflix movie marathon.

    4. He Might Be More Self-Confident

    While this is not always the case, you may be surprised that when you date a chubby guy, you may find he is extremely self-confident. While some guys care a great deal about their looks, there are others that are less worried about what other people think. This means that he will be far more confident with his words and action, and not ashamed of his looks. And confidence is an incredibly sexy look, right?

    He Will Not Expect You to Eat Small

    Ladies, when you date a chubby guy there is no need to stress about ordering a salad at dinner just to appear like a perfect girl. A big guy will not fault you for eating what you really want. In fact, he will probably appreciate it more because it will show him the real you- and that is the person he really wants to know, not the girl you act like just to impress a guy.

    You should never rule a person out just for their size. You never know whether or not they may be the one. So next time you see an attractive bigger guy, keep these five things in mind and give plus size man dating a try. Because when it comes down to it, love is love, no matter what. So, break away from your usual and date a chubby guy for a change.

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