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    5 Stupid Plus Size Dating Quora Questions

    by Becky

    Everyone struggles when it comes to anything in the realm of dating and relationships. But nobody’s struggles can match those of plus size women, who already have to deal with a lot of negativity regarding their bodies and how they may dress. Added to that the worries of plus size dating and finding the perfect partner can seem like an impossible task. It does not help that sites like Yahoo! Answers and Quora are full of people asking stupid, fat shaming questions that can hurt plus size women and make them question their worth.

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    The following are just 5 examples of ridiculous and stupid questions people have asked about plus size women and plus size dating on Quora. It is about time we start setting the record straight on the topic and put an end to the cruel fat shaming that takes place.


    plus size dating 1

    What is wrong with him wanting to give plus size dating a try? People are allowed to change what they like or want in a partner. Maybe he realized plus size women can be amazing girlfriends.
    Besides, it is not all about appearance when it comes to plus size dating. What about intelligence and a good personality? Those are pretty crucial too.

    plus size dating 2

    Yeah, everyone is allowed to have their preferences, but really? This screams fat shaming.
    Chubby women can change parts of their appearance if she wants to. But, you are under the impression that because she is chubby, she is neither smart or good-looking? You might want to re-educate yourself on labeling people and why it is bad.


    plus size dating 3

    How about NOT? No man, no person has a right to tell any women—especially a chubby women—that they should lose weight just to be more attractive to other men.
    If they cannot accept her as she is, then they clearly are not worth her time.


    plus size dating 4

    Of course she would! Chubby women are amazing and any guy would be lucky to have such a girl.
    This is what makes us so mad; no chubby women should question their worth or attractiveness to men. These questions ruin a girl’s confidence and it is completely uncalled for.


    plus size dating 5

    There are plenty of men that LOVE plus size women, and would be happy to date one!
    And, no, we do not mean guys with fat fetishes—we mean guys who genuinely love plus size women for everything that they are; intelligence, looks, personality and, yes, size. Do not let close-minded people tell you otherwise.

    Have you ever encountered or heard questions like this? Share your thoughts and experiences with us! And always remember to never let these sort of fat shaming questions get to you. Plus size dating may not always be easy, but it is not impossible. You are beautiful, intelligent, and amazing women, and as long as you are happy and confident in your body, that is all that matters—and there are guys out there that will love you even more for it. Never forget that!

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