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    7 Reasons Why Plus Size Women Don’t Deserve to Be Loved

    by Becky

    plus size women 1
    image source: Instagram @gabifresh

    1. “Have you seen how plus size women dress?”
    Yeah, they have amazing clothing style, right?

    2. “It is not a healthy lifestyle”

    plus size women 2

    image source: Instagram @nadiaaboulhosn
    Here is a tip: do not tell big women that they are not healthy, especially when you do not even know them. 1. It is none of your business and 2. Being big does not mean that you are unhealthy.

    3. “Big women are not very nice.”

    plus size women 3

    image source: Facebook page – Interrobang Art & Fashion
    Anyone can be “not nice,” especially when they are facing a jerk.

    4. “Why encourage that kind of lifestyle?”

    plus size women 4

    image source: Instagram @katiehwillcox

    You mean the lifestyle of being happy and confident?

    5. “Men do not find plus-size women attractive.”

    plus size women 5

    Image source: Instagram @tessholliday

    Maybe you can check Tess Holliday’s fan page. Then you will see how many guys are begging for curvy women.

    6.” Big women are not the smart.”

    plus size women 6

    Well, just check how Michelle Thomas hit back at her ‘shallow’ Tinder date with her intelligence.

    7. “Plus size women are not that pretty.”

    plus size women 7

    Image source: Instagram @theashleygraham

    You might need to get your eyes checked, or at least get your Internet connection checked.

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