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    Advantages of Dating a Plus Size Woman

    by Becky

    When it comes to dating, everyone has their preferences. Some people like their partners to be taller, some shorter, some smaller, and others bigger. While it may not always seem like there are people out there who genuinely want to date plus size woman, but there are! In fact, there are many who see the advantages that come with deciding to date big girl. Here are just a few of those advantages that men love so much.

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    Big Girls Are More Down-to-Earth

    The fact of the matter is that to some men, thinner girls can be very self-absorbed. They care more about their appearance than other things that may be more serious. It can make dating them difficult because they will never want to have a real conversation or do simple things for dates. If a man were to date a plus size woman, on the other hand, they would find that woman to be much more real; she would be worried less about looks and more about building a good, healthy relationship with someone.

    There is More to Love and Better Cuddling

    Some men feel that skinner women are too boney, and it tends to turn them off. What they really want is to date big girl, because it makes them much softer. Specifically, big girls make much better partners when it comes to cuddling because they are bigger. Guys who love big girls also do not see anything wrong with the “muffin top” that people always complain about; they love them.

    She Will Not Pretend to Be Something She is Not

    A bigger girl will not try to be something she is not just to impress you. There are many jokes about skinny girls ordering salads on the first date, just to make themselves appear to like what the guy may expect. A big girl would never do that; she’ll eat and say what she wants because you will either like her or not. She also will not hesitate to speak her mind on a given matter, especially if she has strong feelings about it.

    She Will Not Expect Extravagance

    Being down to earth means that when you date plus size woman, that they will not expect you to spend hundreds of dollars on extravagant dates and presents. They will be more than happy with a relaxed, simple date. You will be able to show them things you love, and they will more-than-likely have a lot of fun since they are with you. Plus, it is an opportunity for them to see another side of you.

    Above are just some of the advantages that come with dating bigger girls. But, there are plenty more- just ask one of the guys in WooPlus what makes them want to date big girl. They will be honest with you, and prove that there is a lot to love when it comes to dating plus size woman. But, hopefully, this has shown you some of the best advantages to dating bigger girls.

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