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    4 Best Plus-size Fashion Bloggers You Should Follow

    by Becky

    Fashion has nothing to do with the SIZE. With the popularity of numerous plus-size models,  plus-size fashion is no longer a myth, it’s a reality, and even a trend. In this article we are going to focus on some of the best plus-size fashion bloggers who contribute to break the rules of plus-size clothing and make fashion available for all shapes and sizes.

    Girl With Curves

    Image Source: girlwithcurves.com

    This blog is created by Tanesha Awasthi and it’s created in the form of a glossy magazine filled with fashion ideas and plenty of tips that mothers can access at all times. She has a very large following of around 200000 people or even more on just about all social media sites, so she definitely is one of the most popular plus size fashion bloggers out there. People like this blog because it offers natural, efficient advice and it makes the entire experience extraordinary, not to mention that the site design is very good too, something that makes browsing these tips a great pleasure.


    Image Source: gabifresh.com

    Another great plus-size fashion blog, this one is also very popular, with more than 134000 fans on Facebook alone. It caters mostly to the adult women, but it also offers advice for teens from time to time. The website structure is simple and thus it offers a very easy to use set of ideas which you should take into account if you want to follow the latest fashion trends.

    Nicolette Mason

    Image Source: nicolettemason.com

    She is a fashion addict that created this amazing plus-size blogging site with an extraordinary focus in mind. Not only does she manage to focus on advice and info for both teens and adult women, but she offers high quality imagery and an extraordinary experience. From deals to amazing tips you can find just about anything you might want or need here, so you should definitely try out this site. She also won multiple awards for her blogging, and she has an amazing, personal style that makes reading her blog a complete pleasure.

    Garner Style 

    Image Source: garnerstyle.com

    This blog is created by Chastity from California and she specializes on offering high quality images that pertain to the latest fashion trends. She also talks about many fashion trends and ideas, offers tips and she caters to those that have 20-40 years of age, mostly the persons around her age (she is around 30). People visit her blog because she offers a whole lot of style. Not only does she manage to bring in front amazing opportunities, but she is really honest and that on its own is amazing.


    If you happen to know other talented plus-size fashion bloggers, come to share them with all plus-size girls who love beauty and fashion.


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