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    Big Beautiful Dating and Love for Plus Size Singles #WeAreAllAngels

    by Ellie

    Were you furious when you heard about the insensitive comments made by Ed Razek, Victoria’s Secret Executive, on the consideration of plus size models casting? Yeah, thought you might.

    Victoria’s Secret is Still Back in 2000

    Although the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is a trendy fashion event watched by many; one significant downside of the show is its public controversy. While attempts were made to include models from a varied mix of ethnic backgrounds, the catwalk show deemed it fit to feature only models with one body shape. Transgender and curve or plus size models never got a chance, especially when it has to do with wearing the coveted fantasy bra.

    Celebrating the Big Love

    We live a world that never stops changing. So, it’s now we wake up already. In fact, I see no reason why more and more people would only care about just one body shape. It’s time we need to accept that we fashion cannot be defined not only based on our perfect shape and beauty.

    Considering all the breathtaking innovation that has occurred in our society, like google glasses, iPhone, and so on, the perception of most people on beauty has not changed. However, change starts from within. We need to accept and love ourselves for who we are as that is the only way we can be happy and find love. We all deserve to live happily and have a wonderful relationship irrespective of our body shape.

    The curvy woman is also beauty and deserves her place in the media. This is why plus-size models need to do more in fashion and show the world her gorgeous shapes and curves.


    Big Beautiful Dating

    Most plus-size ladies have an erroneous belief that slim women get the guy because of their cute shape. Believe me; it’s false. Falling in love has nothing to do with your size or shape. It has to do with having confidence and believing in oneself and also having the right charisma. Check out the following tips and apply them in your life.

    • Your character is what makes men genuinely love you and not your hip size
    • If you want to be loved, you need to be your biggest cheerleader
    • You don’t have to look skinny before you can be healthy
    • We are all gorgeous and unique in our own way
    • Learn to love your body
    • Ignore haters; don’t let them kill your shine

    Now, you know that it’s not your body that makes you tick, it’s you. If you want to meet, fall in love and date; there are lots of places to hang out, start experiencing the big beautiful dating.

    Final Thoughts

    We need to embrace diversity and show the world what makes curvy women especially beautiful.

    It is time we step up and celebrate all different shapes and make all women feel happy and starting experience the big beautiful love.