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Big Beautiful Woman Chat | What’s the Best Chat Site in 2023

by Becky

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Is it still hard for BBW singles to chat and make new friends? Not at all! Dating sites and BBW chat rooms have definitely helped. In this article, we will talk about some key aspects that make a chat room suitable for women with big thighs and also enlist the 5 best chat sites for 2023.

The world of BBW singles is gradually becoming exciting and full of opportunity. In fact, plenty of men are fascinated with BBW singles, thus, they are eager to chat with BBW, as well. This is great news for women who have generally struggled with their thicker, larger bodies and refrained from social interactions out of fear of rejection. But with the growing number of big beautiful woman chat sites and their equally expanding user base, it is quite obvious that women with big thighs are all the rage these days!

What is the best big beautiful woman chat site?

chat big beautiful woman
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With so many options available on the Internet, it can be quite daunting to determine which big beautiful woman chat site works and which does not. It is true that the final choice has a lot to do with personal preferences. For example, some people seek lots of different features and options for interactions while other prefer a more simple and user-friendly design. Some users want to chat with BBW singles on a budget while others are willing to splurge to unlock the most premium features. However, despite personal preferences, there are a few ground rules and key aspects that can help you determine what a good BBW chat site is. Some of these are discussed as follows:

1. Designed for BBW First and foremost, it is important that the chat site must be specifically designed for the BBW community. This means that it keeps into consideration the different requirements and preferences of BBW singles. There is an abundance of chat sites and private chat rooms. But many of these have not worked for the BBW community. This is because BBW users have faced insults at the hands of other users. On the other hand, a chat site designed for the BBW lot will not permit immoral behavior. It will make sure that only those users are allowed who are actively seeking BBW singles. This will make them feel safe. Moreover, features tailored to the BBW will make women with big thighs feel acknowledged and appreciated.

2. Safe to Use As mentioned earlier, safety is key when it comes to big beautiful woman chat sites. Chat sites must provide an inclusive and welcoming environment. This way they can interact freely and make more meaningful relationships. Access to data, especially photos should only be given by consent. Users that engage in predatory and derogatory acts should be actively filtered and removed. Other safety features, that have been previously discussed in detail should also be incorporated for a better BBW experience.

3. Active Users The more, the merrier! Once you have picked a chat site that is designed specifically for BBW and is safe to use, it’s important to consider how many fish really are in the sea. It is highly recommended to go for platforms that have a large user base. Not to forget, one that is actively growing. This gives you more people to chat with and interact with. And you never know, you might end up finding your best friend or the love of your life!

4. Unique features Nothing enriches a user experience more than additional features. We are always looking for something different- something that no one else is offering. So imagine if instead of just having one way to chat with BBW singles, you had 5 different ways. You could share live activities, send them gifts or talk to them in different groups. Sounds exciting, no? This way you can skip the boring back-and-forth texting and engage in a more meaningful and immersive interaction.

After much research and scrutiny, here are our top 5 picks for the Best BBW Chat rooms in 2023.


chat with big beautiful woman

Without any doubt, at the top of our list is WooPlus. WooPlus has been hailed as the best, niche online dating site and chats room application for the BBW community. Since it is launched in 2015, it has successfully made 50 million matches. It is one of the top-rated applications on Google Play.

Moreover, it has made appearances in large media groups like BBC, Mirror, Peoples Magazine and Yahoo, etc. One of the best things about WooPlus is that it offers a plethora of features and is highly interactive. It offers location-based search so you can spot BBW singles near you.

As a big beautiful woman chat site, it allows text messaging, video chatting, and commenting and liking photos of users. Just for fun, you can also poke other users. You can also use WooPlus to send ‘Gifts’ to other users. The ‘Memories’ tab allows users to live-stream their dating experiences.


  • Besides BBW, it is great for the LGBTQ community
  • Premium dating experience at budget-friendly rates
  • An abundance of free features
  • Has the largest community of active members to interact with
  • Perfect for long-term relationships and meaningful interactions
  • An excellent scammer identification system
  • Interaction features like Memories, Gifts, Poking, etc.


  • Limited daily matches
  • Not recommended for casual dating, flings, and one-night stands

Users: 7M


big beautiful woman chat
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If you are looking for dedicated chat rooms, then BBWChat is your best shot. As one of the top big beautiful woman chat sites, one of its best features is the community chat option. Once you enter the chat room, you can talk to multiple people at the same time and make quick friends. This includes both the host and other participants in the dating room. You are also free to scroll through other users’ photos and videos and request them for private chatting. Live video chatting, both private and public is another great feature. And what’s better is that you can video chat with up to 16 different users at the same time.


  • Provides both private and community video chatting
  • Allows access to 16 webcams simultaneously
  • Has a large active user base
  • Allows users to report spam accounts


  • Issues with fake profiles and accounts
  • Not recommended for long-term relationships

Users: 500K

BBWChat City

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The name says it all BBW Chat City links you to the most beautiful, the most wonderful BBW singles in your city. Although it advertises itself as a dating service, BBWChat City has been more successful in forming platonic relationships and friendships. BBWChat City has users from across the globe. Most of its users are friendly people. The site has a simple, easy-to-use interface. The best thing about BBChat City is that it has a large number of very diverse chat rooms, both private and public. These include the live chat group room, the singles chat room, the married chat room, the local chat room, and many more. In short, there is something for everyone!


  • Hassle-free chat room setup
  • Greater versatility with both live video-chatting and text-messaging
  • An extensive network of different chat rooms
  • Chat rooms are open 24/7.


  • Few safety provisions so fraudulent behavior is quite common
  • Most profile information is public
  • No profile verification


big beautiful woman chat
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QuickFlirt is hands-down one of the most active, chat services and dating sites for the BBW community. As the name suggests itself, it is ideal for chatting, flirting, and flings. You can chat with other users both in public and private rooms. You can also browse their profile without them knowing, using the ‘safe mode.’ One of the main reasons why QuickFlirt has so many members is because it is big on user safety and data privacy. Each photo and video is verified, so there is never any inappropriate content on the site. You can also sign up for the Extra Security features that offer HTTP encryption and automation history clearing service.


  • The highly active and large user base
  • The ‘safe mode’ gives an added sense of privacy
  • A robust security system that actively verifies content
  • Easy reporting of suspicious members and unsolicited accounts via hotline and e-mail


  • Most of the users are heterosexual
  • 70% of the users are men


When it comes to online chatting, who doesn’t love dirty talking? Among all the big beautiful woman chat sites, NaughtyBBWChat is the best for this purpose. At the same time, it is also one of the safest chat rooms and online dating sites. This is because each chat room has a moderator. If someone passes an inappropriate comment or message, you can send a notification to the moderator and the respective account will be immediately banned from the chat room. Like many other BBW chat sites, NaughtyBBWChat also has a live video chat feature, for when you really want to spice up the conversation.


  • The easy and simple registration process
  • Has a user-friendly interface
  • The presence of moderators makes the chat room more secure


  • The comparatively smaller user base
  • More focused on

Users: 250K

Is it safe to use BBW chat room?

While there are hundreds and thousands of big beautiful woman chat rooms out there, not all of them are entirely safe. But why is that so relevant when we talk about BBW chat activities? Women with big thighs and booties have historically been experiencing harassment and unwarranted criticism on online platforms. This includes social media, dating sites, or independent chat rooms. Some of them have to put up with sleazy comments on their photos. Others getting terribly catfished.

In short, the online world can be quite cruel and hostile when it comes to BBW singles. But online trolling and harassment are just the tip of the iceberg. Many online predators also use private chat rooms to chat with BBW in order to manipulate and condition them into fulfilling their sinister goals, for example, scamming them or others for money.

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This is the reason why safety and privacy are so crucial when it comes to big beautiful women’s chat spaces. It is important for them to be able to distinguish between chat rooms that offer a secure community for socializing and making new friends and those that do not. Here are a couple of things you must look out for when determining a safe BBW chat room:

  • An automatic scam detection system, which has a robust algorithm that can phish out fake profiles and spammers.
  • An effective reporting system where users can report messages and file complaints.
  • Advanced user flexibility allows them to control the amount of personal information they can share on the chat site, determine specific users that they can share their information, and block any suspicious members that have been malicious towards them.
  • Strong user privacy policies prevent highly confidential information like phone numbers, addresses, and financial details from being shared with other users without the former’s consent.
  • Efficient customer service can also play a huge role in ensuring that BBW chat rooms are safe. This is because it allows users to effectively report malicious behavior or intent and have the appropriate legal action taken in a timely fashion.


Whether it is friendship or a romantic relationship, any interaction with a BBW can be rewarding and quite fulfilling. When you chat with BBW singles make sure that you are kind, light-hearted, and most importantly, honest. Don’t forget to compliment their curves. Do take initiative. BBW singles love that! And if you are struggling to find the right chat site to get in touch with a BBW, there is nothing better than WooPlus. You can always start off free and then subscribe to a premium version, once you get the hang of the site.