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    Big Girl Adele Releases another Hit Song Called “Hello”

    by Becky

    Image Source: “Hello” Video of Adele

    With her unique charm, big girl Adele is once again dominating the billboard by releasing her new music video “Hello”. The plus-sized singer Adele continues to soar even higher despite some ridiculous fat-shamers who are still attacking the popular singer. However, more and more fans are defending her and are in fact slamming those non-sense fat-shaming behaviors against Adele.

    This comeback is actually better, bolder, and fiercer from our most favorite British songstress who is obviously returning to the limelight with some vengeance. We have all known Adele for her soulful and heart-touching music that have always been a great hit not only in the hearts of Brits but also in the minds of non-Brit fans across the globe. Fans are in fact LSSed with her songs because anyone can really relate to any music that this highly talented songstress is able to produce.

    People can never deny the fact that plus-sized singer Adele has always been a big hit in the music industry every time she releases a new song. The latest album actually offers complete package of chill-inducing soundtrack that fans and even non-fans will certainly love.Big girl Adele never fails her fans whenever she releases new music video and it’s really worth the wait for an upcoming song from this favorite British singer.

    The 27-year-old’s latest album gives us this first single entitled “Hello” which is indeed a chart-topper. And on the 20th of November this year, the said album will be officially out in the market. Adele’s last record in fact served as a solid breakup record but if she has to label the recent record, Adele would want to call it makeup record, an opposite to the previous one.

    “Making up for lost time, making up for everything I ever did and never did. Turning 25 was a turning point for me, slap bang in the middle of my twenties. Teetering on the edge of being an adolescent and a fully fledged adult,” Adele quoted from InStyle website.

    The music video which was actually produced under the direction of Xavier Dolan, Adele gave a new and fresher look from the “Hello” first single. The video was breathtakingly shot in Montreal in order to achieve a stunning appeal for this Grammy-winner and suit the ideal mood for the makeup song. She in fact said that the experience was really inspiring and is much different from her previous music videos.

    The British songstress also acknowledged the great experience she had with Director Dolan wherein she learned so many things when it comes to becoming a better actress. She was able to cry and act like never before and Adele told the public how happy she was for all the things she had achieved since day one. With her new dance moves and effects, Adele could not express how proud she really is for “Hello”.

    Indeed, this latest music video from our number one British plus-sized singer Adele will begin its trending effects on the online world and in the billboard as another chart-topping hit. Check out for more updates on “Hello” by logging onto this site!

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