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Body Positive Has Changed the Life of Megan Crabbe

by Ellie

Megan Crabbe is recovered anorexic, recovered self-loather from United Kingdom and is also an average 22-year old woman who takes stand against the world that profits us from teaching us to hate who we are and what we are.

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Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

Through sharing her own personal recovery story, Megan Crabbe is the best example of the ways social networking sites can be used for good, thus combatting the messages of negativity that can be detrimental to recovery and become body positive. As a woman, she used her own perspectives to bring body positivity as well as inspiring content to Instagram.

What does body positive mean for Megan Crabbe?

According to her, body positivity is a mental freedom that she never knew existed. It is being able to walk on the streets without thinking of how others are seeing you. Besides, it is just like posing for a photo without feeling terrified your belly will show up in the shot. It is eating what you really want, when you want it without having calculated the effects it may have in your body.

For Megan Crabbe, body positive is having great confidence to know that you really look good. Above all, it is to know that it does not really matter what you look like. She believes body positivity must teach us to know whatever skin color, the size and shape are all beautiful. She encourages people to remind themselves that they do not exist to be looked at by other people. Everyone deserves to live life to the fullest without thinking of how you like living it.

Memorable lessons that she learned all throughout the process

For Megan Crabbe, the most memorable lesson that she has learned is that there is a huge difference between being recovered and being weight restored. For her, it’s normal to feel recovered in spite everyone is assuming you are fine just because of your body. She knows that people are not weak, they are not abnormal, and they are not alone. She always tells other people need not feel scared to reach out for help just because they think that they do not suit the stereotypical image of an eating disorder. People deserve both support and understanding and everyone is worthy of recovery regardless of what their body looks like.

How Instagram has helped her empower others

For Megan Crabbe, whenever she tells people that her main platform for body positive is Instagram, they take what she is saying less seriously. She knows that Instagram is full of artsy shots of millions of selfies, but it is an incredible platform for campaigning regarding what you really believe in. This platform lets people reach into other people’s lives. Right after knowing about body positive community on Instagram, she could not believe her luck. Her account began as her own therapy and through she met so many people and able to share her life.

Indeed, Megan Crabbe is an inspiration for people who want to achieve total body transformation. Body positive has helped her to love herself even more.

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