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    How Essential Body Shaming Is?

    by Ellie

    Does your weight fall at the plus size classification? Well, it’s a blessing that some people are already accepting such situations but still, body shaming continuously exists. There are still a lot of people who continuously disguise some of their rude questions regarding their weight. While, in this post, we will talk about the body shaming importance from a few aspects.

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    Image by engin akyurt from Pixabay

    Body shaming can depress you since you can’t go out and expose yourself because of your fat body. But, these kinds of negative statements and attitudes towards other people’s size can also offer different lessons where you can learn to love who you are. Here are some of the important things you can learn from body shaming and these are as follows:

    1. It’s Not About You

    There are some people who are insensitive and mean. They cannot ignore you hence they keep on making comments regarding your body. This is one thing that every person needs to deal and handle with. Keep in mind that their fat comments are just their insecurities to make sure that this won’t affect you in a negative way.

    2. You Are Responsible for Your Feeling

    You can be depressed upon hearing people who body shames against you or you can respond and deal with it in a positive way. You need to learn to defend yourself and be contented and proud of who you are. You don’t need to be ashamed especially if you are happy and healthy.

    3. Worthiness is Not Dependent to Others’ Compliments

    Body weight and worthiness are not friends. These two are different from each other that you need to learn. Your weight will not determine your worthiness. Even if you are not as good-looking as others, it doesn’t mean that you’re not a good person. Be yourself and let other’s compliments be your inspiration at all times to do well.

    4. Anger as Your Valid Response

    Angry is a common feeling when some people are shaming you. It can be your friends, relatives, or sometimes your parents who are displaying negative comments or statements about your body. When such a situation happens, feeling angry is a normal and valid response.

    5. Unhealthy and Fat are Different

    Any person could be over ninety kilos and above and yet he or she can still be considered healthy. This is one of the concepts that people cannot easily get hence they tend to immediately lose their weight. They wanted to be healthy and this can only be evident if they have normal body weight and shape. Well, this is not true since unhealthy and fat are two different things that you need to understand. You can be healthy at the same time bigger depending on your choice.

    Body shame is part of people’s lives and as changes in your weight and body continue to happen expect more people who are going to body shame you. Do not take such an incident as a negative one rather make this your inspiration to live happily and healthily. As long as you are not stepping on other people’s lives and happiness, being fat or big is not a problem.