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    How to Build the Confidence of Plus Size People and Bring Love at Their Doorstep

    by Ellie

    Wooplus, the new dating application that calls shorts in the world of online dating, recently held an event targeting to build plus size people confidence and bring their love doorstep. The event went by the “Love Who You Are,” categorically targeted plus size women, who are the most vulnerable to unfair treatment by society. The event came after a revelation that 90% of plus-size people aren’t confident are utterly unhappy due to their sizes and shapes that attract them an unpleasant reputation. The online dating company realized finding a quick solution is the best way to help plus size people settle peacefully. And, the gateway to achieving this goal is to “Love Who You Are.”

    The newly-launched dating application is a tool meant for the plus size women to find their love by connecting with individuals who treasure and appreciate their nature. Typically, plus-size women attract less attention and love from the hostile society.

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    Why Confidence is Important

    Plus size people suffer from low confidence, and this is a disadvantage to them to find their own love. In totality, they can’t stand and fight for themselves when it comes to love because the society is cruel. Rejection of these people is the force behind the team that created the Wooplus dating application. The Wooplus dating application is a safe landing place for plus size people as it is a secure platform for them to interact with people who best embrace them.

    However, the most significant thing that the dating application must take a shot at is elevating these individuals’ confidence levels, and this is why the event was a session to campaign for self-love among the plus size people. The company asserted that the very first step in building self-confidence is loving oneself. This article the explores attributes necessary towards achieving self-love, confidence, and acceptance and this is in combination with the tips given at the Woodplus event.

    Love Who You Are

    The primary objective of the Wooplus dating App is helping plus-size people find by creating an interplay between them and interested individuals who are into them. But before the achievement of this, these people appreciate who they are first. Therefore, it is the role of this dating App to find a way of helping them develop robust confidence. The campaign launched during the event geared up efforts of eradicating many insecurities among plus size people who hate their shape and size.

    In addition to this, helping plus size ladies overcome the intimidating stories as a result of the lousy mentality created in the minds of many regarding their body size was also part of the plan. It thus led to the dawn of a new Instagram movement that went by the hashtag #lovewhoyouare, and this was a wake-up call for all plus size women to dance as they pleased. In its entirety, the privilege of the unmanned dancing was a way of creating peace of mind in these women regarding their size and shape.

    A sample of the video that went viral was that of Fiorella Zelaya, the famous miss Peru. In her video, she confessed her content in her complexion, body shape, and size. She categorically hits out at curvy women who are still in pieces regarding their body status. She stressed the point of self-love and build plus size people confidence while suggesting the Wooplus dating App as the most appropriate place for such women to find love that upholds and embrace them without judgment. While wrapping up the video, she hailed the App as a friendly platform, free from intimidation, despise of curvy women.

    No One Is You

    Jenna Kutcher’s testimonial elucidates the importance of investing in the power lying in oneself and prioritizing one’s position in everything. In an interview, she states the faith and confidence she had her package in place and an intact condition. And, there was no jeopardizing that for anything. Jenna firmly sticks to herself when it comes to herself and her business by focusing all her attention on herself. She’s not mean because she’s entirely embracing her position and everything she does comes out of her heart, things she did with a content heart.

    3 Steps to build confidence

    From Jenna Kutcher to Fiorella Zelaya, there are three recipes in establishing uncompromised confidence in oneself. These two fabulous ladies couldn’t allow anything to come in between them and their happiness and endeavors. Of the many lessons we learn from them, three are fundamental points to build plus size people confidence levels. They are;

    • Accepting oneself – appreciate who you are first and come to terms with the reality that you are such lest you suffer from diminished confidence levels and mental torture. The consequence of this is losing or never finding love to call your own.
    • Embracing oneself – by embracing yourself, you paint an image of content in yourself. Thus you create the implication of peace mind and build the confidence to face the intimidation challenge. The vice versa of this is doom to yourself and love life.
    • Loving oneself – no one will love you if you won’t love yourself in the first place. It has to begin with you, and the affection you have for yourself will attract attention to you.


    We need love, and we know the existence of survival of the fittest when it comes to contest beautiful things. Therefore, one must try his best to fight the intimidation and focus on building a better mindset towards true love. The point to take home here is loving oneself and seeking the true love that one desires.

    Act better, attract better!