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    How to Choose Fit Clothes for Different Plus Size Body Shapes?

    by Ellie

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    A majority of plus size women make the mistake of picking out loose, unflattering clothing in a bid to avoid attracting attention to their bulges. But having a plus size body does not mean you can’t flatter yourself with a well-fitted and trendy wardrobe. Also, there is no one-size-fits-all styling pattern for women with fuller bodies because each body shape is unique. It is important to understand your body type to be able to pick out the perfect clothes. (Know more about plus size clothes.)

    Know Your Body Shape

    Despite the unique structure of each body, it is possible to classify your body shape as per these broad categories:

    Apple: A fully rounded body with thin arms and legs can be classified  as Apple-shaped. These body types lack a defined waist line and may even have a fuller bust.

    Straight: A straight body-type is somewhat rectangular in appearance. The shoulders and hips are equally broad, with no visible curves. It is like having a straight line going down from your shoulders to hips.

    Pear: A pear-shaped body is essentially the inverse of the apple shape. Here the shoulders and the upper body are slimmer in comparison to a much bulkier bottom.

    Hourglass: It is possible for plus size women to have an hourglass body too, except that the hourglass is bigger in proportions in comparison to the ‘ideal’ hourglass shape. An hourglass body type is characterized by slimmer waistline with fuller bust and hips.

    Full Bust: A full bust body type means having a voluptuous bust shape that stands out in comparison to the rest of the body curves.

    Dress for Your Body Shape

    It is absolutely possible for plus size women to look fashionable and attractive. All it takes is a little bit of thought in picking out the right dresses that compliment your body shape instead of drawing attention toward the problem areas. The best way to do this is by dressing up according to your body type. Here’s how:

    Apple Shape: Since this body type is essentially rounded, almost any type of clothing cut will highlight your bulges. Therefore, it is important to create an illusion by choosing colors, fabrics and designs that have a slimming effect. Dark colors like black and hues of navy blue, free-flowing fabrics and clean designs such as small polka dots, horizontal stripes and fine prints are your best bet.

    Straight Shape: The aim here should be to create an element of depth around the waistline instead of dressing to highlight your silhouette. Busy print, floral hues and dresses that fit well around the waist are your got-to options.

    Pear: With a pear-shaped body, the bottom portion is definitely your problem area. Therefore, your attire should be designed to highlight the upper portion of your body. Plunging necklines, accessories such as scarves, chunky neck pieces and earrings, and teaming up lighter colors on the top with darker colored bottom is the ideal dressing choice for you.

    Hourglass: Your waist area is the best feature on your body. Therefore, the emphasis should be on highlighting the waistline while covering up bulkier bust and hips. Dresses that are slightly loose on around the bust and hip but well-fitted around the waist make for a fine choice.

    Full Bust: A plus size woman with a fuller bust must choose clothes that take the attention away from the bust area and toward the better proportioned areas such as the waist and hips. Steer clear of plunging necklines, heavy top accessories and stick to neutral color options for tops. You can team it up with flattering bottoms such as skirts and shorts.

    The thing to remember is that fashion is all about being comfortable and confident in the clothes you wear.(Click here to see who give plus size women confidence.)Choose dresses that fit you instead of trying make your body fit the clothes.