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    Chubby Chasers: A Celebration of Love and Acceptance

    by Ellie

    Most people are proud to be chubby chasers because they are becoming more and more common in today’s society. But do you really know the definition of chubby chasers?

    In this article, you’ll know:

    Let’s explore now.

    What Does Chubby Chasers Mean?

    The official chubby chaser meaning is a person who is attracted to plus-size or big-guy people. 

    A chubby chaser can be anyone of either gender being attracted to the same or opposite gender as themselves.

    One can either be a gay chubby chaser, a female chubby chaser, or a male chubby chaser.

    gay chubby chaser
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    1. Gay Chubby Chaser

    A Gay Chubby Chaser is defined as a male or female who is attracted to large-size people of the same sex.

    2. Female Chubby Chaser

    A female chubby chaser is a plus-size woman who is attracted to the opposite or same gender.

    3. Male Chubby Chaser

    The same would also go for a male chubby chaser. He would be attracted to the opposite or same gender as a big guy or big-boned person.

    Why Do People Want to Be a Chubby Chaser?

    chubby chaser
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    There are so many great qualities to becoming a chubby chaser. It is a great support system, especially for the chaser. Because the big person understands you so much better than someone who does not want to gain any weight whatsoever. Lots of people are looking into becoming chubby chasers because there are so many benefits to them.

    Now let’s view these benefits!

    1. Eat Out

    There are many reasons why people want to become chubby chasers. Now let’s start with the big or bigger people who love to eat out. For most people, this is a major green flag because they may not always want to cook at home every single night. This is a great quality because it makes for a great date night and is super simple and easy to just walk out the door and find somewhere to eat. Plus, lots of people find that restaurant food is much more appetizing than making it at home. Moreover, they do not want to shop for groceries.

    2. Accepting and Understanding of Weight Gain

    Another reason why people want to become chubby chasers is that plus-size or big people are more accepting and understanding of weight gain. In today’s society, it is sadly normal to judge someone if they have gained weight. But if your significant other is already plus-size, they will completely understand and support you. They most likely had to go through the same situation that you are going through, so they may be a support system for you. And you know for a fact that they will not judge you and love you through it all. It is also helpful because the chubby chaser can better understand what their partner had to go through and relate to them on a different level.

    3. Bodyguard

    Another reason why people want to be chubby chasers is that they feel that a plus-size person would serve as a bodyguard for them. Besides, if the chubby chaser is in a scary or uncomfortable situation, the plus-size person would be able to protect them. It is thought that it’s better than dating someone who is super skinny and not as big of a person. Some people also feel that a plus-size person keeps them warm because a person with extra body fat can be very helpful if you live in a colder climate.

    4. Cute Nicknames

    Many people also love the fact that cute nicknames are surrounding the idea of big-size or big-boned people. If you look at many plus-size or big celebrities they all have cute pet nicknames that their significant other gives them. When doing this not only gives the plus-size person confidence but it makes it sweet to the chubby chaser. It can also be a great way for people to have fun with the idea instead of making fun of it.

    Where can I find a chubby chaser?

    There are many chubby chasers dating apps and we find the top 5 popular apps here.

    5 Best Chubby Dating Apps

    #1 WooPlus -The Top 1 Chubby Chaser Dating apps

    best chubby dating app wooplus
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    When it comes to chubby chasers’ app, WooPlus is the best one!

    Since 2015, WooPlus has created over 50 million matches, which Forbes praised as the best plus-size dating app.

    All profiles are checked by AI and manually to block bots & scammers, which ensures you are dating in the safest environment. With a simple “Say Hi” feature in the WooPlus dating app, you can send a free message to someone you like. Compared to other dating apps, WooPlus is better to pay because of its affordable price with awesome features.

    #2 LargeFriends – Best for BBW and BHM

    large friends app
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    LargeFriends is the next chubby chasers dating app.

    It is best for BBW and BHM meaning big-boned women and big handsome men. It is a great app again because everyone who joins finds the same interests and there is no judgment within the app.

    #3 BBW Cupid – Best for Meeting Female Chubby Chasers

    bbwcupid app
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    This app is great for meeting female chubby chasers.

    But it could be either used for men trying to get a big-boned woman or a gay female chubby chaser. It is great that these apps cater to the different types of chubby chasers.

    #4 eHarmony – Best for Premium Dating

    eharmony app
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    Harmony is the next well-known chubby dating site on our list. And this site is best for premium dating.

    If you are new to chubby chaser dating, this is a good app to try. Surely, it also doesn’t matter if you want more of a general idea of chubby chasing but are not sure of specifics just yet.

    #5 Match.com– Best for Meeting Many Single Members

    the second-largest dating app Match
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    The last chubby chaser dating app is Match.com.

    It’s not a specialist in chubby dating, but you could meet many people here. So if you are just getting started in the chubby-chasing world, Match.com is a nice choice for beginners.

    You may also want to know how to meet BBW(big beautiful women) singles. Just look and find your way!

    It may be a little nerve-wracking at first but it is all about taking the first jump into it. Those chubby dating sites are really helpful in finding a chubby partner who will be company and love you.


    We totally know the hard situations chubby chasers are trapped in, but there is no need to worry about what other people think as long as you are happy. 

    All you should do is remember it only takes one person and boom you’re in love with them. Care your feelings, and happy dating to all chubby chasers!