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    10 Common Signs that a Guy is Into a BBW

    by Becky

    The advent of the digital age as well as the emergence of the internet has completely revolutionized how individuals all over the world go out on a date, find love and foster relationships. However, in a world that relatively values the zero-figures, plus size women such as Big Black Women or BBW have serious challenges or obstacles to overcome. Some of them are conscious of their size and physical appearance and this usually eats up their self-esteem. So, it is important for us to know the love signs that a guy is into a BBW.

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    Who says that curves are not beautiful? Nowadays, there are lots of men who appreciate and prefer fuller figures as compared to skinny women. Anyway, this is all about the exciting mingling in the right place. Big Beautiful Women who want to enjoy the freedom and pleasure of dating can visit trusted BBW sites. These offer comfort zones where BBWs can be comfortable and confident in their own skin.
    Dating can be more fun and enjoyable if the man you choose to date is totally into you, for big beautiful women who want to know if a guy is into them, the following are the 10 common love signs that can tell if a guy is into them. These include the following:

    1. He Randomly Contacts You

    You can tell that a guy is into a BBW like you if he randomly contacts you. He will send text messages or emails just to reach out to you. He will even make the effort of contacting you out of the blue.

    2. He is Interested in Your Personal Interests

    When the guy takes interest on things that you like, then this is an obvious sign that he is into you. This is true if he becomes interested in your activities that he is normally not interested doing before.

    3. He Keeps Looking at You

    Wherever you are, you’ll always catch him glancing at you randomly. He probably does this with a hope of catching your eyes.

    4. He Prefers Being with You Physically

    A guy who prefers being with you physically is also a sign that he is into you. He likes holding hands and in some instances touching and kissing but remember that a good man always knows his limits.

    5. He Loves your Company

    Even if not for a date, a guy who loves to spend time with you means that he is totally into you. He invites you out for dinner or movies or he might simply want to be with you and relax on the couch.

    6. He is Always a Real Gentleman

    For this guy, chivalry is not dead and did not die on the first few dates either. From day one up to the end, he remained a real gentleman. If he is interested with you, he will definitely show that he is a good guy.

    7. He Makes Quality Time for You in His Life

    Despite his hectic schedule, if he is really into you, he will definitely make time for you. If you also want the best BBW dating experience, you also need to spend time with this guy regardless of your busy schedule.

    8. He Finds Time to Know Your Circle of Friends

    A guy who is into you not only shares his own friends with you but also finds time to know and appreciate your circle of friends.

    9. He is Protective

    When you are out on a date or every time you are together, he seems quite protective of you. He always keeps a close eye on you and ensures that you are safe at all times.

    10. He Cares for You

    A guy who is into you cares for you, there is no question of that.
    If a guy shows these common love signs, then you can confidently tell that he is really into you despite your full figure and curves.

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