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    Best Online Dating App Tips for Dating During Coronavirus Epidemic in 2020

    by Ellie

    Coronavirus epidemic is sweeping the globe, many countries are seeing lockdowns, travel restrictions. And we are all being advised around the world to stay social distancing. According to a survey of over 2,200 users of online dating app WooPlus, 33% are currently waiting out the coronavirus before meeting matches in person for a first date.

    One user of WooPlus dating app explained: “I’m not meeting anybody until they’ve given the all-clear. You’ve got to be really worth it for me to risk this virus for you.”

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    It might seem like your dating life is dead in the water, but don’t panic. We’ve got your back with a collection of tips for dating during coronavirus epidemic time. A little quarantine can’t stop dating and true love!

    Dating During Coronavirus Epidemic – Lean On Technology

    your dating partner living with someone who could be at risk? Technology has you covered. Now is the perfect time to leverage those dating apps, online video chats, and social media tools.

    Are you up for a video chat when you know you both aren’t going out? Are they still pushing to meet in person when you have made it clear that you aren’t comfortable doing so? That is probably a major dating red flag.

    This extended time spent talking can tell you a lot about your dating chemistry with someone.

    Tips: It is time to use WooPlus’ in-app voice chat feature or your favorite equivalent to get to know some great locals.

    Stay Safe Dating Online with Open & Honest Communication

    It is an important tip to make sure that you and your dating partner are on the same page.

    Are you both equally concerned about the Coronavirus threat? If they aren’t as concerned as you are, are they willing to respect your feelings and boundaries on the matter? This can not only tell you about a potential dating partner. But it can help you to feel comfortable with your dating decision to meet in person.

    Make sure that you sort out the dating details in advance. Talking about these things in advance can help protect you from going on a date with someone who does not share your level of concern and it can keep you from getting sick.

    Get Creative About Dating During Coronavirus Epidemic

    Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

    According to online dating expert  Founder of DateLikeaGrownup Bobbi Palmer, “most of the usual coffee shops, restaurants, and lounges may be out” when it comes to dating during coronavirus epidemic.

    Just because there is a virus out, it doesn’t mean that you should be risking your safety by isolating with an individual that you don’t know very well. Fortunately, this is a great tip to get creative with dating and really try something new.

    The general idea when dating during Coronavirus times is to avoid crowded places, which is great because it means that you can always spend more time talking and getting to know one another.

    The point is to do something that doesn’t really require you two to directly be around anyone else. Keep your distance from other people while you take the time to get to know one another and grow closer.

    Tips: You can always opt for using FaceTime and other fun online tools to keep your dating alive!

    Lay Out the Dating Ground Rules for Meeting Up Later

    Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

    Sure, sometimes you might feel like you need to meet someone in person to know if the dating chemistry is there. But that doesn’t mean that you necessarily want to spend time making out physically now.

    You’d better hold physical dating off until all are clear of the virus. Make sure that you are both taking precautions together and apart to play your part in minimizing potential infection. Wash your hands frequently and wear masks to limit your chances of infection.

    People are finding fun ways of dating one another without touching. Tips: Consider doing something silly like jazz hands or the Miss America wave. We deserve a little more fun during these corona times, after all.

    You could plan to spend some time sitting inside watching Netflix. Try something fun like going for a bike ride, taking a walk through a local park, or some hiking when social distancing is done. Make sure that you detail out your comfort levels about the contact before you head out for dating.

    Keep Social Distancing but Hearts Connected, Dating Alive

    Though the majority of us are staying indoors. It does not mean that it is time to put our hearts on the shelf until it all blows over.

    WHO recommends that you avoid public meetups if possible until the spread has slowed down. The digital age makes it easier for us to communicate with one another without meeting face to face.

    So consider adding a little extra conversation to your dating process before you meet up. It is a great way to stay safe and healthy while dating during the Coronavirus epidemic outbreak.


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