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    Curvy and Confident: Let’s Talk About Plus Size Sex!

    by Ellie

    Plus size sex does not have to be complicated. All you need to be is confident about your body, all while knowing some fantastic tips and positions. We’ve put together an incredible piece for you to get started the right way!

    While most of the world talks about various free dating sites and the seductive techniques you can use to seduce your partner, we often forget that there are many different types of men and women. Therefore, we are sure that we know skinnier people, plumper, and curvier than others. In most cases, we do not see them being too vocal about plus size sex, who they want to have pleasure with, or how they can provide pleasure to a person because of their size and the surrounding stigma.

    In fact, it is very offensive when people talk about how a plus size woman can have sex because it doesn’t matter much! There should be no one who is deprived of a good and satisfying sexual experience. If you are one of the many people who have been asked how sex and intimacy with curvy women are, it is time for you to man up and say that it is the most astounding sex you have ever experienced in your life.

    In this article, we will be talking about sex tips and different sex positions for plus size. To start things, you should not think of curves as something you should be shy about. You must own up to yourself. Having sex with plus-size women will offer you a wide range of possibilities that men will love. You should not be afraid to give your all just because of your insecurities.

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    Best Sex Positions For Plus Size Sex

    Before we get into some plus size sex tips, let us look into some sex positions. Plus-size sex is the same as regular sex – it can be mind-blowing, unique, and wonderful. But with that being said, there are some great sex positions that plumpy people can try to make the experience better. Overall, you should feel empowered to try and experiment with any sex position that looks fun and exciting. However, if you are still looking for some tips, you can use these modified versions as well:

    Traditional Missionary Position

    The traditional missionary position is considered one of the best sex positions for plus-size women you can try. One of the reasons it is so great is that you can achieve it very easily and works for almost all body types. This also allows a close connection with your partner. If you want to know how curvy people have sex using this position, it is achieved by the individual who is receiving the penetration. The woman can elevate her hips by placing a pillow under them; this way, access to the genitals becomes more available. This is an amazing choice when it comes to plus size sex. Let’s see the next one!

    Traditional doggy Style

    The doggy style is another common and the best plus size sex positions for plus-size women. Additionally, this position can also be more comfortable. The woman will get on her knees and hands while the man will kneel behind her. This position will allow her to spread the butt cheeks for better access to the anus or the vagina for the man. She can also rest on her forearms for more comfort. If you are concerned about pain in the back, you can rest your chest or hug onto some pillows for added alleviation. As for knee pain, you can lay face down and place the pillows under the hips. This way, you avoid pressurizing the knees and raise the genital areas as well.

    Seated Position

    When it comes to plus size sex, one of the best ways to add more spice to your life is to add props and modifications to it. These will come in very handy when you try out the seated position. Apart from being fun, the seated position has also been deemed one of the most comfortable positions for plus-sized couples. To get into this position, you just require a sturdy chair. In this position, the man will sit on the chair, and the woman sits on top. If a woman cannot reach her legs around the partner, she can turn around and allow the man to enter from behind.

    Woman On The Top

    For plus-size women having sex, the woman on the top is perhaps a great sex position, AKA the reverse cowgirl. The woman will be on top of the man; she is facing him lying on her backs. The woman will then straddle and lower her hips so that the man can penetrate. Many people find this position one of the simplest and easiest ways to enter deep and effectively stimulate the p-spot or g-spot. On the other hand, if the man has a big tummy, you can use the pillows to elevate your hips. If the woman is unable to sit upright, she can simply lean forward onto her partner’s chest; thrusting becomes easier, and you can also create more intimacy.


    Sex with plus-size women becomes more fun with the butterfly position. There are a lot of different ways this position can work. However, the most common variant is where the man stands on the edge of the bed while the woman is lying on the bed. For penetration, the woman will pull her legs upwards and rest them on the man’s shoulders. For plus size lingerie for wild sex, the best aspect is that the man will be able to penetrate deep into the woman. The butterfly is one of the best positions for plus-sized people because it allows for deeper penetration; additionally, there is no interference from a larger abdomen. Also, getting your legs up on the top of your partner’s shoulder will provide the woman with more pleasurable sensations. All in all, it’s a fantastic choice when it comes to plus size sex.


    The pretzel is a position that combines the eye contact of the missionary position and the deep penetration of the doggy position. Many say the pretzel is one of the most satisfying positions you can try, so this should work great when it comes to plus size sex. After lying on her side, the man will start crawling one leg and lift the other for easy and smooth entering. Since this position is done on the bed, with the legs of the woman hanging off the bed and the man standing, there are a lot of ways you can check which position feels most comfortable for both partners.

    Sideways Crunched Turtle

    The crunched turtle is a sex position for large-sized individuals because it is more optimal and allows for better penetration. It’s an amazing choice when it comes to plus size sex. This position is more accommodating than the doggy style. Additionally, it is a perfect position if you want to take it easy and slow. All you need to do is get on your knees and forearms and place your chest on the bed. The rear end needs to be higher in the air for the woman while the man enters from behind. For the best comfort, the woman can hold her legs for stability or pillow her head.

    In terms of having sex, there are many ways to start for plus size people. There is no reason to let the size of your body prohibit you from trying out new positions. Of course, you may have to redefine the positions to fit your body and needs better; however, there is nothing wrong with that. Sex is sex, and everybody deserves to have a good one!

    Plus size sex

    Plus Size Sex Tips

    Here are some known tips related to plus size sex:

    Be Prepared

    When you are about to have sex, it is vital that you are fully ready. Sex needs to be safe and consensual. If you plan to have penetrative sex with your partner, you need to ensure that you have all the safer sex materials like body-safe lube, dams, and condoms.

    If you are planning for anal sex, then lube is a vital component. This material will make sex easier and more enjoyable. It will also prevent the micro-tears in the anus and the vagina caused by friction. Additionally, you can also look for plus size sex lingerie to spice the session up.

    Embrace Your Plus Size

    Remember that the plus-size is not bad. It does not mean dirty, ugly, or sexless. It has nothing to do with any of the horrible things that most people seem to think.

    Even if someone says you are fat, it is not; you are beautiful, and you have full body acceptance positivity. You are beautiful, and you are curvy – you need to boost your confidence both inside and outside the bedroom.

    Do Not Focus Only Of The Penetration

    When it comes to sex, intercourse may be a bit difficult. However, there are also many different ways to have sex without having to penetrate. Sex is not only about a penis entering the vagina. If you think there are right and wrong ways to have sex, there are none.

    Your body confidence will play a significant role in determining your sex life. In fact, you could try out some plus size sex costumes to bring some spark into your sex life. As long as you are an adult and consenting, you should concentrate on every grain of satisfaction and pleasure you can churn out of the session.

    Sex Toys Are Great

    If you and your partner love sex toys and are not afraid to incorporate them in your sex sessions, then you can go right ahead! For instance, when you are looking for a romp, you need to look for the ones that have long handles and curves.

    Alternatively, you can also add plus size sex clothes to fit with a vibrator. Preferably, look for a vibrator that has a long reach so that you can have a safe bet. All these sex toys will improve the session and bring in more heat and love to the session.

    Grab Hold Of Your Body With Pride

    Having sex with your partner is all about the capabilities of a body confident and proud. If you have a large belly, simply pull it out of the way when you have sex. There is nothing that you should be ashamed about. It is a part of your body and your personality. If you love being on the top, you just need to ensure that you do not go down just as hard.

    You can make use of the sex positions mentioned above to have the best sex of your life. If doing the doggy position is uncomfortable, you can choose to try out other positions. There are also various plus size sex outfits that you can use to add some more kink into your foreplay. Or, you can use some toys for the same purpose.

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    Final Thoughts on Plus Size Sex

    Whether you are a slim individual or a curvy one, sex is common for everyone. Every person deserves to have the best sex in their lives, and plus size individuals are no different. We should never criticize an overweight person since we do not know what conditions they may be suffering from. Therefore, it is important for us all to be human beings and let others do their own things. In this context, we hope the positions and tips can help you better your sex life.

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