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What is a Curvy Woman? 10 Reasons Men Love Curvy Women

by Ellie

For a long time, men have been attracted to slender women. However, now the voluptuous curves and soft, supple lines on some women drive many guys wild. What was once considered to be an unpopular look, is now desirable for others. No more restrictions for models, simply because they don’t fit into the stereotypical size 0 or size 2 clothing.

Models can be of any size nowadays and we’ll be discussing some examples later on. Finally, we’re embracing women of any size, including the curvy woman – the epitome of femininity, desire, and confidence. Curvy women are represented in almost every area, including acting. Read on to find why men love and appreciate curvy women, often prefer dating curvy women, and what a curvy woman exactly looks like.

What is A Curvy Woman?

Some women who famously broke the stereotypical beauty mold by having more curves than what was considered desirable back then include Marilyn Monroe, Kim Kardashian, Adele, Rebel Wilson, Beyonce, and Jennifer Lopez. Instead of being defined by long lean legs and stick-like arms, curvy women celebrate their beautiful bodies that are perhaps more full in the chest or butt region.

Others may use the term “full-figured” instead of curvy. It’s fascinating how there have been decades where leaner bodies have become the norm because from centuries ago full-figured curvy women were always the perfect picture of beauty, femininity, and fertility. Wide hips were celebrated, as they were considered a sign of a woman who would be able to bear children. Slender women during Medieval times were considered less desirable, as it wasn’t sure if they would survive childbirth or not.

What Size is Considered Curvy?

A curvy woman doesn’t fit into a certain category or box in terms of clothing size. A plus-size woman refers to her proportions. A curvy plus size woman can be a woman who is a size 2 or a size 20, or anywhere in between. When thinking of a curvy woman, think of an hourglass figure. The term curvy refers to an ideal proportion, typically, 0.75” wider hips and chest in comparison to the waist. However, it could also be greater. As long as the waist is smaller than both the hips and chest, the woman is considered to be curvy.

The Difference Between Curvy and Plus Size

A curvy woman isn’t necessarily a plus-size woman, however, a plus-size woman is almost always a curvy woman. Kim Kardashian is supposedly a size 2, but it would be hard to argue with the fact that she is indeed a curvy woman. Curvy refers more to the proportions of the chest to waist to hips than actual size. Plus-size however refers to clothing size.

The term plus-size itself is a rather subjective term, as it stems from the fashion industry. Depending on whom you talk to, plus-size can start at size 12 or 16, and generally refers to women who fit higher double-digit sizes. Some women take offense to be called plus-size, and others take offense to be called curvy, thinking it’s a different way of being called fat. Neither is the case.

How to Be a Beautiful Curvy Woman?

Nowadays, more quotes about being a curvy woman gradually spread. But being a beautiful hot curvy woman consists of two things: the mindset and the body. The curvy woman’s mindset is that of celebrating her body, loving every inch of it no matter if she has cellulite, dimples, or extra fat. It’s also embracing your femininity and moving with grace, class, and sensuality. Treat your body as a lover would.

In terms of what you can do to become a beautiful curvy woman physically, make sure to eat enough to develop thicker hips and legs. Sure, I believe you can also discover some methods from some quotes about being a curvy woman. Curves can’t develop if you don’t eat enough. You can also train so your muscles give the appearance of curves. Or simply focus on eating more and training your waist, so it stays slim and so that hourglass shape is just within reach.

10 Reasons Why Men Love Curvy Women

Even though many women think they should lose weight in order to gain the attention of a man, the opposite is true. Men LOVE curves, and they love a woman who owns them. The problem with a woman’s body is rarely her weight. It’s more often the lack of confidence. And that isn’t solved by losing massive amounts of weight. Most women typically feel more confident when they embrace their natural curves and gain additional weight, making them feel sexy, sensual, and feminine. Here are the top 10 reasons why men love curvy women, and why you can be thankful that you are someone that men naturally desire.

Classic Beauty

When looking at paintings from the Middle Ages, and even looking at Roman statues, women were almost always portrayed as voluptuous and fuller figured. These were considered to be the ideal female bodies, as the fuller figure indicated wealth, abundance, and fertility. A woman who had extra weight had to have money to eat and look like that, and at the same time was considered prime wife material due to being more likely to not die during childbirth.

This beauty standard mainly changed and pivoted during the time of war, when it was impossible to get your hands on much food, and having that much food meant taking it from someone else. Curvy women have a classic timeless beauty that predates Roman times. Who are we to argue with that?

Youthful Appearance

Curvy women often appear much younger than they actually are. This is due to their fuller faces and glowing skin. Rounder faces remind of child-like appearance and immediately make a person reverse in age. No need for botox or plastic surgery to look younger, if you’re a hot curvy woman you don’t have to be concerned about that – you already look fabulous!

Men love that curvy women look more youthful, as it helps them feel more youthful themselves. Dating trends often show men dating younger women. A hot curvy woman may not be as young as a 20-year-old, but could easily look like she’s in her 20s while in her 30s. A man can have the wisdom and experience of a 30-year-old woman while having a beautiful woman on his arm who looks far younger than her actual age.

Additionally, many women invest a lot of money into purchasing skin creams and serums that have hyaluronic acid as the main ingredient. Hyaluronic acid adds moisture to the skin, so it looks plumper and therefore fine lines and wrinkles are less apparent. Curvy women never have to worry about this since their skin is already naturally plump – what a money saver!

More Feminine

Historically, femininity is linked to fertility and beauty. Many people link a woman’s biology – her breasts and wider hips – to femininity. These are also often a sign of fertility. Breasts can be used for breastfeeding, while hips were at one point considered a sign of how well a woman would be able to give birth. Nowadays it’s simply considered more aesthetically pleasing when a woman has larger breasts and hips.

A curvy woman is going to look like a woman no matter what she wears – whether she wears an oversized T-shirt or a fitted dress, it’s obvious that she’s a woman. When a tall curvy woman walks, it’s unmistakable that she’s a woman. Her hips swaying side to side serve as a constant reminder of what power she holds. And she knows it!

Best Cuddles

Men love cuddling curvy women! Curvy women are soft and have supple curves that are comfortable to hold and to lean their heads against. This isn’t possible with someone with barely any body fat. Holding skinny women is uncomfortable with poky bones and muscles making it less cushion-like to hold.

Holding a woman and touching her soft skin, while stroking the side of her hip is something men love to do and women love when men do it. Being more muscular or bony can either lead to a man viewing a woman’s body as masculine or breakable. Neither is desirable. You don’t want your man to be super careful with you all the time. He also wants to know he doesn’t have to worry about hurting you with every touch. Curvy soft women don’t evoke those feelings in men and put them at ease.

They’re Confident

The first thing you notice about a curvy woman is the confidence she carries. There’s something innately powerful about her when she walks, laughs, and turns her attention to you. There’s no hiding her body or making herself smaller. She stands tall and proud, displaying her beautiful body to the world. She’s unafraid to be herself and doesn’t care what other people think of her.

Ironically, even though she exemplifies classic beauty, she doesn’t care. She knows she’s beautiful no matter what anybody thinks of her. There’s something so refreshingly authentic about her. No pretense, just strength, and empowerment wrapped in femininity and charm.

Healthy Appetite

When dating a curvy woman, you don’t have to worry about her nibbling on an appetizer. You can expect her to eat a full meal alongside you. Most likely she won’t be asking you if she looks too fat in something, or cry when she thinks she’s gained weight. Curvy women don’t shy away from food; they savor it. It’s much more pleasant going out to a fancy restaurant with someone who will experience pure bliss while eating, than someone who gets anxious about the calories or carbs in each bite.

Women, who want to impress men, shouldn’t worry about ordering the smallest item on the menu; instead, they should simply order exactly what they want to eat. When a woman eats a large slice of greasy pizza and isn’t afraid to dig in – that’s sexy and attractive! Holding back, and forcing yourself to forgo something you truly want is not a confident look and therefore not sexy. Eating is sexy, so, therefore, make sure to eat away!

Attractive Curvy Woman Silhouette

If you’re a TikTok user, then you know the trend where you only see the silhouette of a woman outlined starkly against a red background. This trend was MADE for the curvy woman. A curvy woman’s silhouette is one of her best features. The hourglass silhouette has always been an aim in women’s beauty standards but is difficult to achieve.

While some women wear waist trainers or get plastic surgery in order to artificially produce this look, curvy women don’t have to. Dresses and tighter outfits look much better on curvy women, as it naturally highlights their hourglass figure.

Can Handle More

Let’s talk about what happens in the bedroom. Men love a thicker woman because she looks like she can handle her own. He doesn’t have to be super gentle with her or worry about accidentally hurting her. He knows he can get rough and not have to worry about anything.

The fact that a curvy woman is more feminine and confident only helps in the bedroom. Confidence translates and creates a much better intimate relationship than when a woman isn’t. Curvy women know how to ask for what they want in the bedroom and know they can handle whatever their man throws at them. Nobody has to be in their heads and wonder if they’re hurting the other person because you both know you got this.

Bigger Backside

It’s hard to argue with the fact that curvy women have bigger backsides. The infamous Kim Kardashian photo of her butt holding a champagne glass is an example of that. Those curves look fabulous in jeans, leggings, and skirts. Men definitely don’t have to worry about her not having a butt to rest their hands on while kissing. Curvy women are simply hot.

There are many rap songs dedicated to men’s love for bigger butts. I can already hear the song “I like big butts and I cannot lie” on repeat in my head. Women sometimes spend countless hours dedicated to leg days full of deadlifts, squats, glute kickbacks and more just to get what curvy women are naturally gifted with.

Fuller Upper Body

Curvy women, as mentioned, have fuller upper bodies. Meaning, she often will have larger breasts and be blessed with curves there as well. While other women may struggle in this department or consider getting breast implants, full-figure women have ample cleavage that’s on display in V-neck shirts or sweaters. Men visually often find it appealing to see a woman with more on top.

Most Men won’t argue with fake breasts, however, they always prefer holding real ones over plastic (sorry to get graphic here, but you know it’s true!). Men can often spot real breasts and comparatively fake ones from a mile away. And while they’ll never say no or judge a woman for it, they certainly have a preference.

Curvy Women All Around the World

Curvy women can be found all over the world. While at once it was a rarity to see any grace on the cover of a magazine, thankfully the world has changed its perspective on that and one can now see curvy women everywhere. Some women are more well-known than others, but as you’ll see full-figured women come in all shapes and sizes, and there’s no discrimination or denying their beauty.

Ashley Graham

ashleygraham-dating a curvy woman
Ashley Graham is a beautiful, talented, and tall curvy woman. Some may even consider herself the most beautiful curvy woman in the world. Model, mother of (soon to be) 3 children, podcast host, and actress, is the first example many think of when hearing “curvy woman.” Graham is a prime example that what society initially thinks is completely irrelevant. Successful in her own right, she embodies confidence, and femininity and makes it her mission to help women feel bodily confident.

Barbie Ferreira

barbieferreira-tall curvy woman
Well-known model, actress, and director Barbie Ferreira may look familiar as you most likely have seen her on billboards across the U.S. modeling for American Apparel and Aerie. Others may recognize her from her role in the hit TV show Euphoria. Barbie’s Instagram page clearly shows how curvy women have a timeless classic beauty.

Tess Holliday

hot curvy woman-tessholliday
People may know Tess Holliday as a makeup artist, blogger, and activist. Holliday has appeared on talk shows all over the U.S. to speak candidly and frankly about the need for empowerment when it comes to women’s bodies. Now as a model and influencer, she exemplifies the curvy women’s strength.

Tabria Majors

tabriamajors-bbw model
Tabria Majors is well known in the entertainment industry. She is multi-talented and has worked as a production assistant, model, influencer, and designer. Her most famous brand deals have been with Fashion Nova and Calvin Klein. Important to note here is that the brand Fashion Nova generally seems to celebrate curvy women’s bodies and caters to them more so than others, as can be assumed based on their advertisement. She has also graced the pages of Sports Illustrated in their esteemed Swimsuit Issue.

Diana Sirokai

dianasirokai-beautiful curvy woman
Diana Sirokai is a Hungarian model, Instagram influencer, and plus-size designer. She heavily promotes body confidence on her Instagram and on her Youtube channel. Beautiful in her own right, Diana doesn’t shy away from displaying all of her curves while modeling underwear, lingerie, and swimwear. It’s clear that she practices what she preaches!


If you are a curvy woman, we hope this article will help you celebrate yourself versus tear yourself down. You are beautiful, and so many women pay lots of money in order to achieve artificially what you have naturally. While not every woman bless curves, they can learn the curvy woman mindset. The first step is clearly to throw out any salad in the fridge you may have, and order in that greasy slice of pizza – after all, it’s for the curves!