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    WooPlus Dating App To Test a Live Streaming “Take Me Out” Feature To Take Out the Dating Challenges

    by Ellie

    As the first dating app to crackdown swiping-no-talking, ghosting, dead conversations, and all those issues haunting daters timely with a brilliant new business exploration, WooPlus introduces a friend standby – “Love Advisor”.

    The dating & relationship live support essentially to lift the obstacles, help people enjoy dating more, find better self and relationships, to shape more connections in this new-age of love.

    Love Advisor-Concept

    In the year of social distancing, thirty percent of people are more likely to turn to dating apps for seeking romantic relationships, two-thirds are spending much more time on dating apps. Tinder and Bumble have seen conversations on the apps surge 19-26% since the start of pandemic lockdowns.

    Many dating apps pivot efforts to reduce social avoidance, but it’s not clear that they’ve made a measurable difference when the pandemic only adds more distress to the sometimes daunting cases – don’t understand oneself or the potential matches, don’t know how to start a conversation, don’t know how to be themselves and attract what they like … obstacles hindering on the path of building connections and finding love.

    According to the WooPlus survey, more than 72% of users are in need of love & relationship advice. To always bring a better experience to users, WooPlus is about to roll out the dating & relationship live support ‘Love Advisor’ aiming to

    Give users undivided attention, intimate understanding & allow users to express their honest feelings within a space where they can be themselves.

    Provide with uplifting, wholesome advice, not just to help “break the ice”, more to hold conversations, to spend quality time, build lively connections, to navigate through the covid world.

    Aid each individual to renew a mindset to understand oneself, see what could shift to attract what they deserve in life, live fully on a path towards joy and love.

    “I can’t wait to go back for more … EVERYONE SHOULD TRY THIS.” – Michelle, a closed beta user

    “Feedbacks like Michelle’s really excited us to further polish this feature, which is just gradually testing out in certain regions for female users to experience first,” said Neil Raman, CEO of WooPlus. “We are working to build ‘Love Advisor’ a personalized ‘Take Me Out’ live show in the future versions, where an experienced advisor to help break down the barriers, accompany users to know themselves and other quality members, let them be embraced with positive vibes and confidently enjoy dating more and find the love they deserve.”

    ABOUT WooPlus
    WooPlus, founded in 2015, is the dating app for curvy people to enjoy dating and find love. Beyond that, also an inclusive lifestyle choice for curvy people to feel attractive, confident and loved for who they are.
    Today with over 5,000,000 members globally, it is available on both the App Store and Google Play, featured on BBC, Forbes, People, Metro, Mirror and more, listed as one of the best dating apps by Refinery29, Dating Sites Review Top Pick for 2021.
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