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    Dating Tips for Plus-Size Girls

    by Ellie

    Let’s face it: dating isn’t exactly a piece of cake for plus-size girls. The pursuit of the right partner is often met with rejection and disappointment. As a consequence, most plus-size girls develop a defense mechanism to shy away from dating that either involves blaming the guys out there for being too fixated on looks or believing that the right man will love you for the person you are and not your looks. But ladies, it is possible to get a man to fall for you truly and completely. All you need to know is that you are a big beautiful woman, and your size is not in any way a sentence to singlehood.

    Here are a few dating tips that will help you, that will put you on the path to dating mastery.

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    Improve Your Sense of Self-image

    Your size can and will become a hindrance in your love life only if you let it. If you think you are just too fat to be loved, you are going to send unlovable vibes to the man you have your heart set on. Do yourself a favor: fall in love with yourself and your body before you expect someone else to. And don’t let stereotypical notions of what makes a beautiful body bog you down.

    Never Make False Claims

    The Internet is the preferred dating destination for most plus-size women and men because of the sense of anonymity it offers. While it may be a great starting point as it allows you to shed your inhibitions and get comfortable with a prospective partner, it is important to never make false claims or lie about your body size. What would you do if decide to take the relationship beyond the realm of the internet and meet in real life? Your partner is going to feel let down and cheated, and in all likelihood, this kind of move will leave you with a broken heart to nurse.

    Dress for Your Body

    It is common for plus-size girls to dress up in extra plus-size clothes because of the common misconception that loose-fitted clothes will cover up the hideous flab and create the illusion of being a size or two smaller. However, this is contrary to the truth. Loose clothes only make you look poorly dressed and send a signal that you are uncomfortable in your skin. With the surge in clothing lines and popular brands offering plus-size clothes, there is no dearth of options for curvy women today. Do a wardrobe overhaul and buy clothes that make you feel good about yourself and your body.(Click here to learn how to choose clothes for yourself)

    Don’t Settle for Less

    Just because you are big-bodied doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve the love and respect that a skinny girl would get in a relationship. You deserve a man who will appreciate, love and respect you for who you are, and only a man with self-respect can give you that. Don’t settle for less just for the sake of being in a relationship.

    Be Open to Heartbreak

    Heartbreaks and rejection are an inevitable part of any relationship. So be prepared to deal with it when you put yourself out there in the dating scene and don’t link it to your plus size. Even Jennifer Aniston got dumped! So can you. Learn to take things in your stride and move on.