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    Dear Marketers, Please Stop Making Fun of Plus-size People

    by Becky

    Although we have blamed those mean fat-shamers, there are still lots of people trying to make a marketing stunt by fat-shaming innocent plus-size people. And let’s just look at what they really got by making fun of others’ extra weight.

    Example 1: ‘Dear Fat People’ YouTube Video
    YouTube star and comedian, Nicole Arbour once created a video called “Dear Fat People”, which made her quite “famous” on social networks. She declines to apologize to all plus-size people out there, for what she does to her video. She said that it was just a spoof. She proudly tell to everyone on the TV show ‘The View’ that the video was created merely to offend other people.

    So does she really gain the fame by fat-shaming others? As a YouTube star, she just got 262,587 subscribers. It seems that most people do not like a person with mean characters. As a comedian, she does not create any good works for audience. Her only work (if it is counted) is the “dear fat people” video, which will bring her more booing than applause. On the contrast, another YouTube star Loey Lane, who won people’s attention by slamming fat-shamers on YouTube got 549,723 subscribers.

    Example 2: Plus-Size Legging Ad Uses Small Model In One Pant Leg
    A clothing line retailer tried to promote their product by making use of a model and posing both of her legs in just the single trouser. And they got nothing but anger from shoppers of Amazon, both plus-sized and normal-sized people.

    Example 3: Company of Sex Toy Crashed For Its Male-Focused Product
    A sex toy company promotes their male-focused product and linked it plus-size women. If you ever read the caption that comes in the product, it says that “Make the right decision”. Ok, look at what they have got. Apart from a #DONTgetfifi campaign, they got nothing.

    Now, we just want say that “Dear marketers, please stop making fun of plus-size people, cuz it is disrespectful, mean, inhuman and stupid!”

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