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    Dear Strangers, Please Just Stop Your Shallow Body Shaming

    by Becky

    It seems that even though there is a growing acceptance of plus size women, there are still plenty of people that body shame them. But, it is not just the fact that it is happening that is the problem; it is the fact that it is coming from complete strangers that just makes it even worse. Just a few days ago, a Texas women found herself in this very situation, and shared her experience on her Facebook page.

    stop fat shaming
    Image source:  Facebook/Brynne Huffman

    On June 27 Brynne Huffman left her home in a pair of denim shorts, a simple blouse , and sandals to run some errands. She points out that to wear this outfit took some courage on her part, because even though she works out, they do not meet traditional beauty standards that Americans live by. But, she wore them anyways, and went about to get her errands done.

    While in line at the UPS store, Huffman chatted with the woman, who she said was about 60-years-old, in front of her nicely; trading compliments and everything. After that first pleasant conversation, Huffman turned to the woman behind her to strike up a new conversation. In her posts, she mentions the woman was waring a “COEXIST” shirt, which makes what happens next even more baffling. Because, according to Huffman, the woman agreed that her hair was great… but that she should rethink the shorts.

    The words did not hurt Huffman, but they did make her angry, and rightfully so. How can someone wearing a COEXIST shirt—a shirt that says gender, race, religion, and sexual orientation should not define a person—fat shame a complete stranger?

    Huffman goes on to say that size does seem to matter, because plus size women are always considered unattractive, unhealthy, and generally undesirable. Ideas that Huffman, like so many plus size women, are adamant have to stop. She ended the post saying that being plus size does not mean someone is unhealthy, lazy, ugly, undesirable, or anything along those lines. In the end, plus size women are still human, and no human deserves that kind of hate. She also says that even if someone else has a problem with her body, she does not; and it was an easy place for her to get to.

    The story was quickly picked up by the popular Facebook page Love What Matters, where it spread like wildfire. Thousands of people shared their own experiences with strangers that chose to fat shame them. Others praised Huffman for her strength, while also commending her for not reacting with anger that could have lead to trouble.

    So, to the public: stop being so shallow. Stop body shaming complete strangers. You have no right to tell anyone what they should or should not wear. You have no right to judge a person for their weight or body type. You would not like it if somebody did this to you, so why should you do it to somebody else? It is uncalled for, and it all needs to end.

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