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    Do Hot Girls Like to Date Plus Size Men?

    by Becky

    Women are no longer looking for a guy that is athletic to date or satisfy their sexual needs. Instead, many women are showing a much larger interest in chubby guy dating. It is certainly not hard to believe; there are a ton of benefits to dating big guy. There is even a survey to back it up.

    curvy dating-a plus size man
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    YouTube user NessBOOg was not afraid to call women out, reminding them that it was- at the time he created the video- was 2015, and it was time they realized the benefits of chubby guy dating. One of the reasons he points out these hot women should be dating big guy is because they are always happy. Bigger guys can be a lot more comfortable with themselves compared to other men, and that makes it possible for them to be happy no matter what. That happiness can easily rub off on you if you end up dating big guy.

    They are also more understanding and less judgemental in regards to the struggles women go through with when it comes to body weight. With chubby guy dating, a chubby guy will make sure to make their girl always feels special and loved, and encourage them to stress less about the weight or overall appearance. Coupled with that, is that they are amazing cuddler partners.

    NessBOOg’s other point was that chubby guy dating also means great sex. A British survey proved this point by asking a total of 2,544 women, ages 18 and over and who had been with all types of men. When asked what body type they preferred in the bedroom, 38 percent of women agreed they liked their male partners to be plus-size or overweight. It did not seem to matter if it was just for a one night stand or full on chubby guy dating; chubby guys is what British women wanted.

    When the survey later asked these women who prefer dating plus size men why that is their preference there two major responses. 42 percent of the women stated that chubby guys seemed much more eager to please them in bed. Another 42 percent said that chubby guys were simply more caring and gentle- two characteristics that can sometimes be hard to find. Less popular responses included that they felt less self-conscious about their bodies, the orgasms were better overall, and chubby guys were far more adventurous.

    While the survey only looked at the opinions of British women, it holds true in America as well. There are many comments on NessBOOg’s video from women who proudly declare themselves to by chubby chasers, largely for the same reasons pointed out in his video and the survey.

    Big guy dating is becoming a bigger trend, as women seem to worry less about what other people thing, and more about being happy and loved. Chubby guys are certain to be more attune to a women’s feelings and body struggles, and will always love them, regardless of how they look. Something that women are slowly finding out and craving for themselves.

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