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    Does Meghan Trainor Really Have the Need to Hate The Word “Plus-Size”?

    by Ellie

    According to news articles and interviews with this famous pop singer (specifically from Elle Magazine), Meghan Trainor stated that the term “plus-size” must be gone. She literally hates the word as Meghan looks up to international celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Gigi Hadid, and Beyonce who obviously have smoking hot bodies. She also avoids reading comments on social media sites because most of the topics are not inspiring especially when she reads “fat whale” on Twitter or even in Facebook.

    Apart from being sensitive about her figure, Meghan also don’t believe that women need to show off some skin since ladies can still look sexy even if their clothes are on. Meanwhile, this popular pop singer has been successful in inspiring women to be confident with their bodies. In fact, she had released her debut entitled “All About That Bass” in order to help women become more positive about their figures.

    When asked regarding body image, Meghan tends to be mad as it makes her worry once she hears comments about her extra weight. In fact, it upsets her when someone says how skinny and stunning women are. Meghan obviously hates the word “plus-size” and she even disagreed to be called the plus-sized girl. She agreed with “full beauty” to be used but the other term made her really upset so the e-retailer brand did not try to push the topic anymore.

    However, the pop singer revealed that there’s high probability that she would design a personal clothing line if given the opportunity since she’s in show business. Meghan even said that she has to wear really cool stuffs in order to inspire other women. She even believe that she also have the skill when it comes to designing apparel that people would love no matter their body sizes.

    Meanwhile, Tess Holliday remains a hot name when it comes to plus-size fashion. The size-26 model of the generation doesn’t have any plan to stop dominating the fashion industry despite her body size. In fact, she is a lot the opposite of Meghan who stay confident of her figure while flaunting it to her campaigns. According to her, she wishes that the things she experienced now were around back in the days when she felt really conscious about her body.

    When she was younger, Tess admitted that she was often bullied at schools which became one of the reasons why she dropped out. But now, she found confidence after being a successful plus-size model at the age of 30. She doesn’t care about being called plus-size since it was pretty obvious but instead, Tess embraced the reality which led her to where she is now. She even called herself a body positive activist while being vocal when it comes to injustices encountered by people of the same size.

    She believes that by being a certain activist for positive body, Tess serves as the voice for the voiceless people especially the women who can’t stay confident about their bodies. Being plus-sized doesn’t  mean that you have to hide yourself and remain in the corner just because there are other sexy girls out there who can flaunt smoking hot figures in the public. In contrast to Meghan’s belief, Tess is a living testament that your body size should not stop you from living your dreams.

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